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Lil' Bitz™ Training Treats are a tasty yet healthy and natural treat perfect for training your pup, No matter the size! Yep that's right big or small 4 legs or 3 Lil' Bitz is perfect for all dogs, we don't discriminate. Lil' Bitz comes in 3 different tasty flavors, Hickory Smoked Beef, Flame Roasted Chicken & Salon & Kelp. Each Treat is only 4 calories making this treat the perfect natural reward! Each Treat is made from the best ingredients, free of artificial colors and flavors!


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  • Super Delicious, My Dog LOVES them!
    Dash can't get enough of these and that makes them perfect for training and telling him how much of a good boy he is. I bought a few packs. I keep one his his go bag, one bag at work, (I am lucky enough to have him come to work with me) and one at home. by on 05/23/2016
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