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Options Available: 6" Bully Sticks - 6 Pack

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  • Fine for timid chewers, but we need heartier chews
    My dogs definitely enjoyed these sticks, but they are far from the longest-lasting chews we've tried. I think each stick lasted less than five minutes -- and these are little dogs, 10 and 14 lb. If a 75-lb dog ripped through a 6-inch chew in five minutes, I'd wonder why it took so long; however, for my petite dogs, I prefer chews that take them a bit longer to finish off.On a minutes-of-enjoyment versus price-paid scale, we found these to be roughly average. If your dog is modest in his or her chewing needs, these would probably be great and good value for money -- but if your dog is hard core when it comes to chewing, perhaps extra-thick or braided bully sticks or Himalayan chews would be a better investment. by on 08/08/2014
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