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Rated 5 out of 5 by 86 reviewers.

  • Iverhart a heartworm preventative, plus all other worms.
    I have used Iverhart Max for my 8 yr. old Shih Tzu since we bought her. Great Product. She loves it & thinks it is a treat! by on 09/15/2015
  • Works great. Can't buy it
    My three dogs have been on this product for years. It works great. I like it because it takes care of all types of worms. I haven't been able to purchase it for the past two months because you have been out of stock. Very frustrating. Good product, but can't buy it! by on 07/15/2015
  • Great product, good value!
    This preventative heartworm medicine works well for us. Seemingly does what it should and it's reasonably priced. by on 06/08/2015
  • All same benefits and better price than popular name brand
    Easy to use, reminder stickers are nice, good value over leading names by on 06/04/2015
  • Works as expected
    It works as expected and much less than other 'brands". by on 05/20/2015
  • Easy to treat my pet.
    My pet took the Iverhart Max, liver-flavored chewable with just one sniff. He quickly ate it and wanted more. by on 04/16/2015
  • Works as expected and as an added benefit it comes at a good price.
    I have used the product for years and have had no issues or problems and the product comes at a good price. by on 04/04/2015
  • I trust this product to protect my dogs.
    I've been using this product for quite some time and am pleased with the protection it offers for my dogs. I definitely recommend it! by on 04/04/2015
  • Love dealing with this company
    Not only do we receive good products from you but at a great price and your personnel are knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. Thank you!! by on 02/21/2015
  • Great product
    Good service for initial prescription. Except I must have received 12 - 15 PetCareRx emails advising that my Iverhart Max for Dogs prescription was about to/had run out and I needed to order more immediately. Massive overkill... by on 02/12/2015
  • Good products
    We are very satisfied with the service and the products. We recommend your service to all of our pet owning friends. by on 02/11/2015
  • Iverhart max
    This was recommended from my vet, since my two small dogs were getting diarrhea from different brand. I like the small tablets ,which i can put in some cheese and my guys have no problem swallow without getting the runs. We have been using Iverhart max for about 4 years and so far it has been very effective. by on 01/30/2015
  • Great value
    Great value and price. I've been using this product for years. by on 01/27/2015
  • Easy to give and has all the necessary medications to protect my dog.
    I have been using this product for almost 2 years and I think it is great. Packaged well and it is so easy giving it to my dog. by on 12/21/2014
  • good product
    As described in the details on the site. Good and effective. by on 12/01/2014
  • This is a great product that I have been using for years.
    I would recommend this product to everyone who would like to save a few bucks and get the same results as the more expensive brand. by on 11/01/2014
  • Glad I made this purchase!
    Normally, I buy the Heartgard brand. Even with the Heartgard coupon I received, Iverhart was still the best bang for the buck! I always felt tearing the Heartgard into smaller pieces was easier, however, to my surprise my girl just chewed the Iverhart pill right up. She actually thought it was a treat and wanted another one (but that is a no no). I am very happy that I made the change. by on 10/26/2014
  • Great Value.
    This is just as a good as the brand name. The only thing is my dog does not really like the flavor, I have to put peanut butter on it for her to eat it. by on 10/22/2014
  • Iverhart Max works well for dogs.
    Iverhart Max works the same as Heartgard Plus. Both of my dogs think they are getting a treat once a month. by on 10/21/2014
  • Effective but difficult to administer
    Good product but my pup fights taking it; evidently, it does not taste good to him/ by on 10/16/2014
  • Efficient and reasonably priced!
    I have been using Iverhart Max for my pups for years so apparently it works very well. It is the most inexpensive heartworm med out there and with 4 dogs I need to save $$ wherever I can, BUT, it must be a GOOD Product at the same time. by on 10/10/2014
  • good product at a good price
    I really get to use my bonus points, heartworm is order every 6 months, by then my points are wasted. That is a major reason I choice to purchase at this site. :( the quality of the product is great. by on 10/05/2014
  • Great product!
