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Great toy for catch and tug-o-war!


Rated 5 out of 5 by 5 reviewers.

My Jack Russell Terrier loves this toy

I have a one year old Jack Russell terrier who destroys most chew toys in a matter of minutes. Received this ball last week and he loves it. Putting a treat inside the ball where he can see it rolling around but he has to work to get at it really stimulates him and keeps him occupied for long periods of time, he loves to chase it all over the house. Great product. by on 11/22/2013
Thor and Callie - two great danes

We buy the biggest size of this ball for our two great danes, and they absolutely love it. They do destroy it (but let's face it, they haven't met a toy they didn't destroy, they're danes), but I keep buying them new. Even after they destroy it, they still play with any little rubber pieces they can get ahold of that we missed in the cleanup. I am buying my third ball right now! :) by on 10/09/2012
Not indestructable

Our dog ripped it in the first minute he had it, but he loved it. by on 04/19/2010

My BC loves to chew and has gone through tons of toys. This is the ONLY one she has not been able to chew up - or even leave a mark on it! I put little things (like small balls) inside the ball and she can't get them, but it keeps her entertained. I LOVE the material and wish they made MORE toys. by on 04/11/2009
My Dogs' Long Time Favorite

I have two boxer bulldogs and they have both loved this ball ever since they first saw it. This is the only ball that they will continue to retrieve when they get tired - the holes allow them to breathe when carrying the ball in their mouths.And this ball is tough - they use it for tug-o-war all of the time and it has held up nicely. by on 08/11/2008
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