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Rated 4 out of 5 by 1041 reviewers.

  • Love how much she loves it
    Love the fact that it's a healthy choice and Gemma loves it!! by on 02/01/2016
  • Great fod
    Dogs loved it. Normally buy the cheap stuff, but the woofed this down! by on 02/01/2016
  • Good food
    Good food, much better than some others. My dogs seemed to like it. by on 02/01/2016
  • Good value
    My dog loved this food. God value for the money. I would buy it again. by on 02/01/2016
  • Good product
    My dog really liked this food! I would purchase this item I the future. by on 02/01/2016
  • Dog loves it!
    So happy to have gotten this..Mickey loves it. All the other dogs sit behind him hoping he won't finish it so they can have it.. by on 02/01/2016
  • my dog liked it pretty good
    it seems all right ,but my dog didnt care for it too much by on 02/01/2016
  • Too picky
    He wouldn't eat it I wish he would have but no luck by on 02/01/2016
  • He ate it!
    It took some time to figure out if my Max liked it with him having to transition from his other food. In the end he liked it! Thanks #PINCHme by on 02/01/2016
  • my dog
    my dog loved this. she keep going to the dag to get more. by on 02/01/2016
  • Didn't Last Long!
    After my dog tried this, he loved it! He ate it up like it was a piece of steak. I tried feeding him the dog food we had been using before trying Iams & he just looks ate me like "Where's the good food?" by on 02/01/2016
  • Good Taste!
    My dog loved the taste of the food! I was impressed he usually is a picky eater! by on 02/01/2016
  • Nope... this one didn't work out.
    My dog wouldn't eat it. I appreciate the opportunity to try it, though. by on 02/01/2016
  • great product
    I got a sample front pinch me and plan to purchase product by on 02/01/2016
  • Dog food
    It was great my pit loved it she ate her whole bowl all at once for the first time by on 02/01/2016
  • Great dog food
    This is a great food for dogs. Iams is a trusted brand and innovative. Highly recommended. by on 02/01/2016
  • Inferior Ingredients
    This food had inferior ingredients than the current dog food that I am feeding my dogs. by on 02/01/2016
  • One satisfied pup
    I'm extremely impressed with IAMS. My dog (sam) loved it!! Anything that makes happy,makes me happy too!!:-) by on 02/01/2016
  • She loved it
    I purchased this for my dog a few weeks ago and was hesitant to try it because my dog is so picky. Well I am glad that I did she loved it! by on 02/01/2016
  • iams
    Great product the dogs loved it. I'm switching their food to IAMS by on 02/01/2016
  • Aims adult dog food
    My dog food the favor and went crazy over it. Would recommend! by on 02/01/2016
  • My dog loves it!
    I bought this for my dog and he loves it. Glad it is so healthy for him by on 01/31/2016
  • Great product! A+++
    Thank you PinchMe for allowing me to review this product, my dog loves it! I definitely recommend it! by on 01/31/2016
  • Dogs loved it!!
    I have two four legged kids in my home and they LOVED the new food!!! They devoured it in no time. by on 01/31/2016
  • Iams dog food
    I bought this iams dog food 3 weeks ago and im glad I did its really healthy unlike other dog food and my dog loves it! by on 01/31/2016
  • Dog ate it.
    Dog ate this food as she eats all her food. How can I judge with one small bag of food? by on 01/31/2016
  • Awesome
    My dog loves this product! Highly recommended! Great value by on 01/31/2016
  • great
    Quality product, dog loved it, usually takes a while to come around to a food change by on 01/31/2016
  • My dogs loved it.
    I wanted to try a different brand of dog food and getting this Iams couple gave me that chance. My dogs like it a lot. They ate with gusto and would anticipate me coming with more. by on 01/31/2016
  • Good food but...
    I have very picky dogs and of course they wouldn't eat the food. It smelled good and looked good so I am sure it's good quality, but my brats would have none of it. by on 01/31/2016
  • My dogs liked it.
    My dogs ate this food very well. It seems like a good quality food. by on 01/31/2016
  • Great food
    My dog will actually eats this and he doesnt usually eat dry food by on 01/31/2016
  • Hanna Loved It
    Hanna loved the IAMS dog food so I guess that is a positive. Of course, she pretty much loves any food. by on 01/31/2016
  • It was ok
    My dog is not a real fan of dry dog food, when I received this I thought I would give it a try, but, she was still not a big fan. by on 01/31/2016
  • Dog food ok
    Nothing was wrong with the dog food.. just more than we would usually spend on it by on 01/31/2016
  • Great product
    I have used Iams products in the past with other pets. Still same quality. by on 01/31/2016
  • Donated to the local shelter
    Our local shelter uses this food all of the time & I use the canned food for my dogs. by on 01/31/2016
  • Less shedding
    Since we tried this and made the switch, our dog is shedding way less. He used to shed like crazy, and it's been such an improvement. Highly recommend! by on 01/31/2016
  • Great product!
