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Protein with a Purpose The Natural Balance brand led the charge of the Limited Ingredients Diet craze for simpler, easier to digest pet foods. They were also the first pet food on the market to offer bison as the primary protein, which came as quite a relief to the many pet owners whose dogs have trouble digesting more common meat kibbles. Natural Balance Bison and Sweet Potato dry food for dogs is nutrient dense and easily digestible. It's high quality bison is a lean meat that's rich in am... Read More



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love this food. my labs love it

We have 2 black labs, ages 6 and 8 months old. Both the adult dog and the puppy LOVE this food. My oldest that is 6 yrs old, has struggled w/ all kinds of allergies, skin problems, scabs, hair loss, sores, itching -- we've been thru dozens of foods over the last 3 years, including some high dollar organic and grain free, and finally tried this one.. Saw immediate results in 2-3 weeks.. His coat no longer itches, its shiny, sores healed up, hair is growing back.. MAJOR difference. He also has more energy.. he was diagnosed w/ thyroid and he feels better-- he hasnt even started his thyroid meds yet and the food was major improvement.. Its alittle expensive - but all good foods are.. but well worth it.. He doesnt eat as much, no gas and overall better health. thankyou by on 07/05/2011
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