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Two strong materials are combined to create the perfect tug toy. Legendary Kong rubber grips and control flex center provides strength and flexibility. Nylon Kong shaped rings are sturdy and designed to withstand the most vigorous tug sessions.... Read More



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Great distraction when the pups start playing too roughly

I have a VERY energetic Pibble mix ;) I also have some other weird mix rescue that is built like a cross between a boxer and a chihuahua , with the attitude of a chihuahua! Needless to say, the older weirdo can get pretty sick of his little brothers attempts to play. When things get too crazy, I say "Get your toy" and the little Pibble always grabs this Kong Tug. I've had to replace it twice. I have not found that Kong lives up to their reputation when it comes to my two toy destructors, Only Bullybox has done that! But I don't mind replacing it when needed, it's not too expensive, and worth it for the peace! by on 02/22/2020
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