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  • It works! Done correctly!
    I used the advanced cats formula. I did it wrong and I did it right. I had 4 types of urine messes. Got 3 out of 4 out! Let me tell you what not to do! The area I never got out was done wrong. I am babysitting a male chihuahua let me tell you his urine is worse then a cat!!! My first mistake was I shampooed with a shampooing formula .. =( wrong move!! NEVER USE ANY CLEANER FIRST!! The area is totally ruined now. I can not get the smell out! I will have to replace carpet there. So, now onto my successful clean areas. The first spot was also the urine of death, the Chihuahua, all I did was blotted the area with paper towels until all the urine was gone. (Enough). Then I poured nature's miracle for cats until it was sopping wet. Then I rubbed it in using my hand just as you would your hair. I left it on there for about a week. I also have a mothball lavender closet hanger just laying over the spot to deter the cats from using that spot! It works buy the way, the stay clear from anyway , so after a week I put hot water in my Bissell green machine but I rinsed it so very well I didn't want ANY CLEANER in it, just hot water. And I did a water rinse over the area very well. It worked!!! No more smell!! I did the same process on my living room floor which was a female dog who's urine does not smell to bad. I really didn't even need a water rinse but, I did it any ways to get old urine and nature's miracle out of the carpet. I did the same process as the male chihuahua's spot. BAM!! It's gone!!! Woot woot!!! Now onto the cats accident! Dang cats! Their urine is the toughest! But I did the same process as the others . I also put a lavender mothballs patty there. I left it to dry , water rinsed and it's gone!! ... Here's a few tips I did not know before hand. .. nature's miracle is an enzyme, ONLY and I mean ONLY. ENZYMES can remove organic smells. If you add chemicals to the organic mess you change the structure of the urine ect. Enzymes go in and eat the urine ect. I heard if you put a plastic bag over the spot it creates heat and multiplies the Enzymes that eat the urine. Then you can soak up the area the next day or so and do a water rince to clear away all broken down urine and enzyme(nature's miracle). I personally will not shampoo over the spots once it dries. I just shampoo when the whole room is ready for a bath. Really I don't have to its all cleaned up! So learn from my mistakes. You only need nature's miracle, and water! A towel to pick up mess and blotted dry if you desire . Needless to say Chihuahua out peed his welcome he gets to hang outside with my German shepherds now. When they come in he gets kenneled. Lol good luck!! by on 04/19/2016
  • Waste of money and time
    this doesn't work with my cat all! I tried soaking and spraying and using lots of it and using little - I could've used water instead. My cat pees on the sofa and this liquid not only doesn't remove any odor but doesn't bother her at all, she keeps peeing on the sofa no matter what. Waste of money and effort and hope by on 04/12/2016
  • Works Really Well!
    I have a multi-cat household. One of my 'boys', who I love very much, hates using a litter box for urinating. I clean my boxes 2 or more times a day, but he will often go on the floor (I thankfully have all tile) or spray on my curtains. We've ruled out illness and know it's behavioral. Once he even went on my recliner...which really made me consider giving him up. But this product allows me to keep him. With a few repeated cleanings, this Natures Miiracle removed the stain and ALL of the odor. And, if I continue spraying my curtains every few days, it works as a great deterrant. I'm still working with him to help find a surface he likes so he uses a litterbox...currently we are trying newspaper...but this product has been a huge help with cleanup. Thanks Nature's Miracle...and my boy Toopy thanks you too! by on 03/13/2015
  • Did not work
    I followed the directions exactly in order to rid a car seat cover of cat spray. Initially, after letting the product soak in, dry comnpletely and then laundering and air drying the car seat cover, the stink was gone. However, the very next day as I was replacing the cover on the car seat I realized I had spoken too soon. The cover still stinks. by on 12/29/2014
  • Doesn't work and can't get rid of product smell
    Stick with the original! This Just for Cats smells terrible and it won't go away. So now the area smells of cat and this product. by on 08/17/2014
  • As advertised
    It definitely removes odors and stains better than other products I've tried. The best part is the scent keeps the cat from spraying over and over in the same place. by on 06/30/2014
  • Excellent - Tip for Application
    We had a cat spraying problem in our basement (came out of nowhere as both cats had lived together over a year). The smell was coming from an area with berber carpet on cement and sheet rock walls. We emptied a gallon of this stuff on an area about 10x8 and a few feet up the wall. When it dried there was no longer any smell. Recurrent spraying (id'ed with UV light) where spot applied about 5 times and spraying ended (knock on wood). We also bought a feliway hormone difusser, plugged it in next to the spraying spot and the cats appear to be more relaxed To apply we purchased a 1 gallon garden sprayer from lowes and it worked like a charm. by on 03/30/2014
  • Would not buy again...
    I used the dog "version" of Natures Miracle when we had our dog and had great success with that. I thought that this Just for Cats NM would work after my sweet cat decided to go on our wall to wall carpenting. I purchased and used the ENTIRE largest jug of this over a course of 4 weeks. Carpeting still smells pretty bad. I need to purchase another brand an try that. by on 09/10/2013
  • GREAT product!
