KONG Cat Scratcher Refill Two Pack
KONG Cat Scratcher Refill Two Pack
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KONG Cat Scratcher Refill Two Pack

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KONG Scratcher Refills are all you need when it’s time to replace cats’ scratcher options. Fitting KONG Incline Scratcher and KONG Double Scratcher, simply refill and continue to satisfy cat’s natural scratching instincts by encouraging appropriate scratching behavior. Environmentally friendly refillable cat scratchers with bonus Premium North American Catnip are made with renewable resources and are recyclable. Scratch pads are reversible for extended use.Naturally promotes appropriate instinctual scratching.Premium North American Catnip entices play.Made with recyclable materials and renewable resources.
  • KONG Brand
  • Rope, Tug & Interactive Toys Toys
  • Kong Company Manufacturer
  • Cat Pet Type

What Do Cats Like to Scratch the Most?

The cats like to scratch different varieties of surfaces. There are several surfaces that a cat will scratch like, uncovered wood, cardboard, and sisal rope or fabric. If you don't provide a suitable area for scratch, then your cat will damage your wallpaper, furniture, and carpet. The cat always returns to scratch the place if it is attractive.

Why Do Cats Rub Against You?

Cats are considered olfactory creatures. They gather information about the environment with their sense of smell. The pushing and rubbing of the head by the cat against you is also called bunting or butting. The cats show affiliation by marking her scent to you. Behavioral science shows that being affiliative makes the group of people maintain connections. Through rubbing head, the cat tags its environment and people and groups them with a similar scent.

What Keeps Cats From Scratching Furniture?

The following are the solutions that keep your cat from scratching furniture: Make scratching post available, using cat scratch tape, using cat scratch sprays, give protection to furniture with vinyl guards, trying soft nail caps and socks for your cat, using cardboard scratchers.

Why Do Cats Like Cardboard Scratchers?

The paws of the cats have scent glands. When the cat scratch, it leaves a scent trail, which also marks the attention of the other cats. It is a behavior of marking territory. Cats are fond of the cardboard texture. It is evident from the cat scratchers available in the market, made from cardboard. The cat finds it easy to dig its claws, stretch, and scratch cardboard corrugated edges.

Are Cardboard Cat Scratchers Good?

Cardboard has everything that your cat loves. Shredding and scratching for your cat is easy, leaving a noticeable mark. It becomes even better when the corrugated cardboard is more challenging and has a dense feel. Cardboards are not durable neither is your cat expecting durability while scratching. She scratches to leave a visible impression, and cardboard is the best option.

How Long Do Cardboard Cat Scratchers Last?

The life of a durable product with daily usage is up to five to six months. The most inferior product will last a maximum of a month. Therefore, we can assume an average time of 3-4 months is what a cardboard cat scratcher lasts.

When Should You Throw Out a Cat Scratcher?

As soon as you notice that the scratching post has turned out to be unusable and unsafe for your cat, it will require quick replacement. The following are the factors that need consideration to replace cat scratchers: Damaged material having dangerous and sharp edges. Tiny broken pieces that result in choking hazards. Loops of carpet and sisal rope are not safe for your cats. Scratching or fabric material like sisal felt as well as carpet is visible off the post. Split up parts of scratching post, like platforms and toys.

How Often Should You Replace Cat Scratcher?

The easiest way to find out the time for the replacement of the cat scratcher is to keep an eye on your cat's behavior. If you notice that your cat is no longer scratching the post. Instead, it starts using furniture and carpet. It is an indication for the replacement of the scratcher. There are chances of scratching posts and cardboard losing their charms over a long period. Still, your cat is not willing to leave the damaged scratch post. The best way, in this case, is to replace it with a similar-looking cat scratcher refill and, moving the ragged one into a safe place. The scratching post lasts from 6 months to 2 years, so there is no specific period of replacing the scratching post. You will have to pay attention to determine the replacement of the old one with the new one.

How Do I Attract My Cat to Scratching Posts?

For attracting your cat to the scratching post, catnip is necessary. You can either hang a sack of catnip from above or sprinkle it into the fabric or the base. Be near the scratch post for some time and encourage your cat for an interaction. Incorporate the scratching post while you play with your cat.

Do Cats Scratch When They Are Happy?

As per the Humane Society, excitement in cats makes them scratch. Your cats get excited to see you back home from work. Or when some exciting event may be taking place at home. For cats, scratching is a way of expressing their joy.

KONG is manufactured by Kong Company
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2-Pack 035585424002

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