KONG Safestix Large
KONG Safestix Large
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KONG Safestix Large

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The large KONG Safestix is the perfect fetch toy for big dogs.  Composed of durable plastic, KONG Safestix are bendable to provide engaging fun for dogs. They can be used either outdoors or indoors and they float for pool fun with your pet. KONG Safestix can be used to entertain one dog or they can be shared by two for some fun tug-of-war action. KONG Safestix Dog Toys come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The large KONG Safestix Dog Toy is 27 inches long and comes in assorted colors. Order your large KONG Safestix Dog Toy and the color will be selected at random for a fun surprise! Key Benefits: Flexible toy made from durable plastic Floats in water Comes in variety of bright colors
  • KONG Brand
  • Balls & Fetching Toys Toys
  • Kong Company Manufacturer
  • Dog Pet Type

What Size Kong Is Safestix?

Kong Safestix is a dog fetch toy, flexible and safe for dog fun. It is an excellent alternative to a wooden stick. Round ends make a Kong Safestix even safer. Kong Safestix comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. However, X sizes (XS for extra small and XL for Extra-large size) are also available for commercial sale. The size of small Kong Safestix is 11.5 inches, medium size measures 20 inches, and large is 27 inches long. The ballโ€™s diameter of small Safestix is 4.2 cm for medium, it is 4.5 cm, and for large Safestix is 4.8 cm.

What Is Kong Safestix Made Of?

Kong Safestix is safe and flexible and made of durable material. Most safestix are made from durable and safe plastic. Some Kong toys are made from non-vulcanized rubber. The manufacturers take great care that the rubber used should be non-toxic natural rubber. Flexible material makes the Kong Safestix durable to provide maximum fun and satisfaction to your pet.

Are the Kong Sticks Safe for Dogs?

Yes, you can consider Kong sticks a safe option, but not safer than a Kong Safestix. With the tendency of rigorous biting, scratching, and applying full strength, a dog can destroy a stick to pieces. These small and large pieces can lead to intestinal obstructions and potential choking hazards to dogs. Monitor your pet while he plays with a Kong stick. Inspect your petโ€™s toys regularly to avoid health issues. A Kong Safestix is far safer for dogs. The flexible and durable material does not break off easily, reducing the probability of choking and other health emergencies.

Does Safestix Float?

Safestix is an excellent fetch toy for dogs. The flexible and durable fetch toy contains plastic material that floats on water. You can use it for indoor and outdoor playing. Though it weighs some ounces, the material and design allow a Kong Safestix to float on water. With an excellent capability to float, you can take a Safestix along with your furry friend to the pool and enjoy water sports.

Do Kong Safe Sticks Float?

Yes, Kong Safe Sticks floats on water because of the material used in its making.

When Should You Throw Away Kongs?

Kong toys are flexible and durable, but that does not mean that they are indestructible. Kong toys use flexible materials. It is washable and ready for reuse. But in the view of experts, pet owners must throw away Kong when they become ripped. It is better to throw away Kong toys if the squeaker or stuffing starts coming out. Damaged plastic toys have sharp edges, which can cause injury to a petโ€™s mouth and stomach. Also, ripped rubber toys can be a potential choking hazard if a dog swallows a large piece. However, small rubber pieces can also lead to gastrointestinal issues.

How Long Should a Dog Chew On a Kong?

Chewing for 10 to 15 minutes per day is good for healthy teeth. It depends upon a dog how much he loves his stuffed buddy. A new Kong keeps your canine friend engaged for most of the time, but after some time, when a pet gets bored, it leaves aside the toy.

What Do Vets Recommend for Dog Chews?

Dogs love to chew. Chewing makes teething easier for young dogs. Chewing is an exercise for adult dogs to keep their jaws strong. Canines explore the world by sniffing, and chewing is a way to understand things better. Dog chew toys and dog treats help control tartar and plaque. Kong Extreme Goodie Bone and Kong Classic, and other Kong® toys are some of the recommended dog chews by Vets.

How Do I Know What Size Kong I Have?

Kong toys come in around six sizes ranging from extra small to extra-extra-large. According to a thumb rule of size recommendation, dogs weighing up to 5 pounds must use an XS (extra small) Kong. Dogs weighing between 15-30 lbs can use small size Kong, while pets above 35 pounds should use a medium-size Kong. Large Kong is for a dog weighing between 35-65 pounds. If a pet weighs up to 90 lbs, give him an extra-large Kong to play. Extra extra-large size Kong is for a dog weighing more than 90 pounds.

How Do You Use a Kong?

Kong is a brand, which makes excellent toys for dogs. The product is durable to resist even the piercing teeth. These toys are empty from the inside, providing you a facility to fill them up with your petโ€™s favorite treat or food items. Place the stuffing tightly in a Kong toy and spread peanut butter on top to seal it. You can freeze a Kong toy for a summer treat. Make sure to wash your petโ€™s toys regularly to ensure hygiene.

KONG is manufactured by Kong Company
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