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Advantix is one of the most trusted names in flea and tick protection, and for good reason! K9 Advantix II is an easy to use and effective product, beginning to work within 12 hours and lasting for 30 days.


Rated 5 out of 5 by 634 reviewers.

K9 Advantix II very effective

No fleas, no ticks, no skeeter bites. Effective all month, we use it year round. No irritation.. Love it!! by on 04/16/2014
4yrs Free of Flees, Ticks, etc

4yrs Free of Fleas, Ticks, etcEasy to ApplySuggest using disposable glove to avoid human skin contactHint: while groomers will apply directly after bath & dry, it's highly recommended to wait 12 to 24 hrs after a bath, to apply for maximum absorption. by on 04/12/2014
In Two Words: It works!!

Have been using the product on my Golden Retrievers for years. Wouldn't switch to another. by on 04/12/2014
Perfect great product

I have 3 small dogs and living in Florida my dogs got fleas i was going crazy got them the K9 Advantix II OMG it work perfect in minutes they stop scratching . I recommend it. I dont care about the price its worth it. by on 04/12/2014
great product

We moved to NC from TX and had never dealt with fleas. The fleas here are really bad. We tried all of the top spot treatments and nothing worked until we found this one. Even at the vet they have s chart that says the others are not effective. Don't waste money starting with the cheap stuff cause they probably won't work anyway. by on 04/07/2014
Veterinarian Recommended

We've been using Advantix II ever since we got our dog. The vet suggested it at the time he was getting his vaccinations. Buddy has been flea and tick free since we've been using it and it doesn't seem to mind its application. by on 03/27/2014
This is K9 Advantix II for Dogs is a high quality and effective product that is easy to use. Love it and so does my dog!

This is K9 Advantix II for Dogs is a high quality and effective product that is easy to use. Love it and so does my dog! by on 03/27/2014
easy to use - works great

Advantrix works better than other products I have tried including higher priced merchandise. It is easy to use and I will continue to use this product for my pets. by on 03/26/2014

This product was a perfect fit for my pup!

I had always used Frontline for my dog Michael, he is 4 years old. He began having skin irritation due to flea bites, the K9 Advantix2 repels the bugs, no more problem!!!!! by on 03/20/2014
Good product

Used for at least 20 years on all of our dogs. Seems to also help repel the fleas. by on 03/18/2014
good product

Have been using this on my dog of 5 years. Works great and easy to use. by on 03/18/2014
k9 Advantix II for Dogs

This product is very good and the price is much cheaper than anywhere else I have found. It is very effective and easy to use. by on 03/09/2014
Works great!

Been using this on my dog for 3 years and she has never had a flea or tick or bug on her. by on 03/03/2014
Best Product

Most effective med for prevention andKilling fleas and eggs,Frontline is preventativeI changed to Advantix and will neverusr Frontline again. by on 03/01/2014
K9 Advantix II for dogs

Have used this product for several years. Works very well and pets have no reaction. Switched from Front Line, however, I hear they have changed the formula and may give them another try in the future. by on 02/27/2014
Is the best one I found for my dogs

I used to use another brand but at the time I had two dogs (Yorkies) and they became allergic to it the hair on their backs started to change color and getting very thin. Our vet said it was an allergic reaction to the product and to try Advantix II, never had another problem again. I highly recommend it. by on 02/24/2014
Love this product!

I decided to use this product on my pets after my mom used it on her flea-covered dogs. She had tried other products before, but this one worked the best at completely eliminating all the fleas from the dogs. After witnessing that, I have used only this product on my 15-pound Westie/Jack Russell mix, and have never seen a single flea on her, or in my house. And she is one of the healthiest animals I've ever seen. I'll never use anything else. by on 02/14/2014
Better than Frontline

When I was using Frontline, my dog continued to scratch quite often. Now that I'm using Advantix he almost never scratches. by on 02/14/2014
Love the over effect of the product but will comment in review section.

K9 Advantix II for dogs is a Great product. I Love the ease of use and all. I do however find that I have to buy the next size up because it does not last the month as it says it will.I find that by using half(or so) of the larger container,it works better. Otherwise in about the end of the second week my Paisley starts to scratch.South Florida has lots of Fleas and ticks and I do not want my Dog to ever suffer!Thank you by on 01/24/2014
Excellent flea and tick prevenative

Very economical flea and tick preventative. Can even be used on puppies. by on 01/19/2014
Advantix 11 is a great product that WORKS!!!!

