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Rated 4 out of 5 by 1041 reviewers.

  • Good food! Just not preferred
    Iams is a great brand just not my dogs favorite flavor that's all. by on 01/28/2016
  • Loved It!
    My dog loved the Iams dog food and I would never have tried it without getting the free sample to try. Now we will always buy Iams for her. by on 01/28/2016
  • I AMS Adult Dog Food
    My dog loved this particular food. He normally eats a bit slower, but he was eating a bit faster and w/out looking up or drinking his water. He was sure licking his chops when he finished. He was wagging his tail, as if he were trying to say, more please. by on 01/28/2016
  • Meh
    My dog doesn't really like dog food that isn't natural. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great price
    I bought this for my and my sons dog and they both loved it...at first i had to mix it with a little can food to get her to eat it but soon after i caught her eating it dry out of his bowl so noe she eats it dry and loves it by on 01/28/2016
  • Loved by both
    We got the free sample and the dogs just loved it. by on 01/28/2016
  • Rjb
    Wonderful product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by on 01/28/2016
  • Nutrious and my dog loves the taste!
    I bought this product about a month ago and my dog loves the taste and I feel good giving this food to her due to the high nutritional value! by on 01/28/2016
  • Ian's dog food
    My dog ate every drop Price was good and quality was good. I felt my dog was getting nutrition as well by on 01/28/2016
  • Always our choice
    We always use Iams as our primary pet food for both our dogs and cats. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great dog food
    My dog gobbled this right up! He really liked this! by on 01/28/2016
  • Great dog food.
    My dog really liked the food and I liked the ingredients. by on 01/28/2016
  • My dog liked it!
    I bought the grain free salmon food for my dog with sensitivity issues. I am very pleased to say he tooeratedvth food well and he loved it!! I will definitely buy again. by on 01/28/2016
  • comparable
    I was able to give this food a try with the coupon I received from pinch me. My lab did not seem to notice a difference in it from his normal food verses the Iams. I did notice a slight decline in his waste. by on 01/28/2016
  • Clean and Strong
    my pets loved this wolfed it down they seemed to like it very much by on 01/28/2016
  • Good eats
    My dog seems to love it. She gobbles it up and the ingredients are not all that bad! by on 01/28/2016
  • My dog luved it!
    My dog could not get enough of it she loved it and was wanting more by on 01/28/2016
  • Yummy!
    My dog loved this dog food. She is picky, but she gobbled this up. by on 01/28/2016
  • Tried and True
    I have been a fan of Iams for some time now because the quality of the ingredients is excellent and my dog seems to prefer this brand to others we have tried! Thanks for making quality dog food and being a brand I can trust by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog enjoyed
    My dog never lifted his head from the bowl, seemed to enjoy it by on 01/28/2016
  • Real ingredients
    After I recieved this sample I purchased a small bag...my pups love it by on 01/28/2016
  • ok
    Not impressed, my dogs would not eat it. Tried several times by on 01/28/2016
  • Great features
    My dog just loves it ... She's happy I'm happy . Would recommend by on 01/28/2016
  • My dog loves it!
    I bought Iams for my dog because I was looking for good nutrition at a reasonable cost. He loves it! And I love the price and that it's good for him. I also really like the fact that the adult food comes in mini bites for toy breeds. Most dog foods don't and it's important for him that he has something small enough to chew. I will definitely stay with Iams! by on 01/28/2016
  • Excellent
    Our dog loved it and ate every bite!!! Will be switching to this brand from now on. by on 01/28/2016
  • Yummy
    My doggy seemed to like it. He wasn't extremely excited but he did not turn his nose at it. by on 01/28/2016
  • Awesdome product!
    Great product and my dog loves the taste! He is always excited to eat! by on 01/28/2016
  • Wonderful
    My dog really must like the taste of this stuff!!! She is 4 and eats it all. Appears notorious as well. by on 01/28/2016
  • Loved it and he did too
    I got a free sample of iams dog food and it has to be the best thing. He loved it by on 01/28/2016
  • Great product!!
    I bought this for my dog, Butters. He's such a picky guy, I was worried he wouldn't like this. But he LOVED IT!! by on 01/28/2016
  • Great ingredients!
    I bought this dog food about a month ago and my dog loved it. I appreciate all the healthy ingredients. by on 01/28/2016
  • Seemed like a good food!
