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Advantix is one of the most trusted names in flea and tick protection, and for good reason! K9 Advantix II is an easy to use and effective product, beginning to work within 12 hours and lasting for 30 days.


Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 631 reviewers.

  • I was skeptical
    I was not to sure if this stuff was really worth the money, or for that matter considering how bad my infestation had become that I was making a wise a investment. However after putting this on both of my outsidde pups 24 hrs. later there wasnt a flea on either of the two..... Amazing Stuff!!!!! by on 07/14/2007
  • good
    I think it is a great product, gets greasy but that is remedied by putting it on our dog before she goes to bed in her crate.Keeps fleas and ticks off of our social (very social) dog. by on 07/12/2007
  • Use this!
    Use this if you live in a high tick area. We live in the country and have several ticks already brought into the house from outside, but only one of the ticks in the house has come from the dog! The rest has come from my husband and the woods! We have also not seen one flea yet this year on our dog and he is outside with us alot! by on 07/02/2007
  • In the sticks with fernal cats
    The commercial says "ain't no bugs on me", well I have seen many boo coo fleas on my dog within a week of putting on the product. She had been bathed in Baby shampoo and was outside. A wild kitten showed up in the outside storage barn which she tried to play with. When I got her to the house fleas were all over her. I called the vet and they said that they would be dead within 12 hours But meanwhile they got many bites in on her which I was trying to protect her from as she is alergic to the bites. This is about a week later and I have not found any new fleas but of course she is still going nuts scratching and bitting on herself. I think that it is a slight bit better than Frontline + by on 06/26/2007
  • works great -haven't found a single parasite on him after application
    I like very much the fact that my dog is clear of parasites but worry on the fact that he seems to be itching on the location where the product was administered at least 4-5 days after. I have tried relieving him after 4-5 days by wiping it down with a wet towel-Is this something we need to be concerned about??? Pls reply. by on 06/24/2007
  • Dog Friendly
    This product keeps mosquitoes away from my dogs face and ears when he is outside. by on 06/20/2007
  • Reaction after application.
    I have noticed that right after the application, my dog constantly tries to scratch the area where the product is applied. I usually let the product stay on him for a full 24 hrs and I bathe him after. I can't stand to see him bothered by it. As per the ad, water won't wash it down. Am I doing this right? Or is there a better way for me to do this without causing so much itch on my puppy? by on 06/10/2007
  • Better than Frontline Plus Frontine does not work!!
    ***** the best we have ever tried. Kills fleas keeps them off. Frontline is a waste of money. Advantix has made our life and our pets life much better. I never thought I would find anything that worked. We tried powders, stinky dips. Pills from the vet. This is a great product. I hope the formula never changes. With Frontline she threw up everytime we applied it and it did not work!!! Advantix has made a world of difference. The fleas were in our carpet biting visitors and their childern and babies. Please never change this product. Marley does not get sick when it is applied that means alot but, it truly has worked. Hopefully from now on this is the only product we will ever have to buy. Well, worth the small extra cost there is no comparision to Frontline. Frontline does not work on our dog at all. by on 06/01/2007
    I used this product due to recommendation and now my Dog contracted LYME DISEASE. We always used FRONTLINE PLUS without a problem. I should of never switched. by on 05/25/2007
  • Excellant Product
    I have used in the pass. And it is great. My other pets times back. Had no problems and they where happy. Now my husky/lab is better now. We have tried other brands this is the best. by on 05/21/2007
  • advantix k9 flea killer plus 100%
    i like advantix k9 flea killer plus 100% its number one thats what i use i will not use any of the rest of them but that one thankyou charlie by on 05/17/2007
  • First thing I do is apply advantix
    Newly recused animals automaticly get a treatment and then we kennel them for as much as 24 hrs by on 05/17/2007
  • Great Product !
    I've ALWAYS used Advantix, and my dog has NEVER had fleas or ticks. She is 2 1/2 years old. by on 05/01/2007
  • The Best EVER !!
    the ONLY thing that works on my Yorkie here in Georgia!! by on 04/11/2007
  • Advantix K9
    Very impressed with this product due to my location, we have a mosquito problem. by on 04/11/2007
  • The Only Thing That Works!!!
