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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.

  • It works without seemingly harsh chemicals.
    The shampoo is a temporary fix for fleas on the animals. It is not harsh smelling chemicals...but it is very thin liquid and thus you can waste a lot. by on 02/03/2014
  • Shampoo easy to use
    Shampoo was easy to use if you can bath your cats. by on 08/13/2013
  • Awesome Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Worked great! Killed fleas on contact like it says, right away!! I have a 2 year old bishon and the flea shampoo did not irritate her skin at all. Does not have much of a smell, but worked amazing!! by on 05/07/2013
  • The Best Product To Get Rid Of Fleas
    This is the first product ever to get rid of fleas, De Flea shampoo and sprayand Pet & Bedding, have proven to be the best product to choose for your pet.My miniature Schnauzer was infested with fleas last summer. I tried various products until I went to the local pet store and found De Flea. After using the product and bathing my dogs every 10 days, the flea problem was under control and no more fleas. This is the only product I will use in the future. You have to try it.... by on 01/05/2008
  • BEST ON THE MARKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we had a flea problem and after spending hundreds of dollars, found DE FLEA shampoo at my pet store, BEST PRODUCT EVER it really does kill fleas on contact!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! thats the only shampoo we use. NO MORE FLEAS!!!!!!!!!! by on 10/03/2007
  • it is works great
    I have a three month old kitten and I'm allergic to all other products and this works really great. Thank you by on 09/22/2007
  • Kills fleas on contact
    The fumes are bad, but only thing that is working for us now. by on 09/01/2007
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