    My dog tried this as long as the bag lasted and he seemed to enjoy it. We have not purchased any of it, as we had a lot of dog food already purchased. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dogs liked it
    Since my dogs only speak dog I'm not sure what their opinion is. However, they snarfed it down so it's a hit! by on 01/28/2016
  • Awesome
    Our dog loved the food! Will definitely be switching! by on 01/28/2016
  • Quality food
    My dog really loved this product and I love that it is real food. by on 01/28/2016
  • Wonderful dog food
    my dog loves it, both of them do. And it's a pleasure to serve a wonderful product that I trust to my animals by on 01/28/2016
  • my dog loves it
    my dog loved the sample the product looked great ingredients looked fine by on 01/28/2016
  • Good food
    I buy this. food r.egularly and my dog. Loves it!. by on 01/28/2016
  • dogs love it
    We have always bought this brand and the dogs love it. by on 01/28/2016
  • Slightly above average pet food
    The ingredients could be better. My dogs enjoyed it though and I'm sure they would enjoy eating it again by on 01/28/2016
  • great find for my gods
    my dogs love the taste and its very good for them helps keep them in good health and around longer by on 01/28/2016
  • Great treats
    I received a sample for Pinchme and I give to my dog. My love it and have a grat olor and shape. by on 01/28/2016
  • great stuff
    I bought this and its great !!! Just its not price friendly by on 01/28/2016
  • My dogs love Iams dog food.
    My dogs are healthier and their coats are fuller since they have been eating iams. by on 01/28/2016
  • good.
    I bought this a few weeks ago. my dogs ate it and liked it! by on 01/28/2016
  • Doggie loves it
    My dog loves the food. Gobbled it right up without a bit leftover. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dogs love
    My dogs love this dog food!!! It's now the only food we buy by on 01/28/2016
  • Dogs liked
    Dogs liked food they seemed to happy for the change by on 01/28/2016
  • Iams is good
    Good dog food for the money. I would recommend it to friends. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great for my dogs!
    When I bought the food, and poured it into my dog's bowl, they just went at it! They absolutely loved Iams food and don't care for any other brand now by on 01/28/2016
  • This is a great product!
    My dog just loves this brand. Thanks for giving him a better choice of food. by on 01/28/2016
  • Wonderful product
    A good product that my dog loves made with healthy ingredients by on 01/28/2016
  • A
    IAMS dog food has an exceptional and excellent reputation by on 01/28/2016
  • Chowtime was Great Expectation
    I purchased the bag of Iam Adult Chucks and my dog loves it. She is so excited when she hears the bag that she does loops around the house, skipping and jumping. She has never reacted to a food this way. Thank you for giving my sweet girl back her youthful zest. by on 01/28/2016
  • Adult dog
    This is a big favorite of my friends and I who all animal lovers...I became a big fan after Katrina when our city rescued so many animals...I am happy it is sold in so many stores.. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog Approved!
    Our dog loved this dog food so much. He gobbled it up in a matter of seconds! by on 01/28/2016
  • Okay But Not the Best Choice for Dog Food
    I bought this product about a month ago. My dog really liked the taste, but I wish that the ingredients had less fillers and more actual meat in them. The first ingredient listed is Chicken By-Product Meal, which means that is from what the majority of the food is made. by on 01/28/2016
  • Review
    I purchased this dog food a little while ago. Was excited to see how my dogs likes it. Unfortunately my dogs weren't to happy about me switching up their food on them. :( by on 01/28/2016
  • Iams. Adult dog food
    I have bought Iams before but it's not the brand I buy because it is expensive. But I recommend all of IAms dog food products! It is a good food my dogs liked. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dogs loved it!
    I tried this with my dogs. They loved it. They kept looking for more! by on 01/28/2016
  • Great nutrition
    I bought this about four weeks ago. My dogs absolutely love this dog food. by on 01/28/2016
  • okay, not worth the money
    it is a good food but there are better at a lower cost, so not beneficial in anyway by on 01/28/2016
  • Full of corn and fillers
    I bought this food for a local shelter. I personally use natural food for my animals. by on 01/28/2016
  • He liked it
    My dog seemed to like it. I would buy it but currently my dog has a restricted diet. by on 01/28/2016
  • Not happy with ingredients
    Bought a sample of this product- one of my dogs threw up the food twice. by on 01/28/2016
    I was able to try this product and my dog was very happy about it. by on 01/28/2016
  • Smurf approves
    My dog loved his Iams!!! The high quality ingredients and good price make this a perfect match for me and my dog. by on 01/28/2016
  • The Dog Ate It
    The dog reacted fine to this dog food. He has no side effects or reactions. I would use again. by on 01/28/2016
  • Good quality
    My dog really enjoyed iams. It's good quality and I would recommend to anyone by on 01/28/2016
  • Great Ingredients, Lots Of Vitamins
  • Great taste
    My dogs loved the taste. I would definitely buy it for my dogs by on 01/28/2016
  • Great texture
    Our dogs loved it Had run out and buy more!! Officially doggy approved by on 01/28/2016
  • Good dog food!
