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Hill's Prescription Diet b/d Brain Aging Dry Dog Food is a scientifically formulated diet addressing age-related behaviors in older dogs. As dogs age, they may exhibit cognitive decline, including disrupted sleep patterns, memory loss, and reduced social interaction. Identifying these aging behaviors early on is crucial, and providing the right nutrition can significantly impact their overall well-being. Clinically Proven Nutrition:Hill's Prescription Diet b/d is crafted with clinically pro... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 22 reviewers.

An HONEST review
My precious 15 yr old boy has canine cognitive dysfunction, and the vet recommended this food back in May. He has now been on it 2 months, and I was hoping to see more improvement. Essentially I've seen minimal. He doesn't go to the hinged side of the door anymore but there are still many days of pacing, getting stuck in various places, restless nights. I truly am skeptical of pretty much all the other glowing reviews. And as dar as someone saying within 4 days they had a new dog I say they're flat out lying. I am likely keeping him on this food for the remainder of his life, and I accept the fact that it just may not provide much benefit for him. by on 07/24/2021
Great Resuls
Within 4 days my 16 year old miniature fox terrier has gone from an anxious, incontinent and defensive mess (psychologically), back to her usual friendly, relaxed, continent and settled self. Although the food is expensive, it is worth every cent. by on 09/14/2019
Game changer
Our 13.5 yr. old Lab had surgery to remove an abscessed molar and afterwards he was very disoriented, restless and needy. Our vet suggested we try this food. Within two weeks he was a different dog. His energy level increased such that he now engages our Papillon puppy in play for up to an hour at a time; whereas before the puppy would engage him and he would only be interested for a few minutes. I still can't believe the difference-it's like he gained two years on his life. Every day is a blessing! by on 01/30/2019
This product works!
My 17 year old Jack Russell Terriers was showing signs of cognitive issues. After being on the food for less than 2 weeks, she was back to her old self and doing senior 'zoomies' through the house. She calmed down and stopped pacing the floor so much. She seems much happier. by on 12/13/2018
i love this dog food
My 13 year old suffers from dementia. Walks around pacing and whining a lot. She's very confused. She has gotten better since being on this food. She's still a little confused but not as much. We noticed a huge difference and the price is high for this food but worth it when you see you pet doing better. by on 03/15/2018
digestion problem
My dog has been eating id digestion care and her stomach problems are better. by on 04/11/2017
I have my dog back
This summer my 15+ year old basenji mutt was diagnosed with CCD. It was the most heartwrenching thing I have ever seen. My vet suggested this, as she had other pets show a good response. I was hopeful, but not optimistic. Well, in two weeks I saw my little buddy come back to me. He's not a kid anymore, but the transformation after five months is simply wonderful. by on 09/29/2016
Good description on package on need for diet
My vet ordered prescriptive Digestive Care for my 16 year old Maltese who was having frequent stomach issues on regular Hills Bran because of sensitive GI Tract . This change has made a great difference in this problem,and I am so pleased with the results. I am so happy to see my dog feeling so much better. I have called customer service in the past and have always been taken care of with knowledge and caring. by on 06/29/2016
My Corgi has a new lease on life.
Between receiving a B12 injection recently and the new dog food my dog has nearly completely changed. His eyesight and hearing are still problematic but his energy level has greatly increased. He no longer walks into a room wondering why he is there, he is no longer thirsty around the clock (B12 helps with this), he loves to go on walks, and is generally a "different dog." The signs of cognitive decline started when he turned 13 and he s now 13.8. He had the shot a week ago and has been on b/d for a week as well. by on 01/19/2015
works well for our aging dog
our dog is 17 years old and since we have switched dog foods he has been more active and alert. Although is an old dog some days he still is almost as active as when he was younger. by on 09/05/2014
Quality of Life Improved
My 9 year old Chinese Crested dog starting having behavioral issues, such as soiling in the house and howling while sitting in the middle of a room. He started acting more and more confused with every day living situations. My veterinarian recommended I try Hill's B/D and it has made a huge difference in our lives. He no longer sits and howls, asks to go outside again and is altogether a happy dog! And I am a happy owner. Amazing what a diet can do to help with the cognitive function of our pets to help enrich the last years of their life. by on 09/04/2014
Great Taste
Since switching my dog to this his weight is good and his coat looks better. Plus he loves the taste. by on 07/07/2014
only one that really works
standard poodles have finicky digestive systems..this is the only dog food that works completely.. by on 06/11/2014
b/d diet for aging and alertness
I have just started this diet with my 13 year old border collie who shows signs of cognitive dysfunction. She loves the food and her behavior does seem better after just one full bag. Hopefully, this trend will continue. by on 05/19/2014
helped get my dog well.
My 11 lb. min pin had pancreitis , he is 10 years old, beign put on your perscription dog food returned hiom to good heath and was much more nutrisis than boiled white rice. by on 05/02/2014
Helps a great deal about keeping my dog's weight down! by on 04/26/2014
my dog likes it
since starting almost one year ago my 13 year old dog no longer get up,takes a few steps,then stands there lost. He rarely voids in the house since he now remembers what he got up to do. my dog also seems happier. He rarely declines a meal since he likes his kibble. by on 04/24/2014
This product was fantastic
My 11 1/2 year old german short-haired pointer had blood work done that indicated kidney problems and when the results came back all his numbers were elevated. It was recommended by my vet to use this food and after 3 weeks I had to return him to the vet for another issue and they tested his blood again and they all came back in the normal range. I was amazed how fast the food helped him. The transition from his regular food to this product was easy with no side effects. by on 04/15/2014
My dog loves the food!
My King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (Heather) has had gastrointestinal problems from when she was a puppy. As a result, my vet recommended Hills Science Prescription. As long as I keep Heather on this diet, she has no problems. It's a wonderful product, and I highly recommend it. by on 03/21/2014
This product is helpful with my dog's joints.
My dog does not wine when moving as much. He runs, walks, and moves better. Than you for the help. by on 03/06/2014
the Quality is good
my dog is doing well with is food but at first he stayed away for two days until he was hungry enough. by on 12/31/2013
Absolutely recommended
My male pug is 14 years old and 3 years ago I noticed age-related changes at his behaviour. I made a research and decided to put him on Hill's Prescription Diet B/D. The results were obvious even from the 3rd week. If you don't believe in miracles, my little precious dog is a proven miracle. by on 02/11/2013