kin+kind Organic Nose & Paw Moisturizer Stick for Dogs & Cats
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kin+kind Organic Nose & Paw Moisturizer Stick for Dogs & Cats

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Dry or Chapped?Keep your pet smooth and kissable with all natural ingredients. We'll keep them safe from seasonal worries.

Why We Love It:

  • Soothe & Protect: Instantly relieve dry and cracked nose and paw pads. Protect against harsh conditions like salt, wind, and hot summer streets.
  • USDA Organic: Green is good. To protect our pets and our environment, our certified USDA organic products are free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, and chemical processing.
  • Easy Roll On: Mess-free, roll-on application. Super soft, super easy.

About kin+kind

Pets live healthier lives when we let nature do its work. That's why kin+kind makes affordable, natural pet care. With products that are vet formulated, certified cruelty free and USDA organic, and mixed by hand in the USA, kin+kind products protect both our pets and planet.

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  • Grooming Tools, Brushes & Combs Cleaning & Grooming
  • Dog Pet Type

What Can I Put On My Dogs Nose and Paws?

A dog's nose and paws tend to crack in extreme weather, like very cold or scorching weather. Dog paws usually crack because of weather, coming into contact with an irritant, prolonged exposure to snow or hot surfaces, allergies, old age, and vitamin deficiencies. On the other hand, a dry nose is caused by winter, indoor heat, seasonal allergies, wet weather, and dehydration. If your dog is suffering from either of these two conditions, by instinct, it will hide the pain to protect themselves and maintain their position in the pack. Therefore, you'll have to look for signs like limping, holding paws up off the ground, shifting body weight, snapping, crying out, and yelping, among others. The best medicine is the prevention of dry paws and noses. To do this, put on protective boots or socks with gripper bottoms on your dog's paws. If your dog's paws and nose are already cracked, you can apply products such as natural oils or butter, natural balms, DIY balms, hemp balm, or organic dog nose moisturizer.

Can I Put Vaseline on My Dogs Paws and Nose?

This has been one of the most debated questions among dog parents for ages. According to many dog owners, vaseline acts like a paw protector or a healing salve. Considering that vaseline or any other petroleum jelly does helo in relieving dry skin and other related wounds. However, another school of thought believes that petroleum jelly can be licked off the nose and paws and cannot be safe for consumption. Both arguments stand true, and pet parents need to take precautions to ensure their dog doesn't lick the jelly. While it's not particularly harmful and has no severe side effects, it will likely cause loose motions in your dog if consumed in a small amount. On the bright side, if you can prevent your dog from licking it off, the petroleum jelly will keep out additional contaminants and retain moisture, which is good for healing skin wounds. Vaseline only provides temporary relief from the cracks, and it won't cure the underlying injury. Therefore, if you are in a pinch and need immediate relief for your dog, vaseline is a good product. Still, otherwise, you should go for specialized moisturizing pet-safe products intended for this purpose.

Do You Need to Moisturize Dogs Paws?

Yes, foot care is as crucial for dogs as it is for humans. Injured or cracked paws make walking painful for the dog and can get infected as well. Moreover, mats between the dog's toes might result in problematic waling and a host of other skin issues if your dog licks them. Therefore, it's imperative to go beyond simply clipping the nails when it comes to paw care. Make it a point to check your dog's paws frequently between toes for any injury, swelling, or discoloration. You should moisturize your dog's feet if you notice that they are dry, cracked, or peeling. However, avoid using any human lotions or moisturizers. Stick with products specifically designed for canine paw care. However, do not overdo it and if your dog already has soft paws, refrain from doing it altogether. Over moisturizing might make their paws more susceptible to tearing or ripping when they walk on a rough surface.

Should I Moisturize My Dog's Nose?

Yes, a dog's nose is susceptible to cracking and capping if proper care is not taken. Some of the most common causes include cold winter weather, heat from indoor heaters during winters, air conditioning, seasonal allergies, wet weather like the monsoon, and dehydration. If your dog has a dry or cracked nose, you must moisturize it. However, refrain from using human-grade lotion as it contains harmful chemicals, which will get ingested as your dog will lick off anything topically applied on their nose or paws. Therefore, it's recommended to use 100 percent pet-safe skin-soothing products like kin+kind organic nose and paw moisturizing stick. A dab of appropriate nose balm will help keep the nose moist and prevent drying. This is particularly helpful for short-snouted dogs like pugs and bulldogs that cant lick their nose.

Can You Put Coconut Oil on Dog Paws?

Coconut oil is a wonderful ingredient for your furry friend. It is high in saturated fats, mainly good fats called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These fats help with metabolic function for weight loss, improved immunity, enhance bone health, and reduce bad breath. However, the benefits don't stop here. Coconut oil can be directly applied to the dog's coat, skin, and paws. If your dog's paws are dry and cracked, gently rub coconut oil to heal and soothe them. However, ensure that you rub the oil entirely into the paws, or else your dog will consider it a snack and lick it all off.

Can I Put Olive Oil on My Dog's Paws?

Just like coconut oil, olive oil works wonder for your dog's skin, coat, paws, nose, and ear. However, olive oil is also a delicacy for dogs, so make sure to massage it thoroughly into the paws to avoid it getting licked off. Moreover, remember to use it only on already dried and chapped paws to heal and soothe them. If you apply it on an already smooth paw, the chances of paws getting torn while walking on rough surfaces increases manifold.

What Is Paw Balm for Dogs?

Paw balm for dogs is a specially designed moisturizing cream for your dog's paws. These are made from 100 percent natural ingredients like organic shea butter to make them safe for dogs. The paw balm can be used regularly to help prevent damage to your dog's paw pads. Additionally, it soothes and repairs sore, damaged, and cracked pads as well.

Beeswax (Cera Alba)*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Carnauba (Copernicia Cerifera) Wax*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil**Organic

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2.3-oz 854362006152

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