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Delicious and nutritious! Packed with wholesome grains, proteins, and other high quality ingredients, for high digestibility, so more nutrients go to work inside your cat. Meow Mix offers your cat complete and balanced nutrition for strong bones, healthy teeth, shiny coat, and lots of energy. Cats savor every bite! Meow Mix combines fun shapes and crunchy bites in a delicious blend of chicken, turkey, salmon and oceanfish flavors. Your cat is sure to meow for the tempting taste!... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 26 reviewers.

My cat loves Meow Mix but ONLY the Original!
My kitty will be 8 this month and she has never eaten any other food. We ran out once and I think she'd starve before she would eat any of my neighbors cat food, or human food! She's a tad bit over weight & very lazy so we may have to cut back on free feeding. by on 05/04/2016
only food my cat eats
My Cheddar cheese ball loves his meow mix!! I do not feed him anything else and when I have tried he won't eat it. We love our meow meow food! by on 04/18/2016
Ever since I bought this for my (13 year old) cat, he does not want to eat anything else. He loves it. by on 03/08/2016
12 year old healthy cat
I have a 12 year old healthy cat I feed Meow Mix I have not had any problems with this cat food but I have read some bad reviews I'm not sure what to believe but so far he seems to enjoy this food. by on 02/26/2016
My cat loves it
The cat loves it. So I buy it. Tried other ones but she didn't like it. by on 02/13/2016
Product Review
This is the only cat food my cat will eat wet or dry food by on 02/10/2016
Cats chow down !
My cats will eat anything, but this is their favorite by on 02/02/2016
Best there is!!
Milo cat will go hungry if he has any other food placed in front of him. He loooves this. I lay in bed at night and can hear him eating it in the other room. When I bring groceries in the house he starts looking through all the bags until he finds his Meow Mix. Seriously...... by on 01/27/2016
Wild Whiskers
Wild whiskers that is wild and adopted me! He comes around everyday. When he visited out of food he pushes his bowl around so I can hear him demanding ba refill. He must really love this cat food. Because he decided to stay. by on 01/25/2016
Has never eaten any other cat food, but I am guilty of giving her people food by on 01/21/2016
Meow Mix...the Winner!
Our Nibbles loves Meow Mix. He's a healthy, active happy cat and turns his nose up at any other brand! by on 01/15/2016
My cat is a graiser and loves your standard dry mix. But as a 14+ year old she is putting on the pounds over the last year. Per our vet instructions we need to monitor and control the caloric intake but none or your ingredient listing shows actual calories per serving. Hope you can resolve this. by on 12/17/2015
The best of the best
My two little girls ONLY eat Meow Mix! Every morning they run to their bowl with tails curled in excitement waiting for their breakfast! What I love most is that it keeps their fur shiny and beautiful! by on 12/13/2015
My cats won't eat any other brand
My cats absolutely love this cat food, they go nuts when they hear the bag open. by on 11/28/2015
Product Review
My cat prefers can food. But he seems to like Meow Mix. If he's happy , then I'm happy too! by on 11/28/2015
great cat food
My cats love this cat food so much that don't want any other brand. by on 10/27/2015
Meowmix Original, product code 29274 50225, use by Jan 12, 2017, code 5196 BC6 1407 has only two flavors in it - red and yellow. Cats still eating it - hope it has all nutrion. by on 10/01/2015
My cats are 11 years old and this is all they have ever eaten! by on 09/24/2015
I know the best four my pet's and that's that thanks by on 08/29/2015
This is the only kind of food Roger will eat. I have tried many kinds of cat food and this kind is the winner for Roger. He really enjoys the mixture of flavors and never gets bored or tired of Meow Mix original! by on 08/18/2015
Only dry food given
As for dry food..this only brand given..started out on it.. don't try new related to possibly tummy problems by on 08/11/2015
cats are healthy and enjoyable
Our three a cats love meow mix so much that they will not eat anything else but this brand by on 07/18/2015
Product Review
I've given this to my cat for 15 years now. She loves it and we'd never give her anything else. I think it's why she's 15 :) by on 07/13/2015
Product Review
My cats will not eat any other brand.they are both very healthy by on 07/01/2015
Product Review
My cat loves meow mix, he won't eat anything other dry food... by on 06/12/2015
A great cat dinner
I only bought Meow Mix for my cats, they lived 25 years it was their favorite by on 06/11/2015