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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 193 reviewers.

  • My dog shocked me
    I gave my dog Max the Eukanuba Large Breed Senior food and he aboslutely LOVED IT!! Max have alway's been an extremely picky dog when it came to trying different brand's of dog food but when I put this in his bowl, he sniffed it for about 5 second's then started chowing down like this was the nest food in the world. Not only did it help with him loving it, it's helped a lot with his teeth as there is a 3D DentaDefense that help's keep his teeth free from tartar build up and gum's healthy. Maxs' coat has also started shining a bit more and has helped with his dry skin. I highly recommend trying this for anyone who love's their dog. by on 01/17/2015
  • Chicken by product meal is the first ingredient in Eukanuba large breed senior chicken
    I was surprised and disappointed to see that chicken by product meal is the first ingredient in Eukanuba large breed senior dog food. I have always thought of Eukanuba as a high end dog food. The moderately priced dog food I currently buy doesn't even have by product meal as the first ingredient. I try to stay away from pet food that has by product meal as one of the first two or three ingredients. As for our transition to Eukanuba large breed senior, my 8 year old Golden Retriever did just fine. He did not have any digestive issues and seems to like the taste. Although I haven't found much he doesn't like the taste of! by on 01/17/2015
  • My Dane is loving it
    My Great Dane is loving it!!! Won't go near his old product. He looks stronger and happier!!! Thank you for introducing us to this fine product. He even jogs with a little more pep. by on 01/17/2015
  • Eukanuba Senior Large Breed 5+
    I open the dog food as soon I received it! I had a good feeling about how my dog Busta would like it very much. And I was right, he does like it. The only negative with the food is that the pieces are too big for my old dog. He is 14 years old so he us slow. It takes him two tries to finish his bowl of food. I only recommend the food to be smaller bites and not so dry. by on 01/17/2015
  • Decided to try it out with the big guy...
    After trying out Eukanuba's Small Breed variety with much success, we decided to give it a shot with Cooper, our behemoth, overweight English Labrador. He is nine years old. Cooper is definitely NOT a picky eater, and devours whatever he is given as soon as it hits his bowl. The same could be said about Eukanuba (though he has grown up on Science Diet). We are very interested to try Eukanuba's approach to overweight/weight management formulas. by on 01/17/2015
  • Eukanuba Senior is a hit at our house!
    Before the box was unpacked, my pets (1 dog, 3 cats) were sniffing around, they just knew that this delivery might be for them. The cats were a little upset when they realized that only the big guy would be enjoying this package. Brok is a 9 year old German Shepherd that we've had since he was born. He is starting to slow down, and this was a good time to try him on something new. I was beginning to fear that his current food was not giving him everything that he needed. That, and the fact that he didn't seem interested in eating it until he absolutely had to made this an easy switch to make. We will not be going back to the previous food. We have found a keeper with Eukanuba Senior. First of all, he loves it. He couldn't wait until I gave him what was in that bag. He gobbled it all down immediately. The same thing happened when I gave him his evening feeding. This dog was in love! I usually make a gradual switch when introducing a new food, but Brok was having none of that. He wanted his new food - and that is what he got. The transition was easy. He had no problems adjusting at all. While I read up on the Eukanuba, I realized that I had been making a big mistake in thinking that all dog foods were the same. My pets are like my kids, and shouldn't all of my "kids" have the best that I can give them? Of course. We have only been giving him the new food for a few weeks, so I am not seeing any astounding changes in his energy level, his skin, or coat, but I am confident that I will see an improvement. He will be continuing on this food. Thank you for the opportunity to provide my dog with a new and healthier food! P.S. Our kitten just can't resist sneaking over to the bowl before Brok gets to it and stealing a piece or two of food (to eat and play with)...I guess it is a good deal all around! I also think I have to check into Eukanuba food for the cats! by on 01/17/2015
  • Our pooches loved it!
    I was a little skeptical of Eukanuba senior for large breeds when I received my free bag from Eukanuba as I had never heard of the brand before, nor anyone else I know, but after getting the bag and and seeing my dogs' reaction, they were all on to their second bowl within minutes! Helo my 6 year old mastiff mix, Maggie 9 year old absolute mix breed, and Buddy 11 and also mixed all loved it, even the cat, Prince, was stealing bites out of Helo's bowl to get in on the goodness! I'd say this food is 100% dog (and cat) approved! by on 01/17/2015
  • Doggie Approved 🐶
    My dog really seems to enjoy Eukanuba Senior Chicken. She gets so excited when it's time to eat that she prances around. I'm really happy that this dog food not only has good nutrients but has primal levels of Omega that is good for her skin and coat. I can already see a difference in her coat since she has been eating Eukanuba, it's so much shiner. Also, this food has 3D Dentafense to reduce tartar and help keep her teeth and gums healthy and eliminate bad breathe. We give this dog food 2 paws up!! by on 01/17/2015
  • Great Brand
    My dog absolutely loves the Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken food!! She has become more active than she usually is!! Thanks Eukanuba for the food!! :) by on 01/17/2015
  • My big guy
    So when I did the campaign for little breeds I was having a hard time keeping my boxer from eating it. The little dogs loved it so much I bought it for my big guy. He LOVES it. Never any left in his bowl. Good product. Love the ingredients. Wish it was a lil cheaper but I guess you pay for a better product. I have no complaints with this dog food. My babies love it. by on 01/17/2015
  • Dogs are in LOVE
    We have two large German Shepherds and both are senior dogs. We received Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken food from Eukanuba free in my BzzKit. I wasn't sure how they would do with the change. They have been on their current food for years. Right away I noticed my oldest dog picking out the Eukanuba food and leaving her old food. I was amazed how much she loved it. My other dog ate both (she isn't picky).. Both dogs are now transitioned onto Eukanuba and they love the food. They get really excited when it's time to eat. The one dog who picked out the Eukanuba food will actually spin in circles when it's time to eat. They both seem happier and get excited to eat. Thank you Eukanuba! #GotItFree by on 01/17/2015
  • EUKANUBA® SENIOR makes for happy dogs.
