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Rated 4 out of 5 by 1041 reviewers.

  • Great product
    My 6 year old Chihuahua absolutely loved this food and she is very picky. Keep up the good work! by on 01/29/2016
  • My dog loved it from the first bite
    My dog gobbled it down. It must be good !! He is very picky but he loved it by on 01/29/2016
  • Great Doggy Food.
    This is a great food for dogs and has a lot of nutrional benefits. It is a healthier choice for dogs. by on 01/29/2016
  • My dogs LOVE it!
    I am so happy that I made the switch. My dogs are finicky, but loved the food. I am seeing coat improvements, and more activity. by on 01/29/2016
  • loves it!!
    He loves it and doe not waste any of it. Will continue to buy. by on 01/29/2016
  • dog food
    my fur babies angel and damien liked it. however I can't give that to angel anymore because the vet has her on a special diet. by on 01/29/2016
  • Dogs Loved it!
    I am reviewing based on a sample received via PinchedMe. by on 01/29/2016
  • Great product!
    My dog really enjoyed this food. I feel it is a quality product that is healthy for my pet. by on 01/29/2016
  • Taste
    I have 5 dogs a few of them gobbled the foid up quickly while the rest didnt seem to happy with my choice by on 01/29/2016
  • Excellent Product
    Like this product because of less filler!!! My pet also enjoys the food. by on 01/29/2016
  • Iams
    My dog really enjoyed this dog food, will purchase again. by on 01/29/2016
  • Too high
    Little too expensive for me and my dog prefer store brand by on 01/29/2016
  • Good featurea
    My dog devoured her sample very quickly and looked to me for more. She's a lab who has pulled open drawers to eat wax candles, but I'm sure she found this much more satisfying. I wish the ingredients were more high quality and natural. It's rather difficult to find pet food that you can pronounce everything in it though without making it yourself or spending a lot of money. I would say it's comparable to other foods in its price range and better than some cheaper ones. When purchasing this product, I feel I would be paying for the name too. by on 01/29/2016
  • Like a treat
    Dog gobbled like I was giving a treat and begged for more by on 01/29/2016
  • Good Dog Food
    I bought a bag of Iams dog food for my dog for the first time. She liked it and was energetic about getting the next bowl. by on 01/29/2016
  • It was ok
    Rather pricey, but my dogs will eat anything I give them by on 01/29/2016
  • Awesome!!
    My dogs love this food and I was very happy with how it made them feel!! by on 01/29/2016
  • She loved it!
    It means a lot when I see my dog happy about the food I give her. I know when she is eating healthy that she feels great and that makes me feel great. She truly loved the Iams food that I gave her. by on 01/29/2016
  • Awesome Dog food
    It's a wonderful product. I't natural and good for my dog by on 01/29/2016
  • Loved it
    I am a dog lover, and my dogs just love this food! by on 01/29/2016
  • Good dog food!!!
    Happy dog at my house.She loved the sample. She acted as if she hadn't eaten in a week. by on 01/29/2016
  • Not excited
    Iams is expensive so I don't typically purchase. Gave my dog the sample - she threw up. Very sensitive tummy by on 01/29/2016
  • My dogs love it!!
    I bought this about a month ago and with two adult dogs who enjoy it, there's nothing negative to say. They love it. by on 01/29/2016
  • Great texture!
    I bought a bag of Iams food last month at ralphs. Ny dog lover it. She couldn't wait for her feedings. She would jump on me and eat the whole bowl. by on 01/29/2016
  • Great Switch
    I bought this food and was afraid my dogs wouldn't respond well to it and I'm happy to say we have switched brand!!!! by on 01/29/2016
  • Dog liked
    Our dog ate it right down with no issues which is always a plus. by on 01/29/2016
  • Great dog food!
    I got this over a month ago and my dog loved it! I was so happy to get a sample from Pinchme by on 01/29/2016
  • Dog loved it
    I purchased this recently and so glad I did. Will definitely do so again. by on 01/29/2016
  • dogs loved
    My dogs loved it and I have since switched brands. by on 01/28/2016
  • Healty
    This was an easy transition from current brand, no upset tummy by on 01/28/2016
  • Iams dog food
    I like the product but I feel it is a little pricey. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog loves it
    My dog loves it!! I loved the list of ingredients! Defiantly will be purchasing again! by on 01/28/2016
  • My dog had a bad reaction
    I have two dogs, one small and one medium. My medium sized dog had a bad reaction to something in the food. His skin turned dry and itchy. We had to switch his food. My small dog had no problems with it though, so it didn't go to waste. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great for my dog
    We got the sample & my dogs did not turn their noses at it. Must have been very tasty. by on 01/28/2016
  • My finicky eater loved Iams!
