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Rated 5 out of 5 by 29 reviewers.

  • dog owner
    This product MIGHT work well, if I could get my dogs to eat it. I ordered the beef flavored product so I could get the larger bottle, since I have 3 dogs in the larer weight category and would quickly go through the smaller bottle using the suggested amounts/day. However, only one of my pups would eat the tabs, and only for the first 3-4 days, then she quickly tired of them. Even if I try to stuff them inside a tasty treat, my girls will spit the pills out. by on 07/22/2012
    As the owner of a Border Collie/Lab mix, I have been using this product for over 2 years now. It took almost a month of first using this prodcut to see the results (in a winter month in the Northeast where a dog's coat is at its fullest) and I have been using it continuosly all year. SIMPLY THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED IN OVER 25 YEARS OF DOG OWNERSHIP!!! by on 03/31/2011
  • No more allergies!!!
    I did notice a small difference with shedding, but the biggest advantage for us was no more bad allergies in the summer! Our dog was put on Benadryl because of all of his skin breakouts in the summertime. The Benadryl made him a total nut bag. He was timid and nervous all of the time. (He's a 100 lb. mixed lab). So we went the route of steroid shots which was better, but still had breakouts. After taking the recommended dosage (which for him is 6 tablets a day!), he hasn't had to have any allergy meds at all for over a year!!! This is the only change we made (same food, we live in the same area, etc) so I figured it has to be this supplement. His coat looks great and he gets compliments on it all of the time! by on 01/29/2011
  • Amazing
    What a difference in Eva's shedding! This product is definitely worth it! by on 08/24/2010
  • Fewer Furballs!
    My Rottweiler/German Shepherd puppy began shedding quite a bit around the age of 6 months. After reading/researching about several products, I started her on Shed No More. It does an amazing job controlling her shedding and I only give her 1 tablet per day - she has a sensitive stomach and I try to minimize any chemicals going in there. I am very happy with this product and her coat is beautiful, shiny, and soft. by on 12/11/2009
  • Mastiff: One Hairy Mess
    Sometime around 7 months old, our Neo Mastiff began shedding excessively. All year long. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. It was BAD!!! If you pet her, you pulled back a hand FULL of hair. Our back yard, after it snowed, was literally black and gray from being completely covered in her hair. Hair was everywhere in our home. Even the second floor and the basement, where she has never been.We tried everything. Special shampoos, brushes and sprays, regular professional grooming, daily baths, adding things to her diet, changing her diet, the BARF diet. We tried every bit of advice we got. Everything from our vet’s professional advice to complete strangers with half-baked superstitions. We spent hundreds of dollars and a cumulative of weeks on our dog to stop the shedding. Not to mention the amount of cleaning just to keep the hair problem under control.Shed No More is a miracle! I ordered this product three weeks ago. Even after the first few days, we noticed a difference. And now she hardly sheds at all. I’d say it did far better than 80% with our dog. More like 99.5%. Her coat is even shiny now. We are VERY happy with this product. by on 09/16/2009
  • very affective
    my german shephard also shed un controlably we vaccumed brushed bathed and nothing helped.I just finished the first bottle and came on to order another one because my dog hardly sheds at all. by on 03/07/2009
  • Worked Great for both dogs
    We had been using Drs. Foster & Smith VitaCoat Plus for over a year (and it DOES work great!) however, it's kind of expensive. This was much more friendly to the wallet and works great. :) We have no complaints. We just put this right in their food as an extra treat on the side and they just eat it up. :) We have a Chow/Husky/Lab male and a Belgian Shepherd mix female -- both have double coats and shed regularly. Now they shed just a little bit rather than the clumps of tumblehair all over the place! :) by on 09/08/2008
  • No Shade no more
    It works pretty well 80% and I like that but I dont like the price $39.95 a bottle. by on 07/12/2008
  • Shed No More
    I am very happy with this product and had reduced the amount of shedding by 80%. We have two mixed breed dogs and the females coat was always soft, but the male's hair was dry. Now it is soft, with a nice shine. by on 06/28/2008
  • Shed No More
    I am very happy with this product and had reduced the amount of shedding by 80%. We have two mixed breed dogs and the females coat was always soft, but the male's hair was dry. Now it is soft, with a nice shine. by on 06/28/2008
  • Carol
    When we first got our dog he was shedding very badly. I was at a loss as to what to do. If I pet him my hand was full of fur. I had to vacuum three times a day. I went on line to see if there was any remedy and came across this product. I was desperate. My dog hardly sheds at all now. It really, really works. I highly recommend this product. by on 06/04/2008
  • Pugs
    if you own a pug, you know what shedding is. this product has greatly reduced his shedding. he shows no ill effects. i would recommend it... by on 04/28/2008
  • Happy Dogs!
    I have two dogs. I first got it for my Lab mix, who was furry & lathargic. She does not shed as much (no more huge clumps falling out) and her energy level has shot up!! She feels much better! I started giving it to my Beagle/Basset and he has stopped itching all the time!!! Wonderful product! by on 04/01/2008
  • I'm Convinced
    I was a complete skeptic, but decided to give it a shot. My border collie was shedding so bad that I could hardly walk past her without being covered in hair. I couldn't stand it anymore and had to do something! I started giving her the tablets and within 4 weeks 95% of the shedding had stopped! It was a miracle. Thank you so much! by on 03/26/2008
  • Does what it says
    I have two Golden Retrievers, who shed so much that if you pat them on the back, hair will just fly off of them, or if you rub your hand down their backs, you come away with a handFUL of fur. Daily brushings and vacuuming still left my house looking like it hadnt been vacuumed in a week. Shed No More has decreased the shedding by about 2/3. I am happy and so are they! The very first time I gave them to the dogs, they were hesitant b/c of the new mediciney smell, but now they eat them like treats. If I forget to give them their "vitamins", there is MAJOR pouting going on until I remedy the situation! by on 03/24/2008
  • Works Great!!
