A Guide to Mupirocin Nasal Ointment for Pets

The Broad Spectrum Bacteriostatic Antibiotic

By Sam Bourne.

  • Pruritus (Scratching/Itching)
  • Pyoderma (Skin Infection)

indications for Mupirocin

Mupirocin is an antibiotic that can be used to ward off a number of different bacterial infections, both gram positive and negative. A topical ointment used to treat bacterial infections of the skin, mupirocin both prevents the growth of bacteria and kills it. Mupirocin is useful against major bacterial infections like staph infections, as well as safe to use on milder infections like pyoderma.


While there are no known negative interactions between mupirocin and other drugs, there are circumstances in which mupirocin should be used with caution. Due to the inclusion of polyethylene in the base of this ointment, nephrotoxicity is a possible reaction from using mupirocin on deep wounds. Also, the safety of mupirocin has not been tested on pregnant or nursing pets, so caution should be used.


Apply to the affected area twice a day, covering the entire infected area.

Brand/Generic equivalents

Bactroban, Bactoderm, Muricin

Side Effects

The only known reaction to mupirocin is a hypersensitivity to the drug. Overuse can result in certain types of toxicity, so treatment should never exceed 30 days.

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Mupirocin at a glance

  • 1For dogs and cats
  • 2Broad spectrum bacteriostatic antibiotic
  • 3Ointment applied to the infected area
  • 4Prevents the growth of, and kills, susceptible bacteria

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