    I purchased the Iams adult food a couple of weeks ago. I have 3 dogs that will eat anything you feed them, and 1 that turns his nose up at eve. Picky Nicky loved the Iams, I was happy with the dog food. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dogs loved it
    My dogs loved this food. I didn't feel too bad about giving to them because it seemed healthy enough. I have 4 dogs of different sizes and breeds and they all enjoyed. by on 01/28/2016
  • 2 Out of 3 Dogs Liked It
    I have 3 adult dogs and this was our first try ever for Iams Dog Food and two of the 3 gobbled their food down like normal but my picky and very dramatic chocolate lab smelled it, walked away, went back and laid down in front of her bowl as if she was moping; long story short, the baby of the three ate that bowl full too. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great
    I bought this a few weeks back my dog loved it. Will buy in the future by on 01/28/2016
  • My Dog Loved It
    She is usually a picky eater who would much rather eat cat food than her food, but she really seemed to enjoy this stuff. by on 01/28/2016
  • Very good
    My dog loves this brand he ate every bit of it. This is a good choice. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great food
    My dog really enjoyed this sample, He ate it very quickly and digested it well. by on 01/28/2016
  • My dogs loved it
    Bought a bag for my two dogs, one of which has skin allergies and is quite sensitive to certain brands but they both loved it and it didn't affect her allergies which is awesome. Will purchase again. by on 01/28/2016
  • Excellent dog food
    I received a free bag. My dog loved it! Thanks so much by on 01/28/2016
  • My Dog Is Picker Eater and Didn't Like It
    My friends dogs love this brand dog food but my dog is a picky eater and he would not eat it. I ended up giving the rest of my bag to my friend. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great!
    Glad we tried this food. My dog loves it better than her old dog food! by on 01/28/2016
  • Dogs showed down
    Tried this for the first time. Didn't upset their stomachs by on 01/28/2016
  • Great quality food for my Dixie!
    Very impressed with Iams products and the quality ingredients they use, PLUS my dog loves it! Trust this company for better health for my pets! by on 01/28/2016
  • Dogs loved it, I loved the ingredients
    My dogs had no problem transitioning from their typical food to the iams, so upset tummies and they devoured it. I like the list of ingredients and that it didn't have the fillers I see in so many dog foods. by on 01/28/2016
  • Fantastic Product
    My dog loves this food. Now that I have purchased it she won't eat anything else. I have noticed that his coat is super shiny and he seems to have lot's more energy. by on 01/28/2016
  • tastes good
    I bought the dog food for Shelby he liked the flavor and caused no tummy troubles. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great choice
    My dog is so picky, she hardly eats dry dog food but when I gave her Iams, she ate it all quickly. I was really surprised! by on 01/28/2016
  • My dog approved
    My dog tried this and liked I. She is terribly picky and she ate the whole bowl. by on 01/28/2016
  • Greeat
    I bought this and my dogs loved it! It's more filling than their regular food. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog food.
    Would prefer more natural ingredients and less ingredients that cause allergies but my dog loved the food. by on 01/28/2016
  • IAMS
    My dog loves this food, i will purchase it for my dear dog. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great dogfood!
    I bought this product Iams and my dog loved the taste, so much to where he finished the whole bowl. Then came back for more . by on 01/28/2016
  • Great Product.
    My dog really liked this dog food and it seems like a food that I will start to buy from now on and tell my friends and family. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog loved it
    I tried a sample of this and my dog really liked it. I expect I'll get a bag and then I'll be able to see if I notice any difference in her (after I feed it to her longer). by on 01/28/2016
  • Good
    My dog really like it . imt made have more energy. by on 01/28/2016
  • Good product
    My dog seemed to like it very well. Will be buying more in the future. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog seemed to like it
    Or dog seemed to enjoy this food. We could even give him one piece at a time to make him think it was more of a treat. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great qualities!