    I have a pair of 9 year old brothers that I transitioned from the store brand dog food into Eukanuba Senior and I don't think they could hardly wait!! Their energy levels are definitely higher. They love it so much that they let us know when it's time to eat in the not so subtle way of standing at the kitchen door until they get someone's attention. Their coats are shiny and their skin is really looking good. Not to mention that their teeth are looking much cleaner. My boys are mixed breed dogs with minimal health problems other than the occasional foxtail in the ear and I think we'll have to make the change permanently to Eukanuba. I would highly recommend this dog food because I found it's claims are well founded. by on 01/17/2015
  • Great brand!!
    I have not bought this brand of dog food before and I was surprised to see a huge box at my door for the sample I received from Eukanuba. They sent me a full size 16 lbs bag which I started feeding my dog right away and he seems to really like it. it has only been about two weeks and I still have plenty left and my dog doesn't seem to have any complaints. At his old age of 13 he still really enjoys to eat and I am happy to give him only the best. I will deff be buying him somemore of this brand of food once my sample bag has finished. by on 01/17/2015
  • Good Stuff!
    Imagine my dog's surprise when the big loud truck came to deliver her a package! I slowly made the transition between Her current food and the Eukanuba Senior food sent to us from Eukanuba. Once the complete transition was made she still took a day or two before she would eat it all. She seems to really enjoy it, she is a 12 year old lab mix, she would occasionally leave her old food in the bowl an eat very little. That no longer happens, she really enjoys this food and it has now become her regular food! This is definitely worth it! by on 01/17/2015
  • begging for more
    As you can see she's eating tons of the food and loving it i had to give her 2nds because she ate it so fast, you can tell she enjoyed every bit of it and didn't share with any of her buddy's by on 01/17/2015
  • Happy Healthy Doggie
    I received Eukanuba Senior for ages 7+ and my golden lab seems to be really enjoying it! Obviously I did not taste it myself but Maggie my dog gets very excited when she gets fed (although I admit she always seems excited for food)! We had to mix the Eukanuba with her old food (from Costco) since she has stomach issues just to get her used to it but the Eukanuba doesn't seem to be making her belly sick which is great since we have struggled to find healthy foods that don't irritate her belly. I have noticed her fur is a bit more shiny since I began using it as well. I haven't necessarily noticed higher energy levels but I bet after using it for a longer period of time I would begin to notice that but we live in a small condo so she doesn't have much room to be active (sadly) as it is. I would definitely consider purchasing this product in the future since it doesn't irritate her belly and is healthier for her than the food she has been using. by on 01/17/2015
  • Perfect For my Best Friend!
    I have a large black lab who is very sensitive to changing his food due to him losing half of his intestines due to an emergency surgery. I gave him the Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken and I was AMAZED on how easily he was able to digest the food. It also helped with this gas issues! Samson says thank you! by on 01/17/2015
  • What a difference!
    My senior dog (pit mix) has been switched over to Eukanuba for about a week now and I can already see a huge difference! The biggest difference so far is his fur. He has already developed the shiniest coat he has had in a while. I have also never seen him so happy for eating time. Every time I make a step toward the cabinet where I keep his food, his tail is already wiggling and he is beyond excited because he knows i'm going for his food. Being an older, somewhat grumpy dog, I was surprised to see him excited and peppy for once for not only his food...but in general! I have never been one to pay attention to what brand I feed my dogs, but I have learned that quality really does matter. I think this is a better change we can get used to! by on 01/17/2015
  • my dogs love it!!!
