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Lysodren is a medication for dogs that have been diagnosed with canine Cushing's disease. Lysodren is effective in helping your pet's illness and is inexpensive and easy to administer.

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Great product! Fast shipping! Great experience overall! by on 08/12/2022
Amazing product by on 10/25/2021
Best pet pharmacy on the internet!
I won't buy my pet meds any place else. The time and caring the associates give you is amazing. I have the utmost confidence in ordering from PetCareRX. Shipping is very fast, and their methods of communication are spot on! I am so glad I found the best place for all my animals prescription needs! by on 07/03/2016
Works wonders.
I bought this product for my dog when she was diagnosed about 6 years ago. When I first bought this I went to a regular pharmacy and was charged $500 was this medication because they told me not many people were on it and I had to purchase the whole bottle of 100 tablets. Now I guess it's more out there and cheaper to buy. Great deal.... by on 01/07/2013
Thank you
It was VERY helpful to read how well other dogs have done on this med! My 13 yo dog was recently diagnosed with Cushings Disease and will have to start this med as well. Thanks for the hope! by on 04/16/2010
Lusodren works
My dog has recovered from cancer twice and she now has has Cushings disease for 3 years. She gets 1/2 of a 500mg pill 2x per week and weighs 35 lbs. She needs a pepcid ac pill when she takes the lysodren and is doing fine at 13 years old!!! by on 04/24/2009
Lysodren works!!
My dog was diagnosed with Cushings Disease 4 years ago. Casey is on Lysodren, carefully monitored by our Veterinarian, and is doing beautifully! She has had no side effects and is a happy, healthy 13 year old Lab. by on 03/19/2008
It's a miracle
Sadie was diagnosed with Cushings. My vet advised against starting treatment (Lysodren) until she deteriorated greatly saying the treatment could be worse than the disease. However, she lacked energy, drank all the time,therefore had accidents, was starving,etc. . She was losing her hair (her tail was almost bald & she's a poodle!)Once she went on Lysodren, she's was like a new dog. Active, her appetite & thirst are under control. Even more amazing is that she grew back a lush thick coat which is dark red like it was when she was a puppy! It improved her quality of life tremendously! *This is a prescription item. by on 01/17/2005