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Rated 2.5 out of 5 by 2 reviewers.

  • Great size for my pug!
    These small kong balls are just the right size for my pug and I am glad they are in this bright yellowish-green color so he can spot it pretty well. The larger ones are too big and the tiny ones are too small so I'm happy they make this option (small). However, I can only play with him outside with these balls, otherwise, he chews them up pretty quickly in the house. Also, the squeak of the ball disappears after I have used them for a while. But at least he enjoys them when we are outside. by on 08/04/2012
  • Wasn't impressed!
    I wasn't impressed with these at all. In no time my dogs were able to puncture and rip the balls in two. I'm surprised that Kong makes a ball like this. Not durable and I will not be buying these anymore. by on 02/13/2012
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