We had a terrible flee season this past year and I thought I would never get them under control in or out of the house and on both our cats and dog. I had tried Sargents (don't!!!#, Frontline Plus #helped a little), but Advantix 11, both dog and cat really did the job. Highly recommend this product. Will never use anything else. by on 01/17/2014
Easy to use gentle on your pet

Best results of products we have tried. Less sting to the skin and pleasant odor. by on 12/28/2013
Item Great but Service Lacking

Product has protected my dog for over 6 years. Great product but don't make any returns and expect a quick credit. Make sure you place a tracking # on any returns. by on 12/22/2013
Great product

I have 2 dogs that receive this medication. Neither have had any adverse reactions, and it seems to work perfectly for both of them...rarely see them scratching themselves too much... by on 12/12/2013
This product has been very effective in treating fleas.

I have used Frontline Plus for 10 years on my dog, however, a couple of months ago my dog had a severe case of fleas and itching, Frontline Plus wasn't effective in getting rid of them, I changed to Canine Advantix II and the fleas and itching are gone. by on 12/11/2013
works well

We've tried other tick and flea products and this works the best by on 11/30/2013
K9 Advantix II

Application not easy for long haired dogs

My lhasa apso has thick hair and it is difficult to apply the product to the skin level because it is difficult to reach the skin after parting the hair. At every application most of the product is applied on the inner portion of my dog's hair. by on 11/28/2013
great product

love product! used to use frontline plus, but started finding fleas on my dogs...switched at the recommendation of our vet and it works great! by on 11/25/2013
Tried the rest, this one's the best.

Living in the mountains of the NW with 2 long hair dogs is a challenge to say the least. I used to judge when to put my Flea/Tick meds on when I saw the first tick after the last application. They never lasted as long or controlled the complete cycle as described. When my Vet said "get ADVANTIX!" I was not expecting any difference, but I was truly amazed. I just don't have to worry about ticks/fleas anymore. I have gone over the suggested re-application dates many times and have not had any ticks or fleas in years now!!I by on 11/22/2013
K9 Advantix for dogs

We changed to this brand because it not only kills fleas and ticks but also repels them, which saves us the hassle of pulling them off of our dog. I am glad we switched to this brand, it seems so far to do what it says. by on 11/21/2013
This is the best tick preventive I've used

I used to use frontline,it was useless ,I literally would take 100's of ticks off my dogs each year,totally ineffective ,since switching to k9 advantix II ,if memory serves me correctly I think I took maybe toe ticks off at the very beginning of treatment ,that's it,GREAT product and these guys had the best delivered price ,I highly recommend it. by on 11/17/2013
I love this product

My dog has dry skin. Advantix works well for him.I tried Frontline once, He was very uncomfortable - scratching and chewing at himself. I thought he had developed a skin problem.Than I realized he was having a bad reaction to the product. I have never had a problem with Advantix and feel secure in using it. It keeps him flea and tick and mosquito free. It does not make him itchy.After talking to neighbors, I realized that I was not the only one having problems with Frontline. I suggested they switch to Advantix, and once they did, their dogs stopped scratching and chewing at themselves also.Thank you for carrying Advantix. by on 11/13/2013
Works for my 3 dogs

I have three dogs and I love this product. My dogs have never had flea's. I do find ticks on them but we live in a heavily wooded area and the dogs are outside most of the time. by on 11/11/2013
This is a very good product.

This is a very good product. I have a pomeranian who was getting ticks. Ever since using this monthly, there hasn't been a tick or flea. Also, works great on my black lab. The only down to this product is the price. I feel it is very costly, but I haven't gone to a cheaper product because this works so well and does not have a harmful effect on my dogs. by on 11/10/2013
Effective product

I live in a rural area with deer all around us. In the four or five years I have used Advantix products, my dog has NEVER had a tick attach to her. I am very impressed. by on 11/10/2013
Could be easier to get out of package.