    I purchased iams premium protection adult dog food for my dog, who usually eats a different brand of food. She loved the taste, and I love the ingredients used to make it. We will definitely purchase this again for her, it's such a good value! by on 01/28/2016
  • love the price
    I bought it for my dog a few weeks ago and he absolutely loved it. by on 01/28/2016
  • Looked like my dogs would eat it
    Dogs didn't like it tried to get them to eat it every day for 2 weeks and they just didn't like it. by on 01/28/2016
  • good but pricey
    the dogs did like it but going to the store it was a little pricey. I did buy more but its not really in my budget to keep buying it by on 01/28/2016
  • They liked it!
    I was happily surprised when my two finicky boys actually liked this food! by on 01/28/2016
  • decent, meets our needs
    I received a sample for my dog. It was fine. I prefer grain free for my dog by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog loved it!
    My dog tried this food and he really enjoyed it! More active. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great choice!
    My dogs seemed to really enjoy IAMs! Great food for the price! by on 01/28/2016
  • My dog liked it
    My dog eats just about anything and ate this pretty enthusiastically. by on 01/28/2016
  • Not impressed
    Neither of my dogs would it. They walked by sniffed and walked away. Gave up after a few days and gave it away by on 01/28/2016
  • good dog food
    Purchased the dog food and my dog loved ot. Iams is a trusted brand. by on 01/28/2016
    Our older lab can be a picky eater at times..so we tried IAMS...and he loved it..and we were happy too, because we knew it was good for him! by on 01/28/2016
  • Dogs Enjoyed!
    I bought this for my dogs to try and they enjoyed the new food. It was gentle on their stomachs and we had no problem switching it out. Great value for his much you get in a bag! by on 01/28/2016
  • Adult dog food
    My dogs seemed to like it. I didn't notice any change as far as energy or coat quality by on 01/28/2016
  • Nice
    Bought this for my Great Dane / Lab mix and he ate it all. He is normally pretty picky by on 01/28/2016
  • My dogs loved it!
    I received this sample through PinchMe. My dogs loved it and I liked this it didn't have a horrible smell like most fish based foods. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great for my lab!
    My lab loves this food. It has made her coat thick and shiny and she looks so much healthier since we rescued her from the shelter. by on 01/28/2016
  • My dog loved it!
    My dog really enjoyed this sample. He ate it right up! by on 01/28/2016
  • Upset
    I bought this and it immediately upset my dogs stomach. by on 01/28/2016
  • Really expensive & dogs didn't like it
    My dogs are pretty picky, and generally just sniffed around this food until they lost interest. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog food experience
    Our dogs love it! They eat it up and it's good for them! by on 01/28/2016
  • Best Dog Food
    My dogs really enjoyed their new Iams Dog Food. I think it's the best by far. I can really notice a difference in their weight. They are healthy and are at a good weight. Their fur looks so shiny and healthy and soft. by on 01/28/2016
  • 2 out of 3 dogs did well.
    My dogs loved the flavor but unfortunately my lab who has a sensitive stomach ended up getting sick afterwards :( Will have to find a sensitive stomach version. by on 01/28/2016
  • dog foid
    Happy with product. Great value. Would but again thanks by on 01/28/2016
  • Not great, not bad
    My dog is sensitive and wasnt consistently eating the food. She perfers blue brand by on 01/28/2016
  • amazing!
    I received this item in a sample pack and I can honestly say, I'm never going back to the old stuff. Thank you! by on 01/28/2016
  • Great value
    I bought this a couple weeks ago, and my dog is in love by on 01/28/2016
  • Good for ur dog
    My dog loved the taste of the food. He ate the whole bowl and usually leaves half . I would purchase this again. by on 01/28/2016
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