About Drontal Feline Prescription Cat Dewormer How this Praziquantel and Pyrantel Pamoate Medication Treats Parasite Infections

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Drontal Feline

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Indications for Drontal Feline

Drontal Feline belong to the range of Dewormer tablets, which is a prescribed medication in treating the variety of worm attacks in cats and kittens. This oral medication is found effective in removing segments of tapeworms, hookworms as well as large roundworms, and the related symptoms. Praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate have deworming properties that fights worm related complications in animals. The medication has proved to be 100% effective in clearing parasite infection, in less than seven days of administration. Moreover, safety studies have shown that the medicine is free from most of the side effects that are usually attached with pet medications. Droncit Feline is available only by instruction from a qualified veterinarian, and comes in scored tablets for easy breakage as per the dosage.


Certain animals might show severe response reactions to Drontal Feline; avoid administering the medicine in such animals. No safety studies on the impact of medication on sick or pregnant animals have been conducted, so check with the veterinarian before using the medicine on them. Personal safety also matters, as worms from the animal body can get transmitted to humans also.


Body weight of the animal is the decisive factor in determining the dosage of medication. So, it is advisable to check the weight of the pet prior to administering the medicine. However, the usual dosages that correspond to the body weight are: For cats or kittens of 1.5-1.9 lbs, provide quarter portion of the scored tablet; for 2-3 lbs half the tablet; 4-8 lbs one whole tablet, 9-12.9 lbs one and a half tablets, and for those weighing 13-16 lbs it is advised to give two whole tablets. In no instance shall the medicine be used in animals that are less the 1.5 lbs of weight. The medication can be given with or without food.

Side Effects

Clinical studies state that the medication is free from almost all the side effects, though in rare instances certain adverse reactions like vomiting, abnormality in bowel movements, loss of appetite as well as increased salivation can be expected.

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