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My English Bully loves IAMS.
My English Bully loves IAMS. by on 03/21/2024
Six Years of Proof...
IAMs "Big Green Bag" has been the food of choice since we adopted our Lab/German Shorthair/Lovable Mutt over six years ago. Great value, he's always loved it, and he looks and feels great! Never a sick-day at the vet. Even after all this time, he can hardly contain himself when we bring a new bag in from the car. Thanks's obvious you have a heart for our critters. by on 01/17/2015
My all the time dog food
I feed my pitbull-dachshund Lola this food as her regular food, and she loves it. I love that real meat is the first ingredient and that it is a lower cost than the fancy brands, with the same ingredients. Her coat is nicer and she has more energy when I feed her Iams. She is definitely an Iams dog! by on 10/27/2012
Good product
I is a very nice product for my dog and i would recommend it to my friends. by on 04/20/2011
Great food!
My dogs love this food!!! It's the perfect size for both my dogs. Our older dog has a sensitive stomach and this food is great for him. If we switch to another brand, he has so many issues. We can switch within the Iams brand and he's great. They enjoy it and I don't see myself switching anytime soon. I wish there were some healthier options for them though. by on 04/09/2011
Have you recently changed anything with the large bread food. I have two great danes who have never had an issue with the food, but recently are leaving food in their bowl (never do this). It seems they don't care for it anymore? by on 07/16/2010
Best dog food EVER
I swear by Iams dog and cat food. The Pro Active Chunks is what we feed our dog and he loves it. Bright eyes, happy dimeanor, and lots of energy. I will never switch! by on 07/15/2010
The food is great ,my dogs really enjoy it. Would be very interested in a larger chunk/ lamb and rice formula. I have teeth and allergie problems with one dog. by on 02/21/2010
proactive health dog food
Great dog food, worth the money. Helped my dog recover from surgery. by on 01/26/2010
not good
dog likes the flavor and coat is in decent condition, but when is the last time you saw a wolf chomping down on a corn cob? the last thing i want to feed my dogs is completely unnatural foods for their diet along with by-products and preservatives...they have been switched to grain free dog foods and WHAT an imporvement. by on 01/06/2010
great food
iams is the best food i have ever given my dog.. my dog has seizures i have tried medicines and all approaches.. for some reason when i feed my dog iams the seizures go away..its a blessing to me and my dog. by on 10/23/2009
Lamb and rice
my dog has allergies, hot spots, skin allergies. We keep her on Iams and everything clears up. But, I tried a cheap brand and she got sick all over again. It's worth spending the extra money to keep my dog penny healthy and she is such a beautiful golden retirever . She has a beautiful coat of red fur. BUY IT IAMS..... by on 10/03/2009