    So easy to give Jagr. I was afraid he wouldn't like a tablet but he eats it immediately. by on 09/09/2014
  • PetCareRx is the way to go!!
    So simple and efficient...I ordered Iverhart Max for my Dog. PetCareRx contacted my vet, filled the prescription, and sent it to me in the mail - can't get much easier than that!! The medicine was exactly as described with an expiration date of 2016 - well past the 12 month supply, and it was significantly less expensive than the same medicine at my vet. I definitely recommend PetCareRx to anyone with a pet. by on 09/04/2014
  • geat product
    Cheaper than heartguard but just as effective. If there are any flaws it's that my one dog doesn't like the flavor and refuses to eat them. The other dog loves them. Highly recommend. by on 08/23/2014
  • Good product and Price
    Good Deal!!! Product works great and is a good value for my two dogs and come right to my front door!!!! by on 08/13/2014
  • Great Value!
    Easy to use, the dogs love it! They think it is a treat! In fact today is their med day! by on 08/03/2014
  • complete heartworm treatment and prevention
    that also deworms for any other type of worm. this is great if you frequent dog parks or your pups are diggers. by on 07/29/2014
  • its the same
    This is the same product and strength of the high priced name brand heart worm preventative at a fraction of the price! by on 07/24/2014
  • Excellent product for the money
    I have been using this medication on my dogs for several years now and it has worked wonderfully. My vet is pleased as well with this product. My dogs enjoy the tasty flavor making my giving it to them not a chore, for which I am grateful. The medication costs less than other larger name brands but has the same key ingredients, so I am feeling that my dogs are receiving what they need to fight against heartworm issue. by on 07/24/2014
  • Good product at a good price!
    My toy poodle has been on this med since a pup and has always been healthy. I like the max because it also helps prevent round, hook and tape worms. PetCareRx also continues to offer it at the best price. by on 07/18/2014
  • Same ingredients. Why not?!
    Why not buy the generic when it has the same ingredients as the brand name product. You're just not paying for the advertising! Its flavored for dogs, and mine happens to like it just fine. by on 07/15/2014
  • Good results
    I have been giving both of my dogs Iverhart for a couple of years, and have been pleased with the quality and results. The tablets are easy to give to them. by on 07/13/2014
  • Works just as good as the higher priced product!
    Not too much to say, but it works well and it priced right. My dog takes it on it's own with no lunch meat or cheese as with other medications I have to give him. by on 06/26/2014
  • Heartworm meds
    2 of our 4 large dogs have gotten heartworms when taking another brand of heartworm pills. None so far (2 years) using these. by on 06/18/2014
  • Overall good product
    Works great but my dogs don't like the taste of them. I have to crush them up and put it in their food. by on 05/21/2014
  • Great product
    I have used this product for years with no problem. PetCareRx always has the cheapest prices and delivers in a timely fashion. by on 04/23/2014
  • Effective product!
    This is the second year our precious little poodle has been on Iverhart Max. She just had her annual physical and got a "thumbs up" from her vet. No worms!The product is very easy to use. They even provide monthly stickers to put on your calendar so you don't forget. Cookie's a picky eater so I wrap a little piece of cheese around the pill and in one bite it's gone! by on 03/20/2014
  • My dog likes this product
    Very easy to administer to my pet - she must like the taste as she takes very easily. My dog is largely an outdoor dweller and there have been no worm or heartworm issues with my pet either so for the price, I think this is a very effective product. by on 03/05/2014
  • good for my dog and she likes it!
    other than being expensive, i have only good things to say about this product. my dog likes taking the pills without any fuss and i know she is protected against heartworm and a host of other nasty worms. by on 02/20/2014
  • Great product at a good price.
    I prefer Iverhart Max over other brands. My dogs enjoy the taste and it is nice not to have to disguise the medication. by on 02/16/2014
  • This product was easy to use, and cheaper than most!