    I have four of my own cats, and also operate a volunteer rescue/rehab/foster program in my home. At any point, I could have as many as 15 cats in my house (which is why I have the nickname). The program area is pretty cat proof, however sometimes the resident cats will show their displeasure by spraying or marking. This especially happened when we all moved to a new house. Carpet is tricky to clean because of the underlay. I recommend using LOTS, NOT DILUTED, AND POUR OVER AT LEAST 2X THE CARPET AREA, MORE THAN ONCE. I've had GREAT SUCCESS with wood products (new chair, hardwood floors, trunk), but I had to SOAK the wood. There has been NO DISCOLORING at all. I have not tried it on tile with grout, so I don't know. by on 01/17/2013
  • Natures Miracle Porta Pet Dog Crate
    Purchased as a mobile crate for our 50lb dog. Routinely find him sitting outside crate because zippers are not stong enough to hold screened flaps closed. Purchased another of the same model in a pinch when the first failed and the second crate only lasted one day before it too was broken. Very disappointed in the quality and value of this product. by on 01/07/2013
  • Didn't get rid of the odor
    A male kitten was brought into our family that already had a male older cat. The kitten decided that our bedroom was his litter box. One corner of my bedroom carpet is urine. I bought Nature's Miracle for cats only used a quart on the carpet and it still smells of urine. by on 08/29/2012
  • in the middle
    I am not sure about this product. It is spacious enough for my three small dogs and it folds easily. The antimicrobial covering has a smell that I don't like. I am not sure my dogs like it either. They don't want to go into this pen and threw up in it. Not sure if it was because of the traveling or the coating. by on 06/13/2012
  • port-a-play pen used for sick pet
    + I like that the top is open for easy access to your pet, not quite obvious from the package. + I like the zipper doors (two) + It folds up to a small package. We used the port-a-play pen to nurse our sick cat back to health. He could not walk much because of one bad leg. We placed a low profile tray for his litterbox, placed dog training pads on the bottom for eash clean up, and his bed inside. He used the side walls for some support to make his way around. After 10 days we opened the door and he came and left as he pleased, he liked it. It would be nice if there was a zipper screen that could be added on top if needed. by on 03/19/2012
  • port-a-play instructions
    Instructions for refolding are NOT easily interpreted. They need to show clearly that all the top and bottom fabric possible is OUTSIDE the folded area or you will NEVER get this flat again. I have stumbled to a compromise on it after struggling with the panels repeatedly. One more good illustration with explanation could make it clear. If instructions were adequate, I would recommend. by on 02/08/2012
    I used FOR CATS on my bathroom tile floor hoping to get the stain as well as odor out. The odor came out great but the beige colored grout actually turned darker as if a sealer had been put on that area. CAREFUL with GROUT! by on 05/10/2011
    I rescued a kitten a couple years ago, and she has decided that she doesn't always feel like using the litterbox. Whenever she's upset with me over whatever she imagines, she will urinate in various locations throughout the house - on beds/furniture, carpeting, laundry (dirty or clean, doesn't matter), shoes, etc. Laundry is no problem to clean, but I must say I had a heart attack when she urinated on my brand new $1000+ mattress. I discovered this product, and went to the local pet store to purchase it. I was told there that this is one of the better products to use to get rid of the smell. As I had already tried a few other products, I was a bit skeptical, but I went home and followed the instructions EXACTLY. I am quite happy to say that I have NEVER USED A BETTER PRODUCT TO GET RID OF THE ODOR OF CAT URINE - EVER. I just wanted to say thank you to the makers - you have saved me thousands in furniture costs!!! by on 04/08/2011
  • seizure kitty
    Ive got a cat that has seizures weekly and if im not home to see where she pees, my nose must find the spots. luckily we bought a house with tile, but unfortunately my furniture takes the hit. ive tried woolite, resolve and out! but nothing works. i bought the small bottle of this for my couch and did use the entire bottle but it worked! now i stock up on the gallon container when on sale and its amazing! the cat tree doesnt smell and i dont have to be surprised when i sit down and smell urine on the couch! i dont care how much product i need to use, if it works it works!! by on 12/24/2010
  • Really works!!!!!!
    After having a "stray" male cat come in through my cat door numerous times and mark my house, it really stunk badly. I sprayed this product on everything he sprayed on and it totally eliminated the awful smell and also the furniture, pillows, etc that had been stained by this urine and was totally gone. This has also been featured on Good Morning America as a stain remover for household stains on furniture. I LOVE THIS STUFF. never without it!!! That cat finally moved on but it was about 3 months of his sneaking in and spraying and you can't even tell. Did I say: I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! This actually Kills the enzymes that cause the odor. bleach doesn't do it. by on 05/02/2010
  • Always purchase
    The best product out there for cat odors. I have 7 and anyone who enters my home, says you would not even know I owned a cat. by on 03/26/2010
  • Works but use a lot!
    I use this product when one of my little babies has an accident. They rarely resoil the same exact area so it must work but I've learned that you really have to completely soak the entire area and then allow it to air dry naturally (isolate the cats away from the area while it dries) for the cats not to be drawn back to investigate. by on 03/02/2010
  • Simply the Best cat food
    this well ballanced cat food is very well liked by my "Perfectly Healthy 8 Pound, 1&1/2 yr old M, black short hair cat Named "Luckie" because I feel lucky to have him ! by on 05/04/2005
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