    I gradually added some to the regular dog food. My dogs couldn't get enough. They were eager to get to their bowls. Our daily walks turned into play time. Love this food for my dogs. by on 01/17/2015
  • Found A Food My Dogs Love
    Well I was a little unsure if my Husky babies, that were used to Diamond brand, would like this new Eukanuba dog food, but as soon as I opened the bag and the drool started I knew it would be interesting. First bowl was devoured in a matter of maybe 2 mintutes. I tried my Eukanuba on 3 of our dogs and all three of them agreed that they love their new Food of choice that they got from Eukanuba!!!! I continued to feed them the Eukanuba large breed and well, with an empty bag and my huskies wanting more its a for sure switch to Eukanuba for us! Thanks Eukanuba for making my furbabies bellys full and giving them the nutrients that they need. by on 01/17/2015
  • Tasty EUKANUBA Senior Dog Chow
    Eukanuba sent us a package of their new Large Breed Senior Chicken chow and my 7 year old Shepard-Akita mix seems to love the flavor. We are still in the process of switching him over to the new food but now he eats all of the Eukanuba chow and leaves his other big brand kibble in the bowl until later in the evening. This also makes me think it must be more filing than his other food. It seems to be more gentle on his digestive system as he was only gassy the first night of the transition (versus a week when we switched flavors of his other brand). I like knowing the Eukanuba Senior Chow has the right vitamins for him as he ages keeping him healthy and happy. Overall I think this is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone with large senior dogs. by on 01/17/2015
  • Review from a picky eater
    My dog is a picky eater. There are foods she won't touch, foods she will eat once or twice and very few foods they she will eat with any consistency. With that said I was totally prepared for her to take a few bites and reject it. I was shocked when she ate the entire bowl as if she actually liked it! This has now become her favorite food. That's not even the best part of it. My dog suffers from a lot of gas and stomach problems. Since she has been eating Eukanuba these have completely cleared up. I feel really about feeding this to my dog and the fact that she likes it is even better. by on 01/17/2015
  • great for my old lady
    My girl is ba big girl and she loves her some food lol, but this food is amazing because its not inoy filling for ger and heakthy it has also helped with her doggie breath and her gums! Def recommend this as a regular food for and older dog! by on 01/17/2015
  • Awesome brand
    At first I was a little weary trying this out for our dog because he is very particular about the food that he eats. This seemed like a good thing to try so I gave it to him...He loves this food to death and I have nothiced a difference since we have fed it to him as where he use to just lay around most of the day he seems to be more active...also he just seems to be happier since we have gave him this food by on 01/17/2015
  • Eukanuba Large breed Senior for Buster
    Old Buster received his Eukanuba Large Breed Senior from Eukanuba and the first thing my 13 year old dog did was try to get in the bag. So we had to give him a taste and he loves it.I love that it's a great brand that is made with my Old Buster in mind with a taste he really loves. Wonderful food for your old boy!! by on 01/17/2015
    After reading the ingredients for this dog food, I was surprised to see the chicken b product and cornmeal were some of the ingredients. Knowing that the dog food I currently use also contains these ingredients, I decided to give it a go anyway because it also has an ingredient for my dogs teeth. I never considered buying a product with this before. I mixed the food with my current brand as per instructed. My dog started to pick out the Eukanuba bits first. I was surprised. My dog is a blue doberman and i have to watch what kind of food he gets due to his coat. Eukanuba seems to be making his coat has more of a shine. So far i am greatly pleased with the product ad my dog seems to love it! by on 01/17/2015
  • First week. ..
    Joey has transitioned to the Eukanuba senior food. He seems to be enjoying it thus far. I love that is is full of all the things he needs. And I am excited to see how well it will do for his teeth. That is one of my largest concerns for my little guy he is 7 years old and 7 lbs. I would recommend trying this out for a small breed senior dog. by on 01/17/2015
  • Picky Marley
    When we got this free trial in the mail from eukanuba we were excited to try it! Our older Labrador is a very picky, he never completes his meals. Sometimes won't eat them unless we pour gravy on it! When this came surprisingly he ate the entire bowl! Seemed to have more energy after a few days also. Looks like we have a new dog food! by on 01/17/2015
  • Satisfaction
    My dog have 9 years, she always feel hungry and don't fun with anything. Now she's an active dog. I feel she are happy dog now. Eat all their food. I received Eukanuba® For Large Breeds for free and I recommend to anyone. by on 01/17/2015
  • A Happy Dog Makes An Owner Happy
    My dog absolutely loves Eukanuba Senior Large Breed dog food. The natural ingredients have helped her to be healthy and happy. She now has more energy, and is growing strong. I had heard about the brand from a vets office, but never tried it. After trying it, I would definitely say I will use it again. I would highly recommend this dog food. by on 01/17/2015
  • Update - Review #2: Very disappointed with the quality of Eukanuba Large Breed Senior
    Now entering my second week of my dog being on Eukanuba Large Breed Senior. My dog still gobbles down the food, so again, taste is not the problem here. My dog had some severe bouts of constipation yesterday and today, and had to strain a LOT in order to completely empty his bowels. He even made some grunting noises, something that I have not heard him do since switching him to the food he has been on (until trying this). Also, my dog has developed 3 hot spots on his front legs. In the week that he's been using this food, he's started licking and biting at his skin more than usual. I double checked him to make sure we weren't having a flea or tick problem, but no. His skin has become dry and flaky in some places, specifically on his legs and rear. This leads me to believe that this food has triggered some type of allergic reaction in my dog, again, something I have never seen before until my dog started eating this food. Many ingredients are present in this food that are not present in my dog's grain-free food: Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Meal, Ground Whole Grain Sorghum, Ground Whole Grain Barley, Chicken Fat, Dried Egg Product, Brewers Dried Yeast, to name a few. What concerns me the most is the use of Fructooligosaccharides and added Salt - WHY would you add artificial sweetener and sodium to dog food? My dog will quickly be transitioning back to his natural grain-free food. I advise any pet owner who has ever had a dog with digestive or allergy issues NOT to use this food. by on 01/17/2015
  • Eukanuba Senior
    It's been over a week and my senior greyhound whose 8, has really adjusted to the switch to Eukanuba Senior. Wow what a difference. Landon and Blondie really love the lamb and rice but when I switched Landon to the Eukanuba Senior he couldn't wait for either meal to come, got way more pep in his step, gets out of bed more (greayhouds naturally sleep a lot) to be lovable and frisky, his coat is the shiniest I've seen in quite awhile. The only thing is I haven't seen a difference in his tarter which greyhounds have a problem with. Most definitely be purchasing this for him and finding Blondie something for her to try out. I would suggest Eukanuba Senior to anyone. by on 01/17/2015
  • Can not beat it!