    I received a sample a couple of weeks ago, and my dog loved it! He ate it right up and I loved the nutritional benefits. by on 01/28/2016
  • Loved it
    My dog loved this I would definitely recommend this product thanks by on 01/28/2016
  • Liked
    Dog seemed to like it sometimes. But not each time it was given. If that makes sense. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great Product
    I would recommend this product to friends and family my dogs loved it. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog liked iy
    A product I would buy for my dog but can't. She's been put on prescription food but I would recommend it. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog approve
    My dog loved the food and won't eat anything else he is so picky by on 01/28/2016
  • Good stuff
    My dog loved this stuff. Ate it all up right away. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great product!
    We tried the product and our dog liked it. Definitely a product we would buy again. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog loves!!
    My dog loves this food. She ate all of it up the first time we fed it and she's a picky eater by on 01/28/2016
  • Meh...
    Prefer the Fromm brand line.. where I can easily read all ingredients that make the food by on 01/28/2016
  • Love Iams!
    Got a sample from pinchme and now I'm going.to start purchasing. My dog loves itď by on 01/28/2016
  • It must taste good!
    I have a bit of a finicky dog...but she loved the Iams adult dog food. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog Food
    Dogs loved it!! They cleaned their bowls within minutes. I'm impressed with the ingredients and packaging. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog ate it
    We tried it and my dogs ate it like they normally eat their food by on 01/28/2016
  • Great food!
    My dog liked Iams dog food. We mixed it with her other food because she is pretty old and we didn't want to upset her stomach with a sudden change. She liked it still, though. by on 01/28/2016
  • It's great
    I bought this and my dog loves it! He usually gets gas with new dog foods but not with this one. by on 01/28/2016
  • He likes it!
    My dog really seemed to like this. He's a little picky. by on 01/28/2016
  • Pretty good
    My dog enjoyed it a lot and it was a pretty good price so I will probably buy it again by on 01/28/2016
  • Better quality dog food
    Dogs like Iams. Seems to be good quality. Slightly expensive. by on 01/28/2016
  • Great ingredients
    My dog seemed to enjoy it and the ingredients seem to be better then our normal brand by on 01/28/2016
  • Yummy.
    Dogs loved it and it didn't smell awful like a lot of other dog foods. by on 01/28/2016
  • good for my dog
    My dog loved this food! Much better ingredients that I can actually read! by on 01/28/2016
  • Iams Delicious
    My dog tried Iams and well he ate it, no digestive problems or vomiting so A+ by on 01/28/2016
  • Awesime
    I got it about 2 weeks ago. My doggies enjoyed the food! by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog loved
    I bought this a month ago and my dog loves it. We only use it as treats because we have other food to use up. by on 01/28/2016
  • Love the packaging!
    This was the first time I have seen or heard of the iams dog food. My two dogs loved it. And I loved that this was made with real chicken and egg products. I felt good feeding this to them. by on 01/28/2016
  • Good ingredients
    My chihuahua mix did not like this as well as the small breed science diet we normally buy him. He needs really tiny pellets otherwise I think he would have enjoyed. by on 01/28/2016
  • different flavors
    I bought this last week and the dogs like it a lot. by on 01/28/2016
  • wonderful food for your dog
    I purchased Iams dog food for my dog King and he loved every bite. He enjoyed itor than his regular brand foo. by on 01/28/2016
  • Was okay
    The dog did not act too over thrilled. He seemed to like his original dog food better. by on 01/28/2016
  • Dog loves it!
    My dog really likes this food! Iams always makes quality pet products! by on 01/28/2016
  • He enjoyed it.
    Got it for our golden and he couldn't wait to have his dinner we will be buying again. by on 01/28/2016
  • awesome!!
    Tried free sample & my dog loves it!! Will buy for sure by on 01/28/2016
  • Sz
    Great dogs loved it was very good to them thank you by on 01/28/2016
  • Just Okay
    I didn't read ingredients b4 I bought, and this has too much grain for my dog by on 01/28/2016
  • Like it!!
    I bought this about a month ago, My two dogs seemed to like it pretty well. by on 01/28/2016
  • Ok to give it to your dogs
    My dogs don't like it very picking only Liles one kind by on 01/28/2016
  • Not bad dog food
    Got this sample. My dog didn't care for it but then again she is very picky. The ingredient list is good and it's not very expensive by on 01/28/2016
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