Kong Stuff'n Peanut Butter Paste (8 Oz.)
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Rated 5 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.

  • My dog enjoyed it
    My dog enjoyed it just as much as regular peanut butter. Honestly it didn't last as long as I thought it would. It was mostly bought out of convenience. The toothpaste-like tube type of kong fillers are better because even though I could feel that there was still substance in the tube all the air had been let out so the can was essentially useless towards the end. by on 11/04/2020
  • Miss
    My English Springer loves this with his toys, He plays and chews this toy all the time. It helps with his teething. by on 07/26/2012
  • Great for pets that need medication.
    It smells just like peanut butter. My dog has to take his medication. I just put a little peanut butter on a piece on a very small piece of flat bread/tortilla bread and roll it up with the medication, my dog gobbles it right up. I bought this at a different pet store before, but it's so much cheaper here. by on 01/23/2011
  • Yum
    I love peanut butter, so I thought my dog Simon would too. I was right! I use the Peanut Butter Paste on his toys and he loves it. It is also great when I need to give him medicine. by on 12/30/2004
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