    We started feed our 11 year old Lab this Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken and I have not seen him with more energy and spunk in years. He has the food cleaned up before we can get back to the food bad LOL. Am really loving the effects that we see in our dog, Bo. This was AWESOME and will try to find it as soon as we can. I had seen this dog food in the store but figured that dog food was dog food but I was so wrong. You need to try it for your dogs happiness I promise you that you will not regret it. by on 01/17/2015
  • Dog Chows Down on It!!!
    Well, my dog has given it a paws up. Loves the flavor and has not had any side effects. So nice to know that when I feed him it is a good nutritious food. That is what I strive for. he deserves to eat just as well as us. And being a Giant breed, there are challenges that come along with it. This food seems to be handling those just fine. by on 01/17/2015
  • Woof-tastic
    Great product for my large breed, senior dog. He loved It! It's had no foul smells, the size is prefect for him and I love that it caters to senior dogs, I will be making the switch to this full time, there was no issue in his health with the transition either! by on 01/17/2015
  • Eukanuba Senior Large Breeds
    As much as I hate to think that my dogs are seniors, I LOVE Eukanuba Senior for Large Breeds. My dogs are more active and seem to be more satisfied by what they've eaten. They love the taste! Awesome products with great vitamins for my aging dogs. Thank you Eukanuba for allowing us to try this for free. We will definitely recommend you to other dog lovers!! by on 01/17/2015
  • Eukanuba# Large breed Senior Chicken dry dog food golden lab approved.
    Our nine year old golden lab Max was just as excited as I when we received our 15 lb bag of Eukanuba# Max is a very picky eater and normaly only eats a feww bites here and there. untill I added Eukanuba# to his bowl. He ate every bite! He really seems to enjoy it. I like the fact that it's main ingredient is chicken protein and is made with high quality ingredients. It provides my dog with all the nutrients he needs in one bowl. The best part of trying Eukanauba is we GotitFree# thru BuzzAgent# Thank you Eukanuba# by on 01/17/2015
  • My dog loves Eukanuba!
    I was a little worried at first because my dog is a VERY picky eater, but she LOVES Eukanaba! With all of the essential nutrients that she needs I'm happy and she's happy. She normally doesn't like dry dog food, but I added a tablespoon of warm water and she ate it right up! I'm really glad that it is made for senior dogs as well because I know a lot of brands don't give her the nutrients that she needs to carry her through the day, or the vitamins! Make sure that you get the right type for your dog's age, breed, and flavor preference though, so that they get the right nutrients! She has been extra active over the past few days that I've been feeding her the food! The picture below is her on our hike! Her breath has also improved, probably due to the dental defense and the food also doesn't smell bad like some of the other the other dog breeds. I would definently buy more! #GotItFree #EukanubaSenior by on 01/17/2015
  • Initial Interest is High but Drops Off Quickly
    As you can see in the photo the initial interest was quite high when I opened this new bag of food. (I did add some of their normal food in on top after taking this photo to avoid stomach upset.) They sniffed around and ate a few bites when I put their bowls down, but didn't dig into the food. I do change up their food each bag to a different 'flavor' of the same brand. Normally when a new bag of food is opened they dive in and finish it off pretty quick (for the first day or two) after I fill their bowls. Otherwise they free eat, meaning if I see the bowls are empty I fill them, and the girls eat when they want to, not at set meal times. They do eat the food, but I am not noticing a difference in a positive or negative way as to their interest in this food over their normal brand. The size of the food is a little larger than what I'd prefer, perhaps because I received the 'large breed' product. No noticable negative (or positive) smell to this food. No stomach upset or troubles (gas) since making the shift. by on 01/17/2015
  • My dog loved it!
    My dog normally likes any fresh bag of food. This one is particular was no different. He ate it all up and was quickly changed over. I liked the sizes of the pieces that allow him to crunch and clean his teeth (he isn't a big chewer otherwise). He has had no adverse reactions which has happened in the past. He now waits for his food at feeding times. I enjoy the benefits it has for older dogs. by on 01/17/2015
  • He Likes It. He Really Really Likes It!
    My dog is not a fan of dog food. We have tried multiple brands and flavors. Normally, we have to cover it in table food or admit defeat when it comes to getting Soul to eat something made especially for him. When it comes to Eukanuba the story is VERY different. When his package arrived from Eukanuba he was like a kid in the candy store. As you can see in the attached photo he barely let me take it out of the box! Since it arrived he has not wanted to eat anything else. The kids have even taken to giving it to him between meals as a treat. Guess the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" doesn't hold true for Soul and dog food. As long as that dog food is Eukanuba! by on 01/17/2015
  • Great senior formula!
    I received a 15 pound bag of the senior large breed formula from Eukenuba. We normally feed our 7 1/2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog a much less expensive brand, just because that's what he's used to and I'm always afraid to switch foods on him in fear that it won't agree with his stomach. I can already tell it agrees with him! I'm not 100 percent sure this will end up being his new brand, but I'm looking forward to possibly see how it goes. This is a brand I associate with quality and, being that it's a senior formula, I know it will provide him with special qualities he needs to thrive. Even though it has only been a few days, I'm looking forward to seeing some positive changes in my dog. by on 01/17/2015
  • Wonderful!
    I love the nutritional value of this dog food! Knowing that my dog loves what hes eating and that it's good for him makes me happy. I don't see myself switching to anything else any time soon. by on 01/17/2015
  • Great food for my lager dog.