    My dog is NOT a picky eater so I wasn't much suprised when she chewed the tablet right up. However, she enjoyed it and it has been effective, and it is a great value! by on 02/14/2014
  • iverhart max
    This product has kept our dogs free from heartworms all of their lives. The company is great to work with....very fast delivery! by on 02/12/2014
  • Product has great price
    Great product at great price. Do not know what mor I can say by on 01/07/2014
  • This product has great features which are easy to use.
    I have never had a problem using Iverhart Max for dogs. by on 11/28/2013
  • Good value but taste questionable
    My dogs never had heartworms and have been giving this to them for several years now. The only drawback is the taste. I mix it in their kibble along with some wet food & even break the pill in 2 but without fail they always eat everything in their bowls except the pills. The day I can't get them to eat this with peanut butter on a spoon I'd prob have to switch to something more tasty. Other than that I think it's a good valued product by on 11/17/2013
  • why pay more
    This product works. Been using it for all my pups and never had an issue. by on 11/04/2013
  • My dogs take this no problem!
    Easy to give, all 5 of my dogs like it. It was recommended by my vet so I give it with confidence. by on 10/26/2013
  • Good results and price.
    One of my dogs got quite a few ticks and they died within a few days. Good results. by on 09/22/2013
  • great product
    It does what it says. my dog loves the taste and is cheaper than other name brand heart worm medication. by on 09/18/2013
  • Great value
    My 2 chihuahuas had absolutely no problem with this meds. It is much cheaper than the ones I was getting from my vet and it even has an extra drug for other types of worms that the one from my vet didn't have. I'm very pleased!!! by on 09/06/2013
  • Very good product
    our vet wanted us to pick a heartworm med that was more expensive and refused to write a Rx for anything else. PetCareRx worked with both the vet and myself and agreed this product was safe for our dogs. The product works great and we have had no issues in 5 years. by on 09/03/2013
  • This product is a good substitute.
    This product is very good. My dogs have no problems digesting the chewable pill. It is also cheaper than Heartguard and contains the same ingredients. by on 08/26/2013
  • Excellent
    Easy to use. Vet is contacted immediately for refills and they send emails to keep me informed every step of the way. Product came within a few days and I saved a lot of money. by on 08/20/2013
  • good
    I like that it takes care of more than just heartworm, protects against several other types of parasite, prevents parasites they may pick up from animals passing through our yard or at dog parks or on walks. by on 08/16/2013
  • Well-priced product that appears to work well.
    I had never tried this product before, but read positive reviews from others. I was hesitant to purchase a full 1-year supply if I wasn't sure my cocker spaniel would eat it. It turns out it was a challenge for him to eat the chewable pill even after trying several times mixed in with his favorite food. He did eventually eat the pill (yeah!) and I'm hoping it will be easier next month. by on 08/11/2013
  • Less Expensive Than Other Brands
    This is one of the more inexpensive heartworm medications I've found. A lot of people complain that dogs won't chew the tablet, but I just cover it with a bit of peanut butter and my dog doesn't even know it's there! by on 08/10/2013
    I have a 60 lb Lab Mix and she will not chew this up either. I always hide the pill in a glob of peanut butter and she eats it right up and swallows it. I asked my Vet about her not chewing it up and she told me as long as she swallows it, she is protected, so far, all of her Vet visits for the past 3 years have been normal. I like the fact that it covers tapeworm. No other heartworm medicine I've seen covers that. Tapeworm treatment cost me over $200 dollars a few years ago and she was treated with frontline plus and heartgard back then. I've used Iverhart Max ever since it came out and it has worked ever since. My Vet stopped carrying the Iverhart Max so here I am back at PetCareRx ordering it. The hassle is in the prescription that your Vet has to give you and it has to be mailed in before they send it to you. My Vet will not fax them anything. The money saved is worth it plus it has worked and my dog has never had heartworms. My dog is very finicky, she won't even eat the heartgard chewy, but she loves peanut butter, so I can give her anything hidden in that and she will eat it. by on 08/06/2013
  • Awesome "value brand"!!!
