Using Thyro-tabs to Treat Hypothyroidism in Dogs L-Thyroxine(Thyro-Tabs)Effectively Manages Symptoms Caused by Hypothyroidism

Thyroid - Hypothyroidism

Thyro-Tabs (L-Thyroxine)

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Indications for Thyro-tabs

Thyro-tabs is a synthetic thyroid hormone in veterinary medication mainly for use in the management of conditions related to hypothyroidism in dogs. Hypothyroidism occurs when the gland does not produce the required quantity of thyroid. When applied into animal’s body, Thyro-tabs supplies thyroid hormone, which will quickly relieve symptoms caused by hypothyroidism. The medication has shown proven results in treating the medical symptoms caused due to thyroid related autoimmune diseases. However, the condition might demand prolonged or even lifetime treatment to ensure better results. The medication is available only by prescription from a qualified veterinarian and comes in easy to break scored tablets.


Do not administer the medicine on animals with allergic reactions to it. Also, exclude animals suffering from Addison’s disease and be careful when using the medication in animals with increased blood pressure. Ask the veterinarian about the drugs the medication would interact with, when used together. Remember to feed the animal vitamin or mineral combinations an hour before or after 4 hours of administration.


Thyro-tabs can be used in both dogs and cats. Medication dosage is usually decided by examining the blood levels of thyroxine. However, the standard dose suggested for dogs is 0.1mg/10lbs of body weight and for cats, it is 0.05-0.1mg per cat. The prescription, if strictly followed, is sure to bring in evident improvement in the animals. However, animals with serious cases of hypothyroidism would require continuing the treatment for the rest of their life.

Side Effects

The animals will have no issues with side effects if the dosage is prescribed by considering the blood levels of thyroxine. However, medication overdose can lead to adverse reactions like increased thirst and urination, behavior change, aggressiveness, incapacity to bear with heat etc. Such symptoms of medication overdose indicate a condition known as thyrotoxicosis, which asks for medical help.

Brand/Generic Equivalents

Levothyroxine (L-Thyroxine), Soloxine (Daniels), Thyrosyn (Vedco), Levotabs (Vetus)

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