    Thank you for the chance to try a new food with my senior dog Buddy. I like know what is in the food and knowing it is not going to harm him. by on 01/17/2015
  • Gobble Gobble!!
    We love how nutritious this is for our big older dog, and he loves how it and makes little piggy sounds while eating it! We throw a spoonful of yogurt in it, or a handful of frozen veggies for added vitamins and good stuff. It's great!! by on 01/17/2015
  • Great dog food!
    Hi. Thanks again for the free dog food. My dog Montana is always waiting for her dog food in the morning. She will not let anyone go by her when she is eating it. Cause she just loves and doesn't want to share with any other animal! My dog is 7 years old today! Thanks! by on 01/17/2015
  • Eukanuba Dog Food.
    I would say that this product is one of the best out there. I love how the first ingredient is chicken and my dog absolutely loved it. It is alittle pricey but I will definitely spend alittle more to keep her healthy. I also gave some to my mother and two friends. They said the same. Everyone loved it. by on 01/17/2015
  • Big dogs arent fans
    My dogs will not eat this brand of food. They prefer Purina. Quite honestly I can't see any physical difference in Purina and Eukanuba. The only difference I see is the price. Purina is much more wallet friendly! We will not be switching to Eukanuba once this trial is over. by on 01/17/2015
  • Midnite says Thank You Eukanuba!!
    I have heard fo Eukanuba before and see it in the stores, i do not know of anyone that is feeding their dogs this brand but hopefully that will all change. Midnite lives to eat and eat to lives. I have never really had a problem with her eating what I put in front of her, but I would be doggone if she didn't devour ALL and I mean ALL of her food when it hit the bowl!! They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks..weelll, I beg to differ!! NEVER have I EVER been able to get Midnite to fetch anything even as a pup, but when I get up in the morning and return home in the evening my baby has her bowl in her mouth!! When we first got it and during the transition change she was a little gassy and that is to be expected, but I have noticed that she isn't having such a hard time going to the bathroom and her breath even smells better!! I have noticed her coat getting a little more shinier than usual and she actually has energy!! I don't see myself switching her back to her old brand and my dog is like my child I care about what I feed her and how it affects her when it comes to my baby money is not an object as long as she is healthy and happy after all isn't that some of what being a good owner is all about? So thank you Eukanuba for giving me the opportunity to make a tighter bond with her!! by on 01/17/2015
  • An easy switch
    With older dogs especially, you have to be careful with switching their food, even if you follow all the rules. However, with Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken my dog Skylar loved it without any of the tummy trouble and all of the benefits. We even had to lock our cats out of the room while she was eating because they wanted it too. They have never preferred her food over theirs until now. They sit in front of the dog food bin and beg like it's treats, but then again now so does she. Skylar used to belong to my parents and they fed her mostly table scraps so finding something she wouldn't turn her nose up at, after steak, is difficult. We are working at getting her back to a healthy weight so thanks Eukanuba for making my finicky dog a food she really likes that's also a senior food with her health in mind. by on 01/17/2015
  • Doggy Approved!!!
    wow... i usually feed my dog in the morning and he just picks at his food throughout the day. But when i filled up his bowl with Eukanuba large breed senior chicken, something changed!!! He took a big wiff and devoured his whole bowl!!! (i think he even smiled haha)... Caine my dog has been put on restrictive movements... and weight management due to a bone spur in his knee, but it makes me happy that with Eukanuba large breed senior chicken, hes getting the nutrients he needs and a taste he deserves. by on 01/17/2015
  • Making the Transition to Eukanuba!
    My dog is somewhat of a picky eater, but I was willing to give Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken a try. The first few days she ate her normal food but left most of the new food in her bowl. After about a week, she began to eat the Eukanuba. I was very pleased to note that this product has DentaDefense which is an ingredient that her previous food did not contain. I was somewhat concerned that this product contains chicken-by-product meal as opposed to meat as the first ingredient, but was willing to give this a try due to some of the other benefits which Eukanuba provides that her regular food does not. I plan to continue feeding her this for a while and see if it does in fact live up to its product claims for healthy bones, improvement of the skin and coat, as well as reduction in tartar. by on 01/17/2015
  • My dog loves Eukanuba way more than her old food!
    We started transitioning our 8 year old black lab to Eukanuba Senior for Large Breeds almost a week ago. By the second day of mixing it with her old food, she began to dump out her bowl and try to eat all of the Eukanuba first before resorting to eating her old kibbles. I have also noticed that her eyes are clearer and she seems to have more energy to chase my 2.5 year old around the yard. So far so good! by on 01/15/2015
  • They love it
    Well usually I but Beneful fiesta mix but always have to add something to their bowls to get them to eat it whether its cheese or a hotdog cut up (yes spoiled) so I assummed the same would have to happen with this food. I put it in their bowls and they INHALED it with no "treats" added to it. I will know within a week if I can get them to just it this I will switch but th i s is over twice the cost of my normal food. So far I recommend it by on 01/15/2015
  • So Far So Good
    I received my free bag of Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken dog food and so far its been great! I was extremely pleased and surprised it was a full size bag of dog food, first off. I started to incorporate the food into my dogs feeding times little by little. He's a big German Shepherd and is a little picky when eating. You have to talk him into it usually and sometimes he just won't eat. I started putting a little more in each feeding time and he hasn't been fussy about it so far. I love the Eukanuba brand and think its a great product. We had purchased this brand before so I knew it was going to be a good product. Tomorrow will be the first day we try feeding him a bowl of just Eukanuba food! I think it's going t go over great! by on 01/15/2015
  • Never a Morsel left!
