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KONG Biscuit Ball Dog Toy Product Reviews

The Kong Biscuit Ball is a fun way to give your dog special treats. It's in the shape of a hollow rubber ball, and has four different openings where you can insert biscuits.

Rated 4 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.

Love it
My pup loves trying to get treats out of it! The only thing is, itโ€™s a little big for her and the treats. Treats can fall out easily unless arranged correctly. by on 08/14/2022
Chew time action
My dog loves it! The only issue I have is itโ€™s too easy for my dog to get the treats out. by on 06/27/2022
Good quality
The Kong ball performed as expected. My pups are a little in the strong side (pitbull husky mixes) and just started getting through the rubber. Would probably go for the Kong Extreme variety next time but would be great if your dog is not a determined power chewer by on 05/09/2022
There is a big opening in the bottom of the ball. It doesnโ€™t keep the treats in and my dog chewed up the ball at this opening with minutes o playing. I do not recommend this ball. I expected better from Kong. by on 03/31/2022
Not good - dog chewed it up
There really is no place to put the biscuits because there is a wide opening at the bottom. You canโ€™t see this in any of the pictures. My 10 month old Aussie chewed up the bottom and started eating the ball. A total waste of money. by on 02/24/2022
This is an excellent toy to hide a biscuit. Keeps my dog busy while I excite the house so she is not stressed. Also,this toy is very safe as the dogs tongue cannot get stuck while trying to extract the treat. by on 02/07/2014
Kong Biscuit Ball
I thought this would be an interesting way to give my dog treats. It keeps him active and entertained while he tries to get the the biscuits. by on 02/01/2012