Multipet Loofa Dog
Multipet Loofa Dog
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Fun and squeaky
A best selling toy
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Multipet Loofa Dog

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At a Glance
Fun and squeaky
A best selling toy
Machine washable

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Elevate your pet's playtime with the popular Loofa dog toy. Available in assorted colors, this toy is ideal for dogs who love chewing and fetching.

Assorted Colors for Every Pet's Preference -The Loofa dog toy comes in an assortment of vibrant colours including green, blue, red, and more. Your dog will enjoy the variety, as the colors may vary with each purchase. There's a Loofa toy to match their playful spirit, whether for a small, medium, or large dog.

Medium Size for Optimal Snuggling -The MidWest Quiet Time Fleece Blue Paw Print Reversible Pet Bed & Crate Mat is designed in a medium size, perfect for snuggling. This cozy mat adds a touch of comfort to your pet's crate, providing a soft and inviting space for them to rest.

Great Addition to Your Pet's Collection -These items are a great addition to any pet's collection. The Loofa dog toy and the Quiet Time Fleece mat are not just about play and rest; they offer a complete experience of comfort and joy for your pet. Add these to your shopping cart today and see the difference they make.

Offers Comfort and Durability -The MidWest Quiet Time Fleece Blue Paw Print Reversible Pet Bed & Crate Mat offers unparalleled comfort, while the durable Loofa dog toy withstands vigorous chewing and fetching. Both items are designed to last, providing long-term value for you and your pet.

Find and Add to Your Pet's Favorites -Make your pet's day by adding the Loofa dog toy and the MidWest Quiet Time Fleece Blue Paw Print Reversible Pet Bed & Crate Mat to their collection. These items offer everything from playtime fun to cozy snuggling spots, making them a must-have for every pet owner.

Don't be confused: it's called Loofa, but it's not made from a sponge! This colorful terry cloth, plush-filled, squeaky toy comes in a variety of colors and sizes. It's bitable head and long body make it great for tugging, pulling, or fetching, and its squeaker great for squeezing. After just a few minutes of playing with Loofa Dog, your dog will be wearing the same wacky grin. The larger-sized Loofa Dog's long, floppy body is especially fun for dogs who love to whip their toys around and kill them. Available in many colors!

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Are Loofa Dog Toys Safe?

Yes, loofa dog toys are completely safe for dogs to play with. Not only are these toys 100 percent vegetable and all-natural, but they also act as a natural floss for your dog. The dog parents who prefer not to give animal-based chews to their pets will find this healthy alternative a lot of fun for their furry friends. Usually, loofa dog toys have a surface that offers a satisfying chewing experience to our cabin friends. Additionally, the organic loofah toys are designed to work like natural floss, which improves your dog's overall dental health and hygiene. Loofa dog toys are made of plant matter, which means it's completely digestible as well. Therefore, if your dog ends up ingesting a part of the toy, be rest assured that it will pass through.

What Is a Loofa Dog Toy?

The Loofa Dog Toy is a popular toy loved by dogs everywhere, according to the brand. According to Multipet, the manufacturer of the popular dog toy, Loofa Dog is designed for playing fetch, chewing and snuggling in the bed. The actual toy is a plush toy filled with recycled plastic bits, making it ideal for chewing. Additionally, the Multipet Loofa Dog toy has an elongated form factor, making it fun for a game of fetch and tugs with your furry buddy. The Loofa Doge plush toy also features internal squeakers, which will engage the prey instincts of your dog and provide hours of fun. Moreover, the toy is offered in multiple colours and will add vibrancy to your dog's toy collection.

What Color Dog Toy Is Best?

The most common misconception among dog parents is that dogs are colour blind, which in reality, they are not. Your dog can see Blue and Yellow colours, and this is what you need to know when picking a dog toy in a particular colour. Avoid buying red, green, yellow, orange and other colours as dogs tend to see them in brown and often tend to ignore them. Instead, buy fetch toys in blue as they will stand out in contrast to green grass, which looks brown to your dog. As a rule of thumb, vibrant yellow or blue toys are the best when it comes to your dog's colour vision. However, colour is just one aspect to consider while picking a dig toy, and you should also consider factors like squeak ability, texture, and the general smell of the toy.

Are Plush Toys Bad for Dogs?

