Natural Balance Delectable Delights Catatouille Cat Stew
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Rated 1 out of 5 by 1 reviewers.

  • This used to be the best food.
    The broth was light and colorful, the shreds and chunks of liver and chicken were golden and it didn't smell too bad and it was the absolute favorite food of my picky feline. However, a few months ago I got five boxes of different food - the broth was thick and gluggy and colorless like the chicken and the liver. It smelt so bad. The cat hated it and so did I! I contacted the supplier who was sorry and Natural Balance. Nothing could be done, inconsistencies happen, you get what you get, you can't select the Lot Numbers of your order. So I ordered from another supplier and all the boxes were perfect - phew!!! The second order, I got two boxes of food as expected and three boxes of the awful smelly stuff. Clearly there is no consistency in the food other than they are consistency inconsistent OR they changed the formula and won't admit it. SO unhappy by on 04/16/2018
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