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Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, or Soy Chicken Senior Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Now you can feed the biology-based nutrition of Hill’s Science Diet in recipes with no corn, wheat or soy. Formulated for the specific aging needs of dogs 7+ years old, this delicious dry dog food made with natural ingredients — plus added vitamins, minerals, and amino acids — supports heart and kidney health, beautiful skin and coat, lean muscles, and is easily digestible. It also includes clinically proven antioxidants, vitamins C+E, for a healthy immune system. Made in the U... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 29 reviewers.

Great food
My dog is now addicted to the Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, Soy Dry Food. He refuses to eat anything else. I love that it is healthy for him and I know the ingredients. by on 03/18/2021
Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+
While I loved the idea of this dog food for my senior dog, he just was not crazy about it. I did soften it with a little water but had to mix with other food for him to eat it. by on 03/17/2021
Great product
I received a free sample of Hill's Science Diet to review from pinch me. It was the Adult 7+ no corn, wheat, or soy dry food. My dog loves this food & I like the good ingredients. I really like that the bag is resealable. I would recommend this product. by on 03/15/2021
Great product
Hills Science Diet is a great product I feel good about feeding my dog.It is made with premium ingredients and my dog loves eating it. by on 03/09/2021
My dog was still hungry
I tried Hill's Science Diet's Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, Soy Dry Food and my dog seemed to really like the flavor, but even when I fed him the maximum amount it says for his size he was still very hungry. He started begging for food during the day which he doesn't usually do. I ended up mixing this food 50/50 with his regular food and he was much better. I'm not sure why this happened but I probably won't be getting this food again. by on 03/04/2021
Good for older dogs
HILL'S SCIENCE DIET ADULT 7+ NO CORN, WHEAT, SOY DRY DOG FOOD was nice for my older dog. Sheseemed to enjoy the food and it was easy for her to eat! by on 01/14/2021
Hills science Diet
My adult dog have enjoyed the Hills Science Diet Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, Soy Dry Food".dry dog food. He's a picky eater but he hasn't turned his nose up to it. by on 01/14/2021
Great product
I decided to try Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, Soy Dry Food for my small elder dogs. The smaller pieces were perfect and my dogs ate it up. It does say promotes energy and I'll say my guys seemed to be more active after eating this for a week. by on 01/14/2021
I got a sample of Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+no corn, wheat, soy dry dog food. I was looking for a new food for our dog as he stopped eating his normal food. He just loved this food! He cleaned his dish each time I filled his dish. I would recommend trying this food if your dog is picky. by on 01/14/2021
He Likes It! Pap Approved!
Even though I received HILL'S SCIENCE DIET ADULT 7+ NO CORN, WHEAT, SOY DRY DOG FOOD #FreetoReview all opinions expressed are truly from my own personal experience with using the product. My 9 year old chihuahua Pap has always been the pickiest of dogs. It is extremely rare that I find an occasion where he eats anything other than his usual brand of dog food. I was elated when he actually began eating this dog food. He genuinely kept eating it so much that I had to restrict him from eating too much! It makes me happy when he's happy. I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND this product to anyone who has an adult dog 7+ who is a picky eater. by on 01/13/2021
Hill Science Diet
The Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat,Soy Dry Food was very appealing and appetizing to my two adult dogs. My dogs had more energy and satisfaction of hunger after eating the dry food. by on 01/13/2021
Happy Dog
Hills science diet adult 7+ no corn, wheat, soy dry food is an excellent choice for my Maltese. He loved it and I have notice that he has more energy and his coat is shinier. by on 01/12/2021
My dog annoys me now
My dog never got excited about dinner and would casually graze. Now he demands dinner and will bark at his food 5 mins before actually eating it. It's kind of annoying, kind of cute. Well stick with this though just because he seems to like it. by on 01/11/2021
Dogs loved this food
Both of my dogs really loved Hill's Science Diet, Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, Soy Dry Food. They would wait for me to put it in their bowl and eat it all up. by on 01/11/2021
Quality and quanity
Hills Science Diet Adult 7+ No corn, wheat, soy dry food is awesome! Both our senior dogs loved it, and the quality can't be beat! by on 01/11/2021
Great Dog Food
I tried Hills Science Diet Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, Soy Dry Food and my dog loves it. My dog is very picky about what he eats and trust me when I tell you he wont eat just any dog food but he tried this one with no problem and he sniffs around the bag when he wants more. Plus it is healthy he is getting up there in age and I want to keep him as healthy as possible for as long as possible..This dog food is great. by on 01/11/2021
Dog loved them
Hills science diet was great for my dog. She usually doesn't like anything dog food wise and she loved this one. Was gone in a few days tops! by on 01/11/2021
Dog Approved!
This Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, Soy Dry Food was definitely a hit with our pups! It settled well with their tummies, and they seemed to enjoy the flavor as well! Dog Approved! by on 01/11/2021
Great Food
My dogs have always been Science Diet fans. This was a new variety that wasn't available before and that this dog had never tried. He is very particular about his food and treats, but liked the taste immediately. It did not upset his stomach and has a nice texture an a very pleasant aroma. by on 01/11/2021
Wonderful and my dogs loved it! Will repurchase!
I have three dogs, all different breeds and sizes. They all love this food; it has caused absolutely no stomach issues. "Hill's science diet" is definitely my number one now! the quality ingredients is amazing by on 01/10/2021
Dogs love this Food
Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, Soy Dry Food is a great product. My two shihtzus, ages 11&12 love it by on 01/10/2021
Dog liked it
My dog liked Hill's Science Diet dog food. He has a sensitive stomach and didn't have any digestion issues. Thank you! by on 01/10/2021
Great food for seniors
We were lucky enough to try a sample of Hills Science Adult 7+ No corn, wheat or soy dry food. Both my dachounds loved it. Nice smaller size for them to chew and an obviously yummy flavor because they inhaled it. by on 01/08/2021
My dogs ate it up...
My dogs who are both 10 years old seem to like the Hill's Science Diet "Adult 7+ no corn, wheat, soy dry food" I'm planning on buying it when this bag is done by on 01/08/2021
My dogs love this
My dogs flipped over this food, they went to the bowl as soon as i put some in and they ate the whole day by on 01/08/2021
My Shorkie Loved This Food!
I received this as a free product from PINCHme, which is perfect for my 8 1/2 year old Shorkie named Millie. She can have a sensitive stomach at times; however, this food does not seem to bother her and she enjoys the taste. With the size of the kibble being small, it is easy for her to chew with her tiny mouth. I have recently made the switch to Hill's Science Diet food for her to eat on a daily basis. I highly recommend! by on 01/07/2021
My dog loved this food!
We tried Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, Soy Dry Food and I was so impressed because my dog gobbled it right up. He is usually a picky eater with what kind of food I get, so when I got a "diet" food for him that was actually good for him, I was a bit nervous he would not eat it, but he did! He actually loved it! I feel so much better feeding him something good for him, instead of food that I don't know a lot of the ingredients that go into it. Will be buying this again after this bag is gone! by on 01/07/2021
Very impressed
I received a free bag of Hill's Science Diet, Adult 7+ No Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dry Food from PINCHme to try and review. My little girl who's 16yrs old and very picky loves this food. I don't need to say anything else, I'm sold because she likes it. I highly recommend this to everyone. by on 01/07/2021
Dog likes it
My dog enjoys this food and the ingredients seem to be clean ingredients by on 01/06/2021