Most dogs love a plush toy or a stuffed animal toy, and it's entirely safe for them to have a plush toy as long as several precautions are taken. Ensure that the plush toy you give your canine friend is rated as a dog toy. This will ensure that the toy doesn't have any ingestible small parts that your dog can choke on, has material that won't cause gum irritability, and has strong seams, which won't give away to the constant chewing by the dog. Also, ensure that the plush toy of your dog is always sanitized and clean. Since your dog is most likely to carry the plush toy around all the time and chew on it most of the time, the toy can develop germs and bacterial growth over time. Ensure that you wash and sanitize your dog's plush toys once every month to keep them safe for playing. Some dog toys have squeakers inside; supervise playtime with such toys to ensure that your dog doesn't get overstimulated and shreds through the toy.

What Toys Should You Not Give a Puppy?

It isn't easy to pick a toy for a puppy since they are teething and tend to chew up everything in their sight. It's best to stick to relatively inexpensive dog toys like the Multipet Loofa Dog toy that your puppy can play and cuddle with without doing any serious damage to your bank balance. Avoid giving your puppy any toys that may have sharp edges or anything that could poke and injure them. Some examples of these are cooked bones, as they can rupture your pup's digestive system. Avoid toys with too many plastic parts or plastic covers, nylon hoses, anything with rawhide, or any toys made with strips of plastic or cloth. Lastly, please don't give your puppy toys meant for adult dogs as they could damage their teeth. Dental repair is quite expensive, so it would be best to stick to puppy-safe toys.

Should I Let My Dog Destroy Toys?

While it may look impressive to you, and you might be tempted to encourage the behaviour, you should never let your dog destroy toys. It would be best to supervise your dog when they play with their toys and remove any scope of the damage. This is to ensure that your dog doesn't end up swallowing inedible material inside the toy or any other parts that are not meant to be ingested. The toy could also have potentially toxic materials inside it that will leak if the toy is damaged. It would be best if you only encouraged your dog to destroy edible toys like raw meaty bones after you have removed pieces that are small enough to become a choking hazard.

Are Squeaky Toys Good for Dogs?

Most dogs love squeaky toys and are likely to stay entertained for hours when you have to be away. Additionally, there are several health benefits associated with squeaky toy playtime. Squeaky toys stimulate the natural prey drive, serve as practical training tools, and motivate. To avoid getting overstimulated, it's essential to supervise squeaky toy playtime and keep it restricted to a shorter duration. Lastly, replace any damaged toys to ensure that your dog doesn't ingest any choking hazard.

What Does It Mean When a Dog Howls at a Squeaky Toy?

Howling at the squeaky toy could mean several things. First, the most common cause of howling at the squeaky toy is your dog's natural prey and kill instinct is kicking in. The second most common cause is that your dog may be inviting you to play along. Additionally, other causes could be discomfort with the sound that the toy makes, fear, or anxiety.

What Is Inside a Squeaky Dog Toy?

A squeaky dog toy is usually made of a flexible and non-toxic material like rubber or vinyl. The toy could be plush or hollow from the inside and contains a small device called the squeaker. This squeaker makes a low or high-pitched sound when the dog bites into the toy. The size and shape of the squeaker determine the pitch and tone of the sound produced by a squeaky toy.

How Do You Fix a Squeaky Dog Toy?

It's not easy to fix a squeaky dog toy, but the good news is that these toys are pretty inexpensive and are easily replaceable. If you're determined to fix it yourself, you can cut open the toy and fix the squeaker by taping and inflating. You might also need to reposition the insert nozzle of the squeaker. However, this makes it easier for the dog to get inside the toy and choke on the squeaker. It's best to replace the toy when it's damaged.

Loofa dog pull toy is available in small for puppies and toy sized dogs (6โ€), medium (12โ€) or large (18โ€). Itโ€™s made from polyester, and has a cotton filling with plastic squeakers.

Wash in cold water, gentle cycles.

Multipet Loofa Dog is manufactured by Multipet
Option UPC/SKU
6" 784369477115
Mp Loofa Assorted Colors 24" 784369477443
18" 784369477184
12" 784369477122

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Fell apart in the first 10 minutes... Thank goodness I caught it so she didn't swallow the squeaker & the poly foam.... and it's just a small beagle, not a big dog

Terri recommends this item.
Was this review helpful? 3 0


My Aussie requires one of these a day to be happy,,,,,he loves them!

Lisa Bremer recommends this item.
Was this review helpful? 2 0

Would like to give it a big zero!

Toy came apart at seams within 5 minutes of giving it to our grand puppy!

Sharron recommends this item.
Was this review helpful? 1 0

Ginger loves this toy. Indestructible!

Ginger so far had not been able to get the squeaker out and enjoys playing with it.

Ginger11 recommends this item.
Was this review helpful? 1 0

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