We had neighbours who let their dogs run free. Flee infested to the point of losing their hair. Tried Frontline, didn't work. Advantage a miracle. Cured everything. by on 11/09/2013
3 dogs, no fleas

I have been using this for a long time and it has been an excellent product. I especially like that it helps to repel mosquitoes in addition to fleas and tics. I have even been in a bind and gone a bit longer than 30 days without getting overrun by fleas. I love this product. The price is higher than most other preventions, but I have had such good luck I'm afraid to try anything else. by on 11/01/2013
Product seems to work effectively

A good product but after being on the market for as long as it has surprised the cost has not gone down. by on 10/25/2013
Good product

I feel this is a good product for our region and pet's needs. It is one of the few to ward off mesquitos too. by on 10/21/2013
Works very well in our climate

Was worried at first about one dose completely covering our 110 lb Great Dane puppy. It is tough in our Florida climate with all kinds of parasites. So far, there have been no issues with any break through fleas and the mosquitoes have also been at bay. Product is very easy to use, doesn't smell awful, and seems to be a good value for the money compared to the cost of getting rid of fleas. by on 10/19/2013
This is great.

This product works better than any brand I've tried. Easy to use, not messy, and effective. by on 10/13/2013
Shipped fast and always at a great value

I love how i can get on this website and get my dogs medication for less than at the retail stores. It makes life easier for me and my dog. With K9 Advantix II, I know that I am getting a quality product for a great price. It does everything it needs to and I didn't find a single flea or tick on my dog all summer long. It's nice not to have to worry. by on 10/13/2013
great product

best working for my dog. I will never use anything else. The cost is a little high. by on 10/11/2013
best product out there

because of cost i tried other products,and just wasted my money and gave no relieve for my dogs. and came back to what i know works. by on 10/09/2013
this is normally a good product

I have used this before and was very happy with it. the product I recieved from you did not kill the fleas and I believe that you are selling out of date product and will not be purchesing any more from you. by on 10/08/2013
The best choice

We tried several other over the counter brands and they were totally ineffective here. I never had flea problems before, but here in Southeastern NC, they are awful. This is the only product that worked! by on 10/07/2013
Worked well this year

I've used this on two GSDs and haven't found any fleas in the house, no ticks on the dogs though, I seldom take the dogs to areas I know are tick infested. In 2011, I did take one GSD to where I later learned from experience has ticks and did find one on her. Removed it and have used this product since then. Again, no fleas or ticks in the house so far up to this month and year. I have four cats in the house, also, but do not use any product on them and still, no fleas / ticks in the house. by on 10/05/2013
Great Price and product!

I have been using K-9 Advantix II for a long time and it works great. by on 10/04/2013
This product works great!!

K9 Advantix II for Dogs is excellent. I live in Florida where fleas, etc., are rampant. In the years I've been using this for my toy poodle he has NEVER had fleas!!! by on 10/04/2013
Worth the extra cost!

I have a black lab who absolutely loves the water. We live on a lake, so she is in the water every chance she gets. With K9 Advantix 2, she remains protected from fleas and ticks regardless how often she goes swimming! With other flea and tick medications, I had to retreat because the medicine would wash off of her with her frequent swimming and then I would find ticks on her. If you have a swimmer or bathe your dog frequently, get the peace of mind that comes with using K9 Advantix 2. by on 10/03/2013
Skin reaction

As far as the effectiveness of the product, it seems to be working. No more bugs. However, I have noticed that he keeps trying to scratch between his shoulder blades. I will keep a watch on this. Perhaps I need to give him an oatmeal bath and a moisturizing rinse to help his skin. Any suggestions? by on 10/02/2013
Best product

Have used other similar products. Best of them for our dogs. Worth trying; you won't buy any other. by on 09/29/2013
This is the first time since I have been using this product that it has not worked.

I have been very disappointed with it this year. I've used it for the last 3 years and it has always work; not this year. Had to change. Very disappointed. by on 09/27/2013
product has always worked

Dr. recommended and I buy through this site as it gives the best value for the product. by on 09/27/2013
Easy and quick application

Effective flea and tick repellent. We have 2 dogs, in the 40 lb. weight range, that frequently demonstrate adverse reaction to many brands of this monthly type of application. Their reaction is vomiting which routinely occurs for 1 or 2 days after the application; however, K9 Advantix II appears to upset them a little less than other brands tried. by on 09/23/2013
seems to be doing a good job

I wish that the drops would come in a stronger dose. I have a 120lb dog so we need to use the meds every 3 weeks by on 09/22/2013
A great product!