    I have 2 Golden Retrievers and they are really picky about the food they will or will not eat. They love this food. Never a drop of food left at all. They will beg for more. I will be purchasing this food from now on. by on 01/15/2015
  • My Fur Baby Has Baby Fur!
    I have a small breed senior. He is a SEVENTEEN yr old chihuahua, to be exact. He has a little grey beard and little old man walk, cataracts. And he's grumpy as heck to people other than his mommy. He doesn't eat most food... The moment I got this bag of food from Eukenuba, I put some in his bowl with his food. He picked out the little pieces. I'm sure he appreciates the fact they thought of EVERYTHING when it came to this food. I ended up pouring his old food out and filling it the rest of the way with a full bowl. I don't believe he has ever emptied a bowl of food on his own with the other brands I've used. , unless I literally pour gravy over them. This food had him taking bits to his bed and savi ring them like treats. I kind of felt bad he had been eating a different food this whole time that he didn't enjoy as much as this. The pieces are small so he can chew them. Apparently they have some special stuff for his teeth to help keep them healthy and clean. Thats a plus. I have noticed the past few days his hair doesn't feel as coarse!. It is baby soft!. It feels so good to pet it. My sons' friends even noticed. It has only been a week of him eating this food!. I don't reccomend tasting the food just to see what the big deal is.. Lol. It doesn't taste like miracle bacon or chicken wings so I don't know what they are ut in it. But apparently Eukenuba knows what they're doing because my little boy thinks this stuff is amazing!. I know Eukenuba doesn't get bought as much because of the price but trust me. It is absolutely a case of " you get what you pay for". Even cheap-os like myself should dip in and splurge. This stuff is SO worth it. I will be purchasing this stuff in the future. by on 01/15/2015
  • Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken is awesome!
    I received the Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken dog food about a week ago. Since feeding it to my dog I have noticed bowel movements are a lot better. She seems happier and more energetic. Her overall weight seems to be getting better, along with her dental health. I was skeptical about changing her food but now that I have, I won't use anything else! by on 01/15/2015
  • eukanuba dog food
    My dog really seems to love the taste of this dog food. Also looking at the ingredients the brands seems to be much healthier than most other brands. 5 stars for this dog food. by on 01/15/2015
  • I loved it!!
    My dog, Lilly, loved the food. She ate it up just like she just tried food for the first time. After a few days of eating the food she seemed happier. The Eukanuba senior dog food is the right choice for your dog over the age of 7. This is going to become my new family brand. by on 01/15/2015
  • My large older dog loved it!
    All of my dogs loved this dog food.I loved that it filled them up. They ate way less of this dog food than there other. I am very pleased with this dog food. I have never heard of Eukanuba until I got the sample with Bzz Agent. I'm so glad I did. by on 01/15/2015
  • I love Eukanuba!
    Besides that my dogs loveeeee this new product. After of course easing them into it. I also love the fact that Im providing them with nutritional meals. by on 01/15/2015
  • Will my picky eater like Eukanuba Large Breed Senior??
    I have a 8 year old husky mix who is quite picky. If you have never seen a picky dog before, you are probably not alone, but trust me, its real. He doesnt eat any table scraps. Doesnt eat the cat food. We had to try three different dog foods before we found one he would eat on a regular basis. So when we were selected to try out the new Eukanuba Large Breed Senior, I was quite skeptical that I would even be able to write a review! So when the box came, I made sure I was as excited as possible, hoping to get him to the same level. I opened the bag right away and gave him a little handful and he loved it! I poured some into his bowl and he eat it right away. That was almost a week ago and he is still eating it very well. I think he likes it because they are bigger chunks than his previous food. I am hoping to notice some positive physical changes with him very soon! by on 01/15/2015
  • Eukanuba, great for pets, for life!
    My finicky dogs love this! The health values in this dog food are awesome! It makes me feel great knowing I have finally found a food they love that is nutritionally filling for them! My dogs love this and the health benefits make me a very happy owner. Thanks Eukanuba! by on 01/15/2015
  • Large dog dry pet food
    I am glad to see Eukanuba looks into different ingredient based food and feeding measures to ensure our pets live a healthy life and also enjoy feeding time. I would recommend Eukanuba to all!!! by on 01/15/2015
  • My Dog loves this food
    I got Eukanuba from the company to try it for free, and my dog just loves it. I well be getting for my dog. by on 01/15/2015
  • Great dog food
    This dog food was great. I loved the ingredients and the quality. My dog also seemed to enjoy the ingredients as well! However it did make her more gassy than usual. The size of the food was perfect for my big dog who enjoys the bigger bits also. by on 01/15/2015
  • Eukanuba Senior Dog Food- Large breeds
    Before giving this product to my dog, I would like to know that they would enjoy it and want more of it. I love to see my pets happy. This dog food seems to give them lots of energy which helps them get good exercise throughout the day. I am very happy that I made the choice to try a new dog food. I would recommend Eukanuba Senior Dog Food. by on 01/15/2015
  • Tequila approved!