    Great substitute for any Heartgard etc big name heartworm preventative!!!Have yet to see anything adverse from a brand name.Only 'complaint', if you can call it that, is that it's more like a pill than some of the more expensive brands- but for half the price, I'll gladly hide it in a piece of bread/ pill pocket! It's still a chewable, my younger chihuahua will gladly crunch the little brown pill but my older chi mix wants nothing to do with it until it's hidden :-PUsually easy to get the vet to prescribe, they sometimes try to bully you into buying their on-site RX but I usually quote the low price online & they can never beat it!! I always bring a print-out of the label so they know it's a legit medication!Don't see myself straying from this preventative!!!! by on 07/31/2013
  • Awesome "value brand"!!!
    Great substitute for any Heartgard etc big name heartworm preventative!!! Have yet to see anything adverse from a brand name. Only 'complaint', if you can call it that, is that it's more like a pill than some of the more expensive brands- but for half the price, I'll gladly hide it in a piece of bread/ pill pocket! It's still a chewable, my younger chihuahua will gladly crunch the little brown pill but my older chi mix wants nothing to do with it until it's hidden :-P Usually easy to get the vet to prescribe, they sometimes try to bully you into buying their on-site RX but I usually quote the low price online & they can never beat it!! I always bring a print-out of the label so they know it's a legit medication! Don't see myself straying from this preventative!!!! by on 07/31/2013
  • excellent
    I have only ONE comment>>>>> since changing to the Iverhart Max, my dog won't take it as it is! The "old" RX, he just took like a piece of candy. Now--he spits it out, and I have to put it in a piece of cheese---then he gulps it right down! by on 07/27/2013
  • Issues
    I'm sure that the product is working great but my only concern is that it doesn't cover whip worm. Why is that? My dog also wont eat them. He has never had an issue with eating his heart worm pills before I switched to this brand. by on 07/18/2013
  • Cheap and covers a lot of nasty worms.
    I love the price and the list of what it covers. I used to buy a more expensive brand and both dogs would eat it right out of my hand if I called it a "treat." However, only one dog will eat this one like a treat. The other, I have had to crush it and put it in his food... not sure how effective that is yet. I have to call my vet and ask... Anyway, I wish it would smell tastier like the other brand, so he would eat it like a treat. That is the only fault I have found so far. I have only tried it for a couple weeks. With time, I will find out if it is as good as it says it is. by on 07/18/2013
  • Product is very good.
    I have been using Iverhart Max for some time now and my dogs always check up heartworm free. by on 07/18/2013
  • cost effective
    All I can say is that obviously the product works when given consistently. I have purchased this product for years and actually give it as a Christmas gift to the dogs owned by my adult children. I like the fact that Iverhart Max also protects against hookworm, roundworm, flatworm and tapeworm in addition to heartworm. All around protection is a reassuring thing and this product seems to do what it claims. by on 07/18/2013
  • Great Product
    When I give my dog, Truman, his Iverhart Max every month, he eats it like I'm giving him a treat. No more wrapping pills in meat to get him to take them. I don't know but they must taste good, at least to Truman by on 07/07/2013
  • Like this product very much
    Iverhart Max not only is a heartworm medication but it controls tapeworm, roundworm and hookworm as well all at a reasonable price. Have no problem getting my dog Coach to eat the once a month pill, he seems to really enjoy the taste. by on 07/06/2013
  • Good Price and Product
    Shipping is quick and price is good. I have three dogs, two of the dogs will not eat the pill and one of them will eat anything so I have to put the pill down their throats and sometimes they spit them up. My third dog just eats it up, so I have to just deal with this reality and do my best but I am satisfied with the quality of the product in what it does for my dogs and worms. by on 10/28/2012
  • Iverhart Max Works!
