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Hill's Science Diet Adult Light Liver Recipe Canned Dog Food Product Reviews

Want to give your adult dog a tasty, low-calorie pet food? Hill's Science Diet Adult Light with Liver canned dog food has 14% less fat and 19% fewer calories than Hill's Science Diet Adult Gourmet Turkey Entree canned dog food to help your grown dog achieve an ideal body weight. This wet dog food made with natural ingredients packs quality protein and natural fibers to keep your dog satisfied between meals. This formula contains omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E to support healthy skin and shiny... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 13 reviewers.

Love this canned food
My dogs love it . It is not soupy but is moist. by on 02/15/2019
Too moist
Product has changed from excellent to poor. Now too moist to spread over dry food by on 08/16/2016
Makes great treats!
Take a portion, thin it out slightly with a little water, spread to about 1/8 inch on parchment paper placed on cookie sheet. Bake at 180 degrees for about 3 hours. break into pieces an refrigerate in plastic baggie. Give in place of other treats. by on 03/06/2016
my dog enjoys this very much
need to have more coupons available . a can of food is pricey but will buy it for my dog. every little bit helps by on 12/03/2014
Good quality that my pups love!
I was originally free feeding with Science Diet dry food & my pups started to over indulge & put on a few pounds. The nutritionist at my vets office started them on Adult Light w/Liver wet food & we've watched the extra weight come off. They each weigh 15 lbs. & are fed one can per day...1/3 ea. for breakfast/lunch/dinner. They have been maintaining their weight & look great, plus they love the food & will let me know if I'm a few minutes late serving it to them! by on 08/28/2014
This product is good for weight loss
I have been looking for products to feed my dog to assist in weight loss. I am pleased my dog did not shy away from this product even though it is a lighter version canned dog food. She enjoys the food and still benefits from a lighter meal. by on 08/13/2014
This was purchased because I always buy canned or wet food to give our doggies their meds. I buy all brands & types, usually for the products that provide coupons. We feed both dogs Science Diet dry food as their main meal. This light wet food, however, is a tad too dry.....good for the health aspects, but very hard to mold around the pills, as it tends to crumble and not adhere to the pills. That is the only "problem," however, as they both love the taste and like it mixed with their dry food. by on 07/21/2014
A Taste Worth Waiting For
For the past few years, the Adult Light with Liver has been the staple of my cocker spaniel's diet. Early on, he made it very clear that this is the ONLY canned food that he would eat, so we mix it with his dry food. While we're preparing his meal, though, he becomes so impatient for this taste that he places his paw against my ankle as if to speed up the process. The only thing that seems to make him happier than this dish of food is enjoying yet another. Thank goodness that Hill's has discovered a way to satisfy his craving and to keep his weight in line. by on 05/18/2012
Weight control
Our boxer loves this food when mixed with Light dry food and it helps her to maintain an ideal weight (per our vet). by on 05/17/2012
Excellant weight management.
Pros: Our small dog was overweight and had serious back problems which limited his mobility. Our vet recommended a prescription (RD) diet and our dog has lost 20% of his weight. Since reaching the targeted weight, we have feed him Adult Light and he has maintained his weight wonderfully and now runs around the back yard again. Cons: Only one (liver) flavor and freshness has been somewhat variable. by on 05/17/2012
This product best for my dogs
I have 2 Chihuahua's, one overweight and the other perfect weight. They are very picky eaters. I've been using Science Diet light for over 6 years. Many times I have bought other flavors of Science Diet but they both won't touch anything else. I always go back to the Light. by on 05/16/2012
Is a quality dense food
My vet put my one eyed, black and white long haired chihuahua on this food for dieting. I never thought that he would touch it. He always ate table scraps, and had gotten up to almost 12 lbs. His ideal weight is supposed to be 7 lbs. He loves it. At first i thought it was too expensive but it is so dense, its really a great value for the price. I can feed him almost a week on 1 can. I can't believe he will eat something that is good for him! He is down to 8 lbs!!!! Thank you Science Diet! Kathy by on 05/16/2012