    My dog really enjoyed this. Looking at the ingredients, I felt confident in what I was giving him. by on 01/31/2016
  • Good Product
    My dog loved the food! Great quality food. Would buy again. by on 01/31/2016
  • Dog loves it!
    You can tell by the quality ingredients, that this is a better product than most you can find on the market today! by on 01/31/2016
  • Dog loveditto
    My dog loved this he normally is a picky eater and this he ate no problems loved that Ithe was a brand I could trust by on 01/30/2016
  • She loved it
    My dog is pretty picky. She will only eat certain brands of food. She seemed to really gobble this up. by on 01/30/2016
  • Great dog food!
    Used this sample for my adult Rottweiler. He loved it!! Ate every bit, even licked the bowl! by on 01/30/2016
  • Great food
    My older adult dog really liked this...ate it right up! We haven't used the brand before but the price was great and so was the package size. by on 01/30/2016
  • My dog loved this
    My dog, Chloe, was so excited to get something new and different for meal time. She gobbled it right up! by on 01/30/2016
  • Iams dog food
    Made a purchase a month ago. I am so glad my dog loves it! by on 01/30/2016
  • dogs loved it
    I didn't have a lot of time to even look at the package, our dogs smelled it and wanted it RIGHT NOW! They absolutely love it! I liked the brand, I liked the fact that they gobbled it right up but....I simply don't like the price at the store, but I understand, you pay for what you get and if you want something they will love, this food they WILL. by on 01/30/2016
  • Great dog food
    My dog immediately ate his Iams and he seemed to be satisfied. Since I did not notice any negative behavior or bowel issues, I will continue to provide him with Iams! by on 01/30/2016
  • Great for my dog!
    So, my dog liked this but didn't love it. Typically she eats Diamond and inhales it. with the Iams, she liked it but she would leave half the bowl and come back later. by on 01/30/2016
  • my 2 senior labs love it!
    I bought this product last month for my 2 senior labs(9 and 10yr). They loved the taste and loved the ingredient list with protein being the first ingredient. by on 01/30/2016
  • loved
    Our dog loved it. Chomped it down quickly. Plan to buy. by on 01/30/2016
  • Old day and picky
    Did not like the dog food likes gravy or people food by on 01/30/2016
  • seems good
    I bought this for my dogs hoping to find a healthier food for them. Seemed to be a better choice then what we use. But my dogs are picky and wouldn't touch the stuff... so I gave it to the dogs next door and they loved it! by on 01/30/2016
  • Dogs loved it !
    We recently adopted two dogs from the local Humane Society shelter, and because they had been abused, they were anxious and not eating the food that the shelter provided to get us started. We decided to try the IAMS product that we had purchased for our late dog Bailey. Sassy and Nancy sniffed the bowls, sampled the food, and immediately started eating ! Thank you IAMS ! by on 01/30/2016
  • Dog loved it
    Got a sample in the mail, my dog loved it. Iams uses better ingredients by on 01/30/2016
  • iams
    Great dog food but very expensive i have nothing else to say. Ty ok i guess ill just write whatever. by on 01/30/2016
  • It was ok.
    My dog is sensitive to new brands, so it took a few days for her to eat this. by on 01/30/2016
  • Zeus
    My dogs loved it! Will definitely buy this for my dogs. by on 01/30/2016
  • Good fo your dog
    My dog loves loves this food. Only kind he will eat! by on 01/30/2016
  • Dog food
    Trying to change my dogs diet and she loved it. We have to leave the dog food out all the time and she picks at it throughout the day. She is a picky eater! by on 01/30/2016
  • Great product
    I got this in the mail and my dog loves it. I will buy him some more by on 01/30/2016
  • Iams Dry Dog Food
    The dogs loved the food. Iams will be their dog food brand for now on. by on 01/29/2016
  • Great!