I have used this treatment for years on my 2 rescued Jack Russell dogs. It is the only medication that also repels/kills mosquitoes too. Our summer has been cooler & wetter, so we have had many more mosquitoes than usual. I feel relieved every month when I put on this topical treatment. It's very easy to apply and my dogs line up quickly for their turn. PetCareRx has never failed me when I order from them. The cost of this treatment was good too. by on 09/14/2013
No fleas or ticks so far

I've been using this on my collie for 3 years now. No problem yet with fleas or ticks. No problems with it bothering the two cats in the house, either. by on 09/14/2013
Have used all of the top brands on the market. Advantix is by far the best and is one of the only brands that also includes mosquito protection.

Effective against fleas, ticks AND mosquitos! Consistent quality and performance. by on 09/13/2013
Our dogs have never looked so good!

We have 4 large dogs and they have never looked or felt so good! 2 of them are over 10 years old and they have never seemed so happy and stressfree. A few days after applying the K-9 Advantix II, their coats were shiny and soft. No flies or mosquitos buzzing around. We will definately re-order next week. by on 09/12/2013
Kills all fleas on my dogs within twelve hours..ALL OF THEM!

I have 2 dogs, one outdoor and one indoor along with 2 indoor cats and I would have a problem with the outside dog bringing in fleas when he sleeps overnight! I would also notice that mosquitoes would fly all around my outside dog. K9 Advantix II stops this!! It repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and most pests so I do not have to worry about him bringing fleas inside. This not only kills, it repels so they do not jump on my dog and "hitch a ride inside"! LOVE IT!! by on 09/12/2013
K-9 Effective

This product is easy to use and packaged so that it stores safely. My dogs don't seem to mind the scent and they don't try lick it off each other. We haven't had a pest on their skin since starting this product. I do check our pets after walks, but they have been tick free. Hooray! by on 09/08/2013
This does everything it claims to do.

I switched from Frontline to K9 Advantix II after my dog's groomer recommended it. I am so glad I did. It is much more effective. by on 09/06/2013
pricy but effective

Wait till you have a deep discout before buying. The mark up on theses chemicals is ridiculous by on 09/01/2013
It's the only one I trust...

This is the only product I trust enough to use on my dog. I have used it formany years. by on 08/27/2013
this product helps control ticks and fleas.

good product, good service. customer service was helpfulto remedy multiple accounts. by on 08/22/2013
Product didn't work!

We are still picking ticks off of our dogs. I feel that buying this product was a waste of money :( by on 08/17/2013
you have to try to see if you like the products that has great features for your dog

it works great.you don't have to worry about any fleas getting on you. by on 08/17/2013
Good overall product for flea protection.

I have 2 dogs and neither one has any side affects from the use of this product. The only fleas I see are dead ones! by on 08/14/2013
Excellent product and delivery

Very satisfied with product and delivery and price by on 08/13/2013
It Works!

No fleas, no ticks, no pests.............It Works! by on 08/13/2013
Great and easy ordering process

Ordered this on line and it was very intuitive and a great price. Will buy again by on 08/12/2013
Works for "me"

K-9 Advantix is the only product I have tried that actually does the job on my Golden Retriever. I tried several others with poor results and have kept old Mac "bug free" from about age 3 to his current age 11. The generic even worked fine for several years until I could no longer find it! by on 08/12/2013
Works for "me"

K-9 Advantix is the only product I have tried that actually does the job on my Golden Retriever. I tried several others with poor results and have kept old Mac "bug free" from about age 3 to his current age 11. The generic even worked fine for several years until I could no longer find it! by on 08/12/2013
Works where other brands did not..

In using this product on our 4 year old female ShiPoo, this product continues to work even exceeding one month if we are a week or so late in applying. Another well known brand only worked for about a week, after which fleas abound, and scratching commenced on the poor dog, even without intermediate baths. K9 Advantix II seems to work very well, is long lasting and most important non irritating to our ShiPoo. The product is easy to apply. Petcarex pricing is very reasonable, and we love the 6 month pack and automatic prompt renewal. by on 08/10/2013
Works well for my dogs.

My vet recommended this product because the fleas have not become immune to this medicine yet like some of the other ones on the market at this time. by on 08/08/2013
Effective in stopping the fleas!

