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The Heartgard brand is among the most trusted heartworm prevention medications, and for good reason. Heartgard Plus Chewables for Dogs helps protect your dog's health by preventing canine heartworm disease, as well as kill hookworms, and roundworms.

Options Available: Blue, 25 lbs. and under, 6 Month Supply Green, 26-50 lbs., 6 Month Supply Brown, 51-100 lbs., 6 Month Supply Brown, 51-100 lbs., 12 Month Supply Blue, 25 lbs. and under, 12 Month Supply Green, 26-50 lbs., 12 Month Supply

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 702 reviewers.

  • Fast Shipping
    I am very satisfied with PetCareRx. The shipping was fast. by on 04/27/2008
  • great price and service
    I will be using this site every year for my dogs heart worm meds. The price was the best I could find. I did end up ordering the flea meds from another site that had a better price but the heart worm from this site could not be beat. by on 04/27/2008
  • Heart Gaurd Plus is Excellent
    Our Golden retriever loves the taste of the Heart Guard chewable, so it is very easy to administer to our pet. by on 04/27/2008
  • Seizures and Heartgard
    Our chocolate lab was given Heartgard as treatment during the first 18 months of his life. During that time he also developed epilepsy; we started him on seizure medications (phenobarbitol and KBr). He continued with seizures, and fifty percent of the time that he had seizures,they occurred within 2 days of his taking Heartgard. We switched to Interceptor and he's been fine! Just a warning for those with epileptic animals! by on 04/26/2008
  • My dogs Love them
    What a great way to get my dogs to take medication and they think it's just a treat. With Tablets, it is very hard for me to get my dogs to eat them. They love them and so do I. by on 04/26/2008
  • Ease in ordering
    Duffy is a 4 yr old Wheaton Terrier and has been on Heartguard most of his life. We recently moved and have not had to visit the vet yet, but PetCareRx took care of seeing that Duffy got his Heartguard. I will order again in the future. by on 04/26/2008
  • My Molly dog loves this.
    My Molly is now 4 years old and I have been using the Heartgard Plus all the time, I never have any trouble getting her to take it. Great product. by on 04/26/2008
  • Heartguard at a great price!
    PetCare Rx is a very convenient and affordable way to ensure my dog is protected against harmful pests. She loves the taste of Heartguard so there is no need for me to chase her in the process! That coupled with the lower price guarantees I have found a new location for any future prescription needs. Thank You! by on 04/26/2008
  • Great Choice
    As an adopted pet owner was not sure how she would take medication but not a problem, just like a treat by on 04/26/2008
  • Heartguard review
    Your prices are great - especially when I'm able to use a $10 coupon off