    I got a sample of this dry dog food and loved it,my dog also loved it! by on 01/29/2016
  • great ingredients
    my dog loved this food, i loved the ingredients and how healthy it was for her but i cant afford to buy it all the time by on 01/29/2016
  • Iams adult dog food
    I tried Iams. I always buy Blue Buffalo. They liked it okay and ate it up. by on 01/29/2016
  • He loved it
    My dog really enjoyed it,I will definitely be buying more soon by on 01/29/2016
  • My dog LOVED it
    I bought this a few weeks ago and I have to say I was very pleased! I have a picky dog who is spoiled rotten and will only eat certain food... He ate it all up!!! I would def recommend it... And there was no tummy issues either!! by on 01/29/2016
  • Dogs ate it all up
    My boy Fred the basset fully enjoyed every bite of the dog food we received. by on 01/29/2016
  • Iams-dog food
    It's ok. My little dog wouldn't eat it. The big dogs loved it. by on 01/29/2016
  • Great Quality Ingredients
    After receiving this sample and seeing how much my dog liked it I went out and bought a bag. by on 01/29/2016
  • Good product
    I bought this and my dog seam to care less if it was a better brand by on 01/29/2016
  • Pretty good
    My brother dog really seems to like it a lot! So he's happy I'm happy! by on 01/29/2016
  • Dogs loved it
    I have 2 dogs. They ate all the food and tolerated it well. by on 01/29/2016
  • thumbs up!
    Love the product! What else can be said! Our dogs always enjoy it. by on 01/29/2016
  • love it
    Never tried but will from now on my dog loves it. Great by on 01/29/2016
  • Good quality
    I bought this for my dog who loves food and he enjoyed it but the price point is too high and I am able to find other quality food for less. by on 01/29/2016
  • my dog loves it!
    my dog loves this food! Its her new favorite food and her fur looks so shiny and healthy. by on 01/29/2016
  • iams dog food
    purchased a small bag of adult dog food. i have two small dogs and both loved it. i believe this is a brand i can trust by on 01/29/2016
  • My "puppy" loved it
    My puppy really is not a puppy (all of 9 years old). She loves a change in her food, so this was the perfect treat to switch to. Great quality. by on 01/29/2016
  • Great Fook
    Bought this product and am very glad I did. My elderly Australian Shepherd loves it. I feel very secure with the IAMS brand by on 01/29/2016
  • Yuck
    It gave my dog diarrhea. We'll stick with our usual dog food brand by on 01/29/2016
  • Wasn't partial to ingredients.
    I was not very impressed with the overall quality of this product. The ingredients were very poor. by on 01/29/2016
  • simply wonderful
    the greatest ever--dog went crazy for it gobbled it up by on 01/29/2016
  • Love!
    My dogs love it and I love that it is good for them! by on 01/29/2016
  • Great Dog food
    I bought this about 2 months ago. My dog Sally enjoyed it. It also, doesn't stink like other dry dog food. Seems like its made with real ingredients instead of mostly corn. I will buy it again and recommend it to people that care what's in their dogs food. by on 01/29/2016
    I purchased it but my dog wouldn't have anything to do with it. He is a fussie eater so that may be it also. by on 01/29/2016
  • great food
    my dog seems to really like it but i will not be changing my current brand by on 01/29/2016
  • Awesome
    My dog really enjoyed the food I felt it was very good quality and something I felt good about feeding my dog. by on 01/29/2016
  • He really liked it!
    My do really likes this food and I will definitely purchase it and put it in our dog food rotation. by on 01/29/2016
  • pinchmer
    Although my dog enjoyed the product, I have not purchased this item. by on 01/29/2016
  • Good for dog
    I'm happy with product and the value for the money. My dog loves it by on 01/29/2016
  • Dogs Love It !!!!
    I received a sample of Iams Dry Dog food and my dogs loved it. Also, it did NOT upset him stomach as the previous food did. Have purchased 2 bags !!! by on 01/29/2016
  • great foid
    I bought this for my dogs and even the picky ones loved it by on 01/29/2016
  • grain free
    I really like to try new dog food as my chihuahua is so picky, she really liked this by on 01/29/2016
  • Dogs love it!
    My dogs loved the taste and ate it better then most other brands I have bought in the past. by on 01/29/2016
  • My dog loves this food and it makes her coat shiny
    My dog has been on iams her whole life and she's 9 years old. Everytime we go to the vet, they comment on how healthy she is. Her coat is super shiny and she is a very happy dog! by on 01/29/2016
  • my dog didn't like it, but my mom's dog did
    my dog didn't like it, but my mom's dog did. so yeah, her dog ate it by on 01/29/2016
  • Great
    My dogs loved this food and did not get indigestion by on 01/29/2016
  • She loved it
    My dog is a picky eater and this was a dry food that she ate every day, not just the first time. by on 01/29/2016
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