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Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Youthful Vitality Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food Product Reviews

Precisely balanced nutrition to fight signs of aging in your Adult 7+ cat. Powerful antioxidants for a healthy brain to support desire in family interactions. Protein and L-carnitine support improved ability to run & play. Controlled minerals to help maintain healthy kidneys & bladder system. High quality, easy-digest ingredients with great taste for your finicky feline. Enriched with fatty acids to promote good grooming habits for less matting and increased softness.... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 25 reviewers.

Disappointing ?
My cats seem to like the taste just fine but it is hard as frigging rock. To be fair to Hill's I can't feed this to one of my cats because when I got him from the shelter his teeth were a mess and we had to pull all but four. Poor Wally ! But still it so hard I am afraid it will break the last four teeth he has and I don't want it breaking any of my other cats teeth. Shame on you Hill's. Why would you make a food like this for elderly cats. by on 11/12/2021
A+ for SD Vitality
An older cat wandered to our house and we have been taking care of him. He had been abused and not in good health. In the 2 months since he became a family member, and feeding him SD senior vitality, his coat is smooth and shiny, overall health is much improved, and as the label suggests he is full of vitality for his age!! by on 11/08/2021
Minni Mae really likes it & she is slimming down
I feel is it high quality and very good for my Minni Mae by on 05/31/2021
Why is there corn in this food
I look at all the ingredients they all look good but the corn is not what I want my cat to eat.I would say get rid of the corn and you have a very good quality diet for the cats to eat. by on 09/26/2019
Cat's Favorite Food
My cat loves this food and it has made his coat very soft. He is more active now and doing great at his last vet check up. I also like the ingredients in this youthful vitality formula. I will feed him this from now on. by on 08/06/2018
Youthful Vitality
My cat loves this food. His coat is healthy, it keeps his urinary (UTI) issues at bay and is supposed to be gentle on the kidneys for older cats. Thanks, Hill's!! by on 07/29/2018
Salmon and Vegetable Stew - Yummy, Say My Cats
My three finicky cats lapped up this Science Diet food! They are very picky about their meals, often rejecting the food that I put in their bowls. Not so with this combo. All three licked their bowls clean. I always buy dry Science Diet food/kibbles and occasionally try their canned food and this one will definitely go on my "buy" list. by on 08/06/2017
Great texture
Cody seems more active and playful. I see him darting from room to room. by on 07/31/2017
My Cat Says Yummmmmy!
My cat usually does not go for something like ocean fish or salmon. I will say she likes this one. She cleaned her plate - which is unusual - she is more of a grazer. She even lingered in the kitchen - hoping for a bit more. by on 07/26/2017
Kitty searched out the salmon flavor can
My cat loved the salmon and tuna most of all. She gets tired easily of one flavor. I have to be prepared to move her to another one within 3 days. She loved the chicken and vegetables and is still eating it. When I introduced the salmon, she took to it immediately. Feeding time is a pleasure now. by on 07/24/2017
My Review
I first tried this cat food about 2 weeks ago, I was just the right size to split between both of my cats. Both cats really seemed to like the flavor and the cosistency of the food. There was just the right amount of gravy. I would definately recommend this to others by on 07/24/2017
I have three senior cats who get wet food as a special treat or because I need something to mix with medicine. I use the pate food to mix with medicine because it works better for that purpose, but the chunky food is a good treat. Usually, the chunks are too big or for some other reason the cats have a hard time lapping it up. But this stew food was a big hit. My cats gobbled it up at top speed. Sometimes, they pick at seafood flavors as if they can tell the quality is not fresh. However, the cats really dug this salmon recipe. The only trouble they had was getting the tiny bits of carrot that stuck to the plate. At least, I think it was carrot because the ingredient label was covered up by a warehouse label. But I think my cats would like this food all the time. They have to have crunchy food though because it gets left out all day. I received a free sample of this food but this is my honest opinion. by on 07/22/2017
Good food!
Cat appears more active and playful. Cat also appears to be more willing to participate in self grooming! by on 07/21/2017
Great Food
I have now had the cats on this food for 2 months, They are doing great on this food. More energy and no stomach problems. by on 03/21/2017
My Review
More alert, energetic, agile. Her coat is very shiny, glossy. by on 03/19/2017
My Cats Really Love It
I have 3 cats, all with different food tastes. Across the board, all 3 seem to eat this formula without complaint. My older cat (11 years) has benefited from this food since making the switch about a month ago. She's a long haired Tabby, and has a lot of digestion/hairball issues. It's not gone completely, but a definite decrease in hairball production is evident. WIll definitely continue use. by on 02/26/2017
My dog loved it!
His coat seems shinier and he seems a bit more energetic. He was always excited for meal time. by on 02/25/2017
Great taste my cat loves.
Switched my cat on this food and he loves the taste. by on 11/30/2016
dry cat food
i recieved it but my cat likes canned wet cat food best by on 11/22/2016
My cat loved it!
I have a 13 year old cat who enjoyed this very much. After eating for a few weeks, I noticed his energy improved substantially. He was chasing and playing with our other cats, who are less than half his age. The texture of his coat improved as well; it was less course and softer. I would buyt this for my cats in the future. They all loved the taste. The only suggestion I would have is that since this food is geared toward older cats, maybe make the food into softer morsels, rather than hard, crunchy bits. by on 11/06/2016
good stuff!
I received this product about a month ago. From the first day my cat ate it, he enjoyed it. He seems more lively and alert now. He coat is thicker and shinier. I am so happy to serve this to him! by on 11/03/2016
All 3 of my cats are on the senior diet, but 2 of them still are prone to hairballs weekly by on 11/02/2016
Excellent nutrition my kitty LOVES!
I started feeding my kitty about 6 weeks ago. She transitioned very well and within a few days preferred the Hill's Adult Chicken recipe. She's 13 years old and has been a bit sluggish as she ages but I'm very happy with her renewed playfulness. She's also been more alert, her mobility is better and she's more interested in interacting with me and even with her buddy, the dog! by on 10/31/2016
It's clear and evident that it's for older cats
I started feeding my cat this food over a month ago and she has enjoyed its small bites. She is over ten years old and has a hard time with the bigger pieces, so it was nice to see a food that she enjoyed and it was easy for her to eat! by on 10/31/2016
Awesome !
Hill's Science Feline Adult 7 + Chicken Recipe (XP850017) I have 2 cats and they both fell in love with this dry food. They don't eat wet food aat all and really enjoyed this selection. For me it was important to see the first ingredient was really chicken and not a filler. by on 10/31/2016