    My dog Tequila is a 6year old mixed breed. She normally can't handle her dog food being switched, but with Eukanuba she has had no problems and she really seems to like it. I will be looking into switching her to Eukanuba for good. This is a great product. Reasonably priced also. by on 01/15/2015
  • good eats real quick
    I was looking for a new kind of crunchy dog food for my Basset Hound, Megan. Her other crunchies were okay, but I could tell she was not thrilled with the taste.Lucky us, we got into the Eukanuba campaign. I was totally excited, and so was Megan, when I opened the HUGE box that I got from Eukanuba! If I had a tail it would be wagging, too! She tried some that night and her empty bowl was proof that this could be the new food. Will keep you updated and let you know how much she continues to like it, or not. Thanks, Eukanuba, for the 15 lb bag of Large Breed Senior Chicken food!! by on 01/15/2015
  • chow chow love
    my dogs seemed to LOVE this product as soon as i received it i opened it up and gave it to my dogs. They began eating this right away. Normally my dogs are very picky when it comes to food so i was a bit skeptical however they could not stop eating it so that was a good sign. Im very happy with this product for my dogs thanks Eukanuba for sending me this amazing product. by on 01/15/2015
  • she loves it
    my dogs are the age 9 years old and 10 years old they love this eukanuba food . they cant stop eating it up am so happy they love it .and its not bad for them its healthy they are happy to eat that type of food I think I would buy this food for my dogs by on 01/15/2015
  • great dog food.
    I bought a bag of eukanuba for my dog and she loves it. It is a costly bag of dog food but she is well to it. It has benefits for my dog. Immune health. Healthy teeth. Muscle strength. Bone strength. A must buy honestly by on 01/15/2015
  • Being a Senior Shouldn't Mean Giving Up Good Taste
    Dakota, my German Shepherd/Collie Mix loves her new food. She is 10 1/2 and is having a slight problem with hip dysplasia. I am thrilled with all the great nutrients in Eukanuba, especially the Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate, that is meant just for her needs. It's only been a couple of days but she seems happier and has a little spring in her step. Eukanuba provides 100% high quality nutrition for your dog that is formulated to enhance immune health, the appearance of their skin & coat, strong lean muscles, optimal digestion, strong bones which all seniors need and it also reduces tartar up to 80%! by on 01/15/2015
  • Large is ok too
    It is good as well for lg breed, although the one they have tried is for small up to 20 lbs. the pieces are just smaller, doesn't seem to mind the larger dog out of my two. by on 01/15/2015
  • Eukanuba Misses The Mark
    Admittedly our two senior dogs are thoroughly spoiled. They both eat a completely gluten free, preservative free, human grade diets, so when Eukanuba for large breeds wanted my opinion I jumped at the chance because kibble is expensive. First of all, neither of our dogs has eaten Eukanuba before and after reading the nutrition label I discovered why, it contains chicken by-product meal and dried beet pulp, both ingredients I usually don't feed our dogs. These ingredients are considered fillers or inexpensive meat products, so our animals generally do not eat kibbles that contain these ingredients. That said, I was willing to give Eukanuba a try. Our eldest dog, Blue, is incredibly picky and at 14 years old she often times needs a bit of motivation from a wet/dry food combination to eat. She weighs 75 pounds and is still healthy and semi-active, but can be severely stubborn when it comes to her meals. She would not touch the Eukanuba. I believe the kibble was too big for her to chew. We even tried to mix the dry kibble in with her favorite human grade wet food, but she still would not touch it. Our younger senior dog, Franks, is 12 and being part wolf, he lives to eat. When I opened the package he started drooling. Franks weighs 78 pounds and runs 2 to 3 miles every day. He devours his meals and I have to watch his weight to make sure he stays on the healthy side because he loves to run, he easily becomes underweight. Franks loved the Eukanuba and ate it with zeal. Franks has also eaten a leather leash, half of a potted tree, a piece of cardboard four rocks, and deer feces. Eukanuba was always pushed as a healthier brand of kibble, but I was disappointed. The ingredient list could be improved to remove the fillers and additives. The kibble was way too big for Blue and after just five days of feeding Eukanuba to Franks he developed a hotspot on his hind leg. We will be avoiding the brand Eukanuba in the future. by on 01/15/2015
  • Furbabies LOVED it
    Recently I received a bag of Large Breed Senior Chicken from Eukanuba and our two seniors love it! We just finished the 'transition' phase from their old food to this one and over the last few days our dogs would only eat the Eukanuba out of the bowl. I found there wasn't an overwhelming dog food smell to this variety either, which is a huge plus in my book! I found the size of the food to be about average if not a little smaller than other brands. by on 01/15/2015
  • It's up to the dog
    Upon arrival of the bag of dog food my border collie was so excited and wouldn't even allow me to open the bag patiently she was sniffing and wagging her tail. Mind you my dog doesn't like hard food so her excitement took me by surprise ... Since getting the food she has eaten it everyday and seems to really like It by on 01/15/2015
  • Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken is my new choice for my pup!!
