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For dogs and cats with liver and iron deficiencies
Fortified with antioxidants
Can be mixed with food or water

Hi-Vite Drops

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.

  • Helped save my fading kittens
    I have had 2 kittens diagnosed with "fading kitten syndrome" and I feel that the Hi-Vite vitamins helped to save them. They are healthy and happy now. I also have used it on my older cats over the years and feel that it helped to extend their lives. by on 08/29/2014
  • They brought my Lab back to life!
    My 13yr old Labrador was suffering from low blood counts and weak and tired a lot..this Hi-Vite Product has given her new lease on life, and brought back the color to her gums.she is improving daily!I highly reccomend this product by on 06/15/2010
  • Saved my cat's life
    My cat was very sick about 2 years ago and I almost lost him to intestinal problems. As a result of these problems he became severely anemic and was put on Hi-Vite Drops. I can't say enough about the changes in my little boy since he started these vitamins. He went from an Hct of 14 to a now stabilized 35, which is now in perfect normal range. He has his life back and so do I!! Thank you soooo much for stocking this "lifesaver" at such an affordable price. by on 05/13/2009
  • My Pug loves these drops
    This product is absolutely amazing....I give my Pug half a tube full of Hi-vite every night followed by a milk-bone treat to wash it down...I've been doing this since he was 8 weeks old, the first thing every one says about Hercules is how beautiful and shiny his black coat is along with how clear his e1 are for a Pug....I love this product and as soon as I'm running out, I don't skip a beat to buy another bottle, for the price there's no product better!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! by on 10/04/2008
  • Great Product and Outstanding Service
    I have been ordering the Hi Vite Vitamins for a long time and have never had a problem. I am always impressed with the fast delivery service; most other outlets, after you pay $5.99 for shipping, you have to wait sometime several weeks to get the product. I ordered the vitamins on Sunday and received them the following Wednesday....NOW THAT IS GREAT SERVICE! Also, the prices are great; if I get these vitamins from a vet, it would cost me double, at least, for the same vitamins. In this time of increased prices for anything and everything, I appreciate the great prices.Keep up the great work; I have friends that also order from your website and more than welcome the opportunity to promote your company to them for their needs. by on 07/05/2008
  • Kitty loves this - great price
    My vet recommended this product for my cat recently. While placing a standard order for Frontline, I figured I would check out the price of this medicine & if they carried it. Couldn't beat the price & my kitty loves to take this as if it were a treat!!!! Service with petRX is great, timely, & cost efficient. by on 04/14/2008
  • Hi Vite Drops are great
    My cats have found new energy and no longer spend their day sleeping in their bed, but get up, walk around, watch TV with us, come into the bedroom at night. High Vit drops are a miracle. by on 05/22/2007
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