Kong Tug
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At a Glance
Durable Kong rubber
Tug toy designed to last
Great for indoor and outdoor play and exercise
Full body exercise for dogs
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Rated 4 out of 5 by 1 reviewers.

  • Great distraction when the pups start playing too roughly
    I have a VERY energetic Pibble mix ;) I also have some other weird mix rescue that is built like a cross between a boxer and a chihuahua , with the attitude of a chihuahua! Needless to say, the older weirdo can get pretty sick of his little brothers attempts to play. When things get too crazy, I say "Get your toy" and the little Pibble always grabs this Kong Tug. I've had to replace it twice. I have not found that Kong lives up to their reputation when it comes to my two toy destructors, Only Bullybox has done that! But I don't mind replacing it when needed, it's not too expensive, and worth it for the peace! by on 02/22/2020
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