Holt Control Harness
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At a Glance
Gives you total control without pinching or chafing your dog
Comes in three sizes, small, medium and large
Sturdy one-piece nylon construction

Holt Control Harness

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At a Glance
Gives you total control without pinching or chafing your dog
Comes in three sizes, small, medium and large
Sturdy one-piece nylon construction

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Controlling your dog on a walk isn't always easy, especially when a squirrel runs by! The Holt Control Harness helps keep your dog under control without painfully pressing on his vocal cords or pinching his front legs.
The black nylon harness comes in three sizes, for small, medium, and large dogs and is easy to use and secure. The harness applies even pressure under the girth so there's no pinching behind the front legs.
Dog owners have reported that the harness thwarted even the most ambitious four-legged escape artist without chafing. Make walking a joy for you and your dog!
  • Coastal Pet Brand
  • Harnesses Accessories & Apparel
  • Love Wellness Philosophy
  • Black Color
  • Nylon Material
  • Rope Material
  • Dog Pet Type

What Is the Best Harness for a Dog That Pulls?

Holt Control Harness, made of metal hardware and durable braided nylon is one of the best harness options one can opt for their dog. The harness is effective in aiding you to control your dog in a humane way. The harness does not pinch the dog behind the front legs rather it applies even pressure under the girth. Holt Control Dog Harness is available in 3 sizes from small to large to help you with the applicable harness option for your dog.

How Do You Put On a Holt Dog Harness?

Putting on Holt Control Harness is a very simple process with a few steps. First, measure the dogโ€™s girth and neck. This will allow you to choose the appropriate harness size for your dog. In the next step adjust the loop and open the harness. When you have a loop size that can slip over your dogโ€™s head, help your dog in it. Help your dog put their legs through and then slide the keeper down to remove the slack.

Can You Leave a Dog Harness on All the Time?

Putting your dog in a harness round the clock can be very uncomfortable for them. Let them be free once they are back to the house. Pets with long hair often get messy by putting on the harness for a long time. Their long hair gets caught up in the harness and it becomes a bit tricky to take the harness out. Also, you should pay attention to the fact that if the harness is wet, it should not be kept on the dog for a long time. It may lead to skin infection and rashes. If your dog pulls hard during the walks, avoid using collars as it increases the chances of neck injury.

How to Measure Your Dog to Get the Perfect Harness Fit?

With the help of a flexible measuring tape measure the dogโ€™s body. For achieving near-to-perfect measuring accuracy, make your dog stand squarely. Start measuring from a point about 2 inches behind the front legs. The Perfect Fit system has three size ranges with just about sized clips and buckles for each. Start with the measurement of the dogโ€™s girth. Ascertain the girth piece size and perfect fit size range. Then find the right front and top pieces. Put together the three pieces (girth strap, front, and top pieces) and put the harness on the dog.

Do Dogs Pull More With a Harness?

As a natural tendency, we refrain from a situation that strains us more. Your dog also has the same reaction to a choke chain or a pointy collar. It is often believed that dogs tend to pull more if they are put on a harness but on the contrary a non-agonizing harness never causes any change in the dogโ€™s behavior. You may also use no-pull or anti-pull harnesses. It is ideal for dogs who have a tendency to explore more while walking. These harnesses can help you get total control of your dog even from a sudden very strong pull.

Are Harnesses Safe for Dogs?

A harness reduces the strain from the strong pulls by your dog while out on a walk or traveling on a leash. A good harness decreases the stress on your dogโ€™s neck and joints and increases your control over the dog. Make note that a poorly fitted harness can cause a greater injury than a dog collar. When crossing a busy street, or passing through a congested marketplace with a big dog, harnesses can act as a real savior. It will help you better control and direct your furry friend towards the right path and also will ease your back and hands.

How Long Does a Harness Last?

The longevity of a harness depends on the quality of the harness, usage, and occasions of wear and tear during its lifetime. Some of the safety harnesses if maintained properly can last up to 10 years, depending on the storage and usage conditions. However, you should check the harness regularly before using it to avoid any inappropriate situation on the road.

Why Are Front Clip Harnesses Bad?

The front harnesses sit atop some of the very important muscles of the body like the biceps and the muscles extending to the shoulder. The lack of appropriate motion and the compression of the shoulder may lead to a number of complexities. It may lead to inflammation, shoulder pain, bursitis, and arthritis.

What Age Should You Start Leash Training a Puppy?

You should start training your dog leash skills from the time when they are four to six weeks old.

Small is for neck size of 8''- 14'', and girth less than 20โ€

Medium is for neck size of 14โ€-20โ€, and girth up to 28โ€

Large is for neck size of 18โ€-26โ€, girth up to 36โ€

Made from Nylon

Measure your dog's neck and girth to calculate the harness size to ensure that you are using the proper harness for your dogโ€™s girth. Open the harness, adjusting the loop so that you can slip it over the dogโ€™s head. Pull the dogโ€™s legs through; finally, remove the slack by sliding the keeper down.

Option UPC/SKU
Small 076484093760
Medium 076484093777
Large 076484093784

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