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Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight Chicken & Liver Canned Cat Food Product Reviews

Give your grown cat the weight loss nutrition they need with a taste they can't resist. Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Liver & Chicken Entree wet food provides your adult cat with breakthrough weight management nutrition using real chicken and vegetables. This canned cat food made with natural ingredients provides clinically proven technology for healthy weight maintenance & long-lasting weight support. In fact, 70% of cats have shown visible results within 10 weeks. There’s more... Read More

Rated 4 out of 5 by 8 reviewers.

Perfect cat food for my cats

Both of my cats love this cat food. It is their favorite and they can't get enough it. They love it! by on 06/16/2022
my cat will not touch this flavor. Does not like liver.

Tried feeding this to my cat as recommended by vet. by on 09/19/2020
I am trying to get r/d in a 3 oz. can so I don't need

Not as good as r/d. I am trying to get 3 oz. cans so I don't need to refridgerate the remaining in the 5.5 oz can. by on 07/22/2015
My cats love it!

We have only just started using this brand, but my cats both seem to really love it! They lick their plates clean and ask for more. I like that it has healthy ingredients that they enjoy and it will help them both be at a healthy weight. by on 06/03/2015
Why don't you make more like this

My cat really doesn't like any other flavors you have but she loves the chicken with vetg why don't you make a beef and vetg and turkey and vetg? She eats turkey , beef and chicken in other brands.I would have like her to stay on Science Diet completely. So Right now I have to feed her Chicken and vetg and Hills Science Diet Dry food. by on 08/04/2014
my cat loves it

My cat loves the taste, it has vegetables, and it's very low cat is satiated and filled with a small portion. Since my cat starting eating this along with a little dry food of the same brand and type he was able to loose one pound and a half within 2months which the vet said it's impressive weight loss for a cat. It's also vet approved by on 06/21/2014
Cat's loved the taste

I give my cats a very small amount of canned food daily as a "treat". We are using the companion dry product for weight loss. This way I know their daily treat is nutritious and is not adding alot of extra calories to their daily amount of food. by on 05/13/2014
Cats Found It Tasty!

I have several cats so one sample can was devoured quickly. In fact there was a spat over who licked the plate clean. The cats like this variety as well as any Hills canned cat food. I think this in combination with the dry Perfect Weight would be a good diet for cats that tend to overeat, get fat or suffer from hairballs. If a cat becomes a lounger rather than being active this would also be a nice change. by on 04/29/2014