    Advantix K9 kills fleas and ticks every time. We live in the woods where there's a huge problem with ticks. Frontline was useless against them. One day after applying, there are no more ticks. Keeps the mosquitoes away too. by on 04/02/2007
  • Total control
    I live in the country with deer, etc. This product works as described, I am so very pleased and can sleep at night. Both my dogs get K9 Advantix monthly, forever. by on 04/02/2007
  • It works greaton our Pug "Missy"
    I highly recommend k9Advantix for your dog. I like all the features. by on 03/09/2007
  • It works greaton our Pug "Missy"
    I highly recommend k9Advantix for your dog. I like all the features. by on 03/09/2007
  • Flea Killer
    I LOVE this product and so does my doggy, She loves to be outside and with this we don't have to worry about her getting fleas. Also it just goes on her neck and we're done. by on 02/27/2007
  • neighbors
    my husband and I moved to a historic central district where you have neighbors very close on either side. We always keep up on our yard, controlling the best we can fleas, ticks & Mosquitos. Sorry to say, our neighbors do not do the same nor do they take good care of thier dogs health and living conditions...but my dogs love running up and down the fence with them. This product gives us peace of mind that our dogs will be free of pest even if their "friends" are not. It works! by on 02/01/2006
  • Advantix for Dogs
    I have to Jack Russell Terrier's and they love to run in the yard. I can actually say that I have seen Mosquitos head towards them and then veer off. It works great!! Wish there was something that worked as well for me. by on 11/14/2005
    was reading some of the reviews, for the pets. we have 5 pets. I had been trying to get my husband to switch. from the program that we have been using. it just wasn't working anymore. my husband took our 5 dogs to the groomer. And she told him to try it. It works. within 24 hours not a flea on any of the dogs. My husband couldn't believe it. We wasted many years on a product, that didn't work,at all. For our dogs. We have only three dogs and 2 cats now. The two older dogs we lost due to old age. But no matter what, the remaining dogs and cats will get this product, until they are no longer with us. Thank you for making a product that works for both the cats,dogs, and for the owners. we love it. by on 06/17/2005
  • It is not advantage
    I'm not going to say that it is not a good product, afterall it is from the makers of Advantage and that is how my vet managed to entice me to try it. I have 3 dogs, a border collie, a lab, and a german shepard/rot mix. Both of the bigger dogs are outside all the time and I thought if it was anything like advantage with the added tic and mesquito replent I couldn't go wrong. I didn't notice much difference on the collie, but it didn't work near as well on the bigger dogs. So...it's back to Advantage we go. by on 06/13/2005
  • This is the best stuff!
    I love this product because it protects our Bulldog so well while we are camping. ( We always remember to order Advantix K9 Flea Killer Plus before camping seasons begins. ) What a difference..no more itching and scratching! by on 04/22/2005
  • Great product
    Great product. My dogs basically live outside just about year round. They have never had a flea or tick problem and now aren't bothered by the mosquitos either. by on 03/21/2005
  • Just as good as Frontline Plus
    The Vet always recommended Frontline Plus to completely protect against Fleas and Ticks, but when Darren at PetCareRx recommended I try Advantix for my beagle I tried it. It protects just as well. by on 01/19/2005
  • Just as good as Frontline Plus
    The Vet always recommended Frontline Plus to completely protect against Fleas and Ticks, but when Darren at PetCareRx recommended I try Advantix for my beagle I tried it. It protects just as well. by on 01/19/2005
  • Advantix K9 Flea Killer Plus is the Cat's Meow!!!!!
    My most beloved Border Collie, Tripper, was a mess...I tried everything possible but his coat was dull and somewhat sparse from the scratching. During the warm weather months, I felt like I was on constant tick patrol. I tried flea collars, flea shampoos and even Advantage Flea control, all to no avail. Upon the first use of Advantix I saw a small difference and even more so as each monthly dose was applied. Now after the past 9 months have passed, tripper is BEAUTIFUL. His coat is full and shiny and healthy, the constant scratchin has ceased and I haven't seen a tick...not even 1. Thank-you Advantix by on 01/06/2005
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