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Hill's Science Diet Adult Savory Stew Beef & Vegetables Canned Dog Food Product Reviews

Send your adult dog running to the bowl with a recipe that supports their prime years. Hill's Science Diet Adult Savory Stew with Beef & Vegetables is a delicious way to provide precisely balanced nutrition that enhances the overall health and wellbeing of your pet. This dog food made with natural ingredients blends real meat, brown rice, and a medley of delectable vegetables including peas and carrots, all smothered in a delicious gravy grown dogs love. The precise balance of key nutrients prov... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 14 reviewers.

Great dog food
I feed half a can to our pit bull and she loves it. Never leaves any behind. Rosie recognizes the can and comes to attention immediately! by on 07/15/2020
Terrific food
I switched my little Maltese dog over to Science Diet food for adults the beef and vegetables and I'm sitting here watching her clean the bowl she never enjoyed food like this before there's a lot to be said about Science Diet and I do recommend it it was great watching her enjoy eating for a change instead of leaving the food behind a little expensive but worth the price by on 02/25/2019
my dog is satisfied after eating his science diet and he
We used to feed our dog other can foods and he would leave half of it when we feed him the beef with vegtables he licks the dish and looks for more he is one happy dog thanks to Science Diet. by on 12/22/2015
You can see the vegatables in the stew product.
My dogs come running at dinner time. It seems like stew, they savor every bit. by on 09/22/2015
My dog loves the different stews offered by Science Diet. She loves the gravy and vegetables along with the meat chunks. Her dish is licked clean! by on 09/18/2015
This particular can food is my dogs favorite.
They love the way it taste. They lap it up in just a couple of minutes. This is my treat to them daily, along with their dry food. It makes me feel good to know, I am feeding my animals nutritious food that they enjoy eating. Thank you Hills, for making such a tasty, nutritious product. by on 08/02/2014
My dog loves the taste
When he sees his canned food being taken out of the cabinet he stands and watches me open it and patiently waits for me to prepare his wet food with his dry food. He likes how the can food gives his dry food gravy in it. He gobbles it up, sometimes he gets full and saves some for later in his bowl. HaHa by on 07/15/2014
Aiko seems to love the gravy and veggies
The product is very appetizing. Looks almost like beef stew that I make by on 04/24/2014
My two golden retrievers love this food
They can't get enough of it. They like the whole adult wet food line. It makes them happy and me too, because they were so picky at what they ate before. by on 01/06/2014
Our Chiqita loves your food
Our havanese Chiquita cannot get enough of this food. She literally waits at her food dish for meal - if not on time she starts barking and letting us know enough is enough!!! by on 01/04/2014
This product has great features.
My dog now has the most beautiful coat thanks to your food! by on 12/17/2013
Dogs love dinner time!
Our dogs absolutely love this canned food. They normally get excited for any canned food on top of their dry kibble, but this stew makes them both excited before and after! Our oldest lab has a habit of rubbing his back all over the carpet after he's eaten dinner (pure satisfaction!); our middle lab always comes up to me with 'puppy kisses' after she eats this stew. Dinner time is a popular, energetic time in our house - not without Science Diet! by on 05/21/2013
Add variety, nutritiously!
You want your dog Lean, strong, and agile But lots of treats might Make him fragile. Yet, he will run, not walk, to dinner When you serve Savory Stew, a winner! You feel great; your pet feels "treated." Hill's new stew--just what we needed! by on 05/17/2012
This product is wonderful.
My dog loves this food. The beef comes in little squares so I actually cut the squares into fours so she thinks she is getting more! While I am doing this she actually sits there so she can lick the butter knife clean. She can not get enough of this. With her other food we had to trick her into eating. Not with this food. This food is quality food. Any dog would love the beef chunks and real stew ingredients, like potatoes, carrots and peas you can actually see. We give her the whole line of wet foods. They are all great and all recommended. A different flavor every night by on 05/16/2012