    I was very dubious when I tried this product with my black lab, but it really works well! It has reduced her shedding dramatically. by on 10/21/2007
  • Greatly reduced shedding for my pug
    Pugs shed heavily and I use to have to vacuum the floors every other day. Since we had our pug on this product, her shedding has reduced dramatically. It took about 1 month to see results. The shedding isn't eliminated just reduced by approx. 60% which is still a blessing for us. by on 09/09/2007
  • This stuff really helps reduce excess shedding!
    Less messy than oily food additives, Shed No More is a good product, but you must be patient... needs to be in the dog's system for a few weeks before you can tell a difference, but hang in there! Once things begin getting less hairy, be sure to be consistent with dosage or the excess shedding will return. Also be sure to groom your dog regularly for best results. (Note: this is not a miracle cure... dogs will still shed--except poodle breeds--but the amount of excess shedding will be greatly reduced if the product is used correctly and you brush your dog every day. Woof! by on 09/05/2007
  • great product
    alice used to shed so baddd >NOw she sheds very little .what a relief ...GREAT PRODUCT I will use this on any animal that sheds. by on 06/08/2007
  • not working yet
    so far we have'nt noticed any difference yet in my dogs shedding will try one more bottle. by on 06/05/2007
  • The best product on the market!
    I have been using Shed No More on my dogs for 4 years now, and the shedding was reduced 2/3 after just a week of use. Also, their coats are shiny and healthy, and my Dalmatian, who is prone to skin allergies, doesn't have any problems anymore. They went away immediately after the first dose! My dogs love them and consider them a treat. I make sure we never run out. by on 04/22/2007
  • Shedding Black Lab
    I have used this product for my Black Lab for several months. His shedding alone can fill the canister of a Dyson Pet vacuum at least 3 times a week. With this product his shedding has been reduced by at least 1/3. by on 02/19/2007
  • Awesome!
    Wow! I have to say that Shed No More is the best thing I have bought for Dodger in his 5 years of life! He is a yellow lab and people who come to my house say that they have never seen a dog shed as much as he!!! Not only has this cut down on my cleaning...the piles of hair are no longer all over my floors and rugs but Dodger's coat is noticeably shiny and soft. He used to have a course coat and dry and now it is shiny, soft, and extremely healthy. Because he is a lab he loves to eat so these 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening have become favorite treats! In fact, if I forget to give them to him he sits next to the jar and whines until I give them to him! Worth every penny I spend! Tell your friends!!! by on 01/16/2006
  • Shed No More for Dogs
    Shed No More for Dogs was a God send. It is great for my dog, half mini pin/schipperke and she loves them as a bed time treat with a little dab of peanut butter on them. They do have a strong smell that she didn't like, but with the peanut butter there was no problem. For a 12 lb dog, she only needs one a day. They are GREAT! I have to search really hard to find a stray hair anywhere. by on 09/07/2005
  • No More Skin Rash!
    I have 2 beautiful Dalmatians, Matthew (9) and Katie (2). They are inside dogs, so even though they are short haired, I normally have white hair everywhere! Also, Katie is prone to skin rashes, as Dalmatians can be. She had one rash after the other, and I had to spray her with medicine from my vet 3 times a day. It was costly and Katie hated it! I gave my dogs Shed No More, and within a day, Katie's skin rashes were gone!! They've been taking it for about a year, and the rashes have never returned. Also, the amount of hair around the house was cut down by 2/3! My housekeeper finally asked me what I was doing differently; she was finding so much less hair all over the house. I used to be able to run my hand down Matthew's back and get a handful of hair. Now, the hair doesn't come off in my hand... I love it!! By the way, these dogs LOVE these tablets. They eat them as treats every day. by on 07/05/2005
  • 2 dogs, 1 apartment
    I recommended Shed No More to my co-worker, and have told all my neighbors who live in the same apartments. My vacuuming has been cut in half. I have a mixed breed black dog & a golden retriever and I gave my golden a bath last night and didn't have to scoop the hairs out of the tub after I was done because there weren't any! I noticed the difference with my black dog first-no scratchy hairs on my bed. They have been on Shed No More about a month now, and I forget to give it to them every now & then but it works anyways! It's great b/cuz I'm in Florida, too, and the heat used to make them shed A LOT. by on 04/12/2005
  • Success
    I normally do not take the time to write reviews, but this product has really made a difference in both mine and Gabby’s day to day life. Gabby is my 6-year-old mixed breed who constantly sheds, leaving hair all over our apartment. Ever since I started her on the Shed No More product I have seen a noticeable difference in both the amount of hair in my home as well as the shine of Gabby’s coat. This product has worked better than any other we have tried, and we plan to use Shed No More for a long time.By the way, not only am I saving money using this product, which works better than all the others we have tried, but Gabby eats the tablets as treats. by on 12/30/2004
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