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With Talking Plush Animal Friends, your dog or cat will enjoy hours of endless fun. These adorable plush toys come in four animal types frog, cow, monkey or pig. Each toy emits an individual and attention grabbing noise when squeezed or bitten. You no longer have to worry about how to keep your pet entertained. Talking Plush Animal Friends will do take care of that for you!... Read More


Rated 4 out of 5 by 5 reviewers.


I read the reviews before purchasing and thought I would try - the toy is cute and our greyhound/shephard mix loved it, but it only lasted two hours. First all the stuffing was out, then we re-sewed it and then he was able to get the noise maker out and chewed that all up. Would not recommend for dogs who like to chew their toys. by on 03/03/2011
Talking toys

My Shih Tzu absolutly loves these toys. I have searched out all the talking toys I can find. He has the parrot, frog, duck, pig, cow, lobster, dog, chick, monkey, sheep & turkey. We make the appropriate sound and he fetches the right toy. He will not play with anything that squeeks. I also have a birthday cake that sings and when ever we celebrate a birthday and start singing, out comes his birthday cake to join in with us. I highly recommend these toys. by on 12/06/2008
Frog Toy

My dog loves toys. Problem is he always tears them up within a week. I purchased the frog and it has lasted over 2 months. Plan on buying another for backup. It is small but I have a Cocker mix so its perfect for him. My dog loves this toy and I love that it lasts. by on 06/25/2008
Pig toy

This toy is small about 5 inches. It is cute but it is hard due to the noise maker inside. It does not really sound like an oinking pig. It makes a funny sound that my dog enjoys though. She just does not like it as much as her softer toys. by on 04/30/2008
Parrot fun

My dogs LOVED this unusual sounding new toy right out of the box. We purchased the parrot, it's so colorful and such a cute noise, instead of a squeeker! by on 10/09/2007
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