    I received a large bag of Eukanuba Large Breed Senior Chicken from the company and immediately transitioned our oldest dog, Tank, into eating it. He started showing signs of more energy and a healthier looking coat. He loves this food and I am glad he does because the ingredients are a much healthier choice. I would recommend this brand of food to anyone. by on 01/15/2015
  • Too large and hard for my senior dog but otherwise a healthy choice
    When I received Eukanuba Senior food for large dogs, I was expecting much smaller or softer pieces. While I know it's for larger breed dogs, my dog has trouble chewing large, hard pieces of food. I expected that a food made for older dogs would take into account that these dogs may have trouble chewing as well as they used to and struggle more with large pieces of food. My dog is 11 1/2 and in order to eat the food we have to pour warm water over it to soften it for him. He is also not too fond of it even when softened. He doesn't eat it as quickly as he usually eats his other brands of food. While the ingredient list is much more impressive than the less expensive brands, for my dog, the taste just isn't there. I believe it needs more of a variety of flavors which is what he's used to in his other food. All in all, it's not a bad food. It's healthy but could be smaller or softer to make it easier for an older dog to eat. I believe it would've gone over much better for him if that were the case. by on 01/15/2015
  • Eukanuba Senior is Awesome!
    We have a 14 year old Labrador Retriever and have successfully made the switch to Eukanuba Senior! He loves it. We had absolutely no issues transitioning him to this product and it has really helped with his stinky dog breath! I would definitely recommend Eukanuba Large Breed Senior!! by on 01/15/2015
  • Eukanuba® Large Breed Senior Chicken, she LOVES it!
    Amber is 8 years old and sort of a couch potato. The first time I put the Eukanuba dog food in her bowl she gobbled it all immediately. I guess she likes it! She has continued to eat just the Eukanuba dog food for just over a week now and I can honestly say that I see a difference in her. She is more playful and alert. She is sleeping better at night and has a great appetite. Thank you Eukanuba!! :) by on 01/15/2015
  • Trying Eukanuba dog food for the first time!
    I was super excited to receive my Eukanuba dog food. I was curious about the ingredients in Eukanba dog food. I was very pleased with the nutrition Eukanuba Senior dog had to offer my pet. The 3D Dentadefense was a great bonus that I was not expecting and to be honest I never gave much thought about in the past. 3D Dentadefense reduces tarter, plaque and maintains healthy teeth. My dog's name is Kate and she is ten years old. She loved her first bowl full of Eukanuba Senior dog food. She completely cleaned out the entire bowl! Which is surprising because it's not something she normally does. by on 01/15/2015
  • Eukanuba brand senior food
    So far my dog seems to enjoy it. Today was the first time he has had Eukanuba brand dog food. I like that it is smaller pieces so not as hard to chew. by on 01/15/2015
  • Dog Food Rocks
    This food is so nutritious and it has so many vitamins and helps with the coat and teeth as well as his bones. As soon as i put the food in front of my dog he was eating it as fast as he could. Could not believe how fast he was eating it. He loved the taste and i love the benefits from it. His coat is so soft and shiny and not as many fleas attack him anymore and to me that is all that matters. He just loved the food and its worth the price to buy it if he will eat it. by on 01/15/2015
  • My big dogs love it!
    I gave the Eukanuba® Large Breed Senior Chicken to my Large dog and he couldn't get enough! He seemed to love the flavor and wanted more and more! I've never seen him love a brand of food so much! I love knowing I am providing my dogs with great essential nutrients that will make them healthier and happier! I love that i was able to receive a sample of this product from the company for an honest review! by on 01/15/2015
  • Fussy English bulldog
    My English bulldog is a fussy eater and spoiled he usually gets what he wants if he doesn't eat it I don't buy it he's ten years old over weight I tried other brands but I lose when trying to teach this old dog new tricks yesterday I tried feeding him the eukanuba large breed senior chicken he smelled it he licked it to my surprise he ate it every last drop eukanuba we have a winner by on 01/15/2015
  • First Day Sampling
    We got this today and I made sure to give her the recommended amount. Piper ate all her food and seemed pretty happy with it.What should you know about the food? The packaging was perfect, the texture was great. I also checked the ingredients and was very happy with them. So far so good. by on 01/15/2015
  • Healthy Dog/Happy Owner
    This dog food is a treasure. My dogs love this, the bowl is empty before I know it. The health values in this dog food are awesome. My dogs are old and could use all the help they can get. Also one of my dogs has seizures and this food helps to bring that to a minimum. My dogs love this and the health benefits make me a very happy owner. Thanks Eukanuba! by on 01/15/2015
  • best food-researched on my own
    After being on this food, my bullmastiff 7 years old has better joint function and teeth. his coat has become much more shinier as well. thank you eukanuba! highly recommend!!!! by on 11/30/2013
  • Great Product
    Quick to digest and good bite size for my dog. Seems tasty as well. He always enjoys it.... by on 02/12/2011
    I always fed my own dogs Eukanuba dog foods and they had great coats and overall health but recently I adopted an adult husky who was being fed a much lower quality food. In less than a week, I have noticed the change in his appetite - he's so excited to eat now!, his coat is hugely improved and he smells better! And his food isn't just "passing through" now, my yard is much cleaner! I always trusted this brand but now that I have seen in a matter of days the change it can make, I am amazed and glad I made the switch! by on 12/21/2009
  • Helped my Rottie
    I had a Rottweiler that would yelp when he got up after laying down for a while. He had been hit by a car as a younger dog and had a pin in his leg so I knew he was having problems with arthritis. I went into the pet store and asked them for a suggestion to help alleviate the pain. They suggested Large Breed Senior because he was 8 years old. After a month of eating the food, he would no longer make any noises getting up. Unfortunately we lost him about a year later but since then I have gotten two new puppies and they have not eaten anything while with me other than Eukanuba dog food. They are shiny and healthy dogs and I would definitely recommend this dog food to anyone! Keep up the good work. by on 04/01/2009
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