    I think Iverhart Max is very effective, just as much as Heartgard. It is less expensive and my dogs will eat it if I cut it up and bury it in their wet food. My dogs have used it for two years and I'm happy with how well it works. by on 07/25/2012
  • Iverhart Max Review
    I have been ordering Iverhart Max instead of Heartgard for the last several months and find it highly effective. It's just as effective as Heartgard was for my five dogs and it's much cheaper. You won't be disappointed if you switch to Iverhart Max! by on 07/24/2012
  • HEARTWORM meds
    As far as I can tell, the Iverhart Max works as it should. The price and the delivery were as expected......Always good at PetCareRx. by on 07/24/2012
  • Great Price and product
    This is a very good product this will help your dog if your animal has worms already. It will kill the worms, I would then suggest to use Iverhart Plus for monthly treatments and use Iverhart Max for any worm infections you might notice.A Tip of advice if your dog is having trouble chewing this pill, I recommend you get a pill grinder and then take a small amount of white bread and place the grind ed pill in that bread. The dog should eat it with out any problems.I hope this helps and good luck to you. by on 09/12/2011
  • Dog wont chew
    I have tried to repeatedly get my dog to eat these tablets, which claim to be chewable. My dog always spits them out. I've tried to hide them in her dog food and she eats around them. I don't know if their effectiveness is hampered by just putting them down her throat or not, since they're listed as chewable, but that is ultimately what I had to do. For the convenience, in the future, I will pay a little more for the HeartGard since my past dogs loved the taste. by on 04/21/2011
  • Works good but
    My boxer will not take this pill on his own. I have tried hiding it in every kind of food he just won't chew it up. Thus I get to break it in half and jam it down his throat. The product works great never had any problem with worms of any kind. by on 03/26/2011
  • RE: Dog Won't Chew It
    This product claims it is chewable. Well, almost anything is "chewable" for a dog. The fact is that my dogs will not eat this product and spit it out. Unlike HeartGard which is a tasty chewable cube which my dogs loved, the Iverhart product is a pill which I have to shove down their throat. I would not recommend this product. by on 03/16/2011
  • Price
    My only reservation is not about the product, but about the price. This is exactly what I paid for the same product at my vet! Now I'm not so sure I should have made the Fronline purchase? by on 10/21/2010
  • Just fine
    Great product, great price, great shipping, no problems by on 12/18/2009
  • It works as far as I know
    I've used either this product, or occasionally Heartgard Plus since my 12 year-old German Shepherd was 6 months old. Though he has slowed with age, my dog has spent a lot of time chasing all kinds of deer, foxes squirrels and the like when "I take him to be a dog". So far no problems. by on 07/10/2009
  • 2 years!
    We've been using this product for almost 2 years now and each time we go to the vet we are completely worm free!! by on 10/20/2008
  • Customer Service
    Very easy process to order and receive my product. It came within the week I ordered it. by on 08/02/2008
  • Happy Customer
    I ordered online and received quick shipment and good pricing. Very pleased with my purchase and will buy from PetCareRx again when meds are needed. by on 06/28/2008
  • PetCareRx
    I love this site ordering is quick and easy.......shipping was fast.I love the pet points idea the more you buy the more pet points you will have for future orders. by on 06/07/2008
  • Finally a good deal!
    This is the first time I've tried mail order meds for my small dog and I am very satisfied. The order arrived quickly, was a great savings, my Westie goobled it up without having to wrap it in cheese and he loved the little free toy! by on 06/05/2008
  • Great Product!!!!!
    This is a very affordable product. The amazing thing is its quality. I would definetely reccommend this product to every pet owner. STOP purchasing expensive brands when you can get the best of both worlds. by on 05/17/2008
  • Great Service!~
    I was surprised at the great deal I received. 6mnth supply for under 20 lbs, and over 20bls, and It was less than $40! Thanks PetCareRx! by on 04/26/2008
  • Great Service!~
    I was surprised at the great deal I received. 6mnth supply for under 20 lbs, and over 20bls, and It was less than $40! Thanks PetCareRx! by on 04/26/2008
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