Had always used Frontline, no fleas but the occasional tick. Switched last year after the first time my little Pom mix had fleas in 13 years. K9 Adv. has more features to stop/block/kill the fleas and it worked pretty quickly. Always am hesitant to use this on a small old dog but she's had no side effects. by on 08/07/2013
Once flea & tick product I'll use

This is the most effective flea & tck pruduct I've ever used on my dogs. I've used others, but the K9 Advatix II has prove to be the best for my dogs. I also like that it deters biting flies and mosquitoes too. by on 08/07/2013
Once flea & tick product I'll use

This is the most effective flea & tck pruduct I've ever used on my dogs. I've used others, but the K9 Advatix II has prove to be the best for my dogs. I also like that it deters biting flies and mosquitoes too. by on 08/07/2013
only effective for 2 weeks

I have used this product in years past with great results. This time my dogs had a flea problem only 2 weeks after applying the liquid. Someone has suggested that buying from an online dealer has the potential for purchasing expired products. I don't know that I believe that but am wondering why the fleas are back after only half of the time of protection has passed. by on 08/06/2013
The worst

I put advantix 2 on my Shepherds 2 weeks ago. The next day, I saw some fleas moving slowly and dying. However, it has not gotten rid of all of them. This product does NOT repel. In fact, I think it made the fleas reproduce. They have more fleas now than ever. They are inside dogs.My house is ceramic tile and I vacuum area rugs regularly. I have treated my yard,They have a 2 week old puppy, which also has fleas now. This product is the worst!! by on 08/04/2013
Keep Fleas & Ticks away!

Your dog needs to rely on you to purchase the best flea and tick protection for them. by on 08/02/2013
Great product.

We have used this product on our 2 Akita's for 4 years now. They have never had a flea or tick. No bad reactions, this product works. by on 08/02/2013
Keep Fleas & Ticks away!

Your dog needs to rely on you to purchase the best flea and tick protection for them. by on 08/02/2013
does not work very well

Ive used this product before with great sucess, Ive treated my cog twice in the last month and fleas are still a big problem. very disapointed. by on 07/31/2013
this product does not work for fleas . a waste of money .

Three days after I applied this my Yorkie had fleas . I did not bathe her before or after the application. Prior to that application she had fleas within two weeks of a previous application.Product has false advertising . by on 07/27/2013
Great product. I have used it since it came out.

I am a certified Veterinary Technician. I have used this product for many years. Great product by on 07/27/2013

have tried many flea & Tick preventatives with NO luck until K9 Advantix II which WORKS VERY WELL - Thank you for a product that finally does the job! by on 07/26/2013
This is the BEST flea medication you can get

This product has been a real lifesaver helping us to control a flea problem we had a few years back. We were using a similiar product for many years and it just lost its effectiveness. I will never go back and try anything else. This is the only flea medicine my dog will ever use. by on 07/23/2013
Great quality and price!

Flea and tick medication is very expensive, but with PetCareRx, it's affordable! I love K9 Advantix II because I don't have to worry about my dogs getting any kind of bugs! by on 07/23/2013
it works

I do not like to put anything on my dogs but to combat fleas this is a must. I am a pet groomer and have seen dogs come in infested with fleas. It is very sad for the dog so I would rather use the flea control. this product has always worked for me and PetCareRx has always given me the best prices. by on 07/22/2013
Only brand that works for ticks in the summer here in NC

For here in North Carolina I have found that Advantics II is the best thing to use on my Westie,especially in the summer. Trust it .... by on 07/22/2013
worked great no more fleas

I used this for the first time and it killed all the fleas, I used it with sentinel and my three dogs had really bad fleas for a month and now they're gone within a week by on 07/21/2013

great product and price

The product is the best I have used. It keeps my dogs free from bugs of all kinds. I use this particularly one because it repels mosquitoes. by on 07/19/2013
Advantix II

It is very relieving to know my pets do not have fleas or ticks, and this product is responsible. by on 07/18/2013

Could always be less $. Must work well no flees or ticks! by on 07/18/2013
Never found a tick

I've used frontline for years with all my labs. Switched to this product because I hear that ticks are becoming resistant to flea and tick preventatives. So far, so good. A bit pricey, but it has proven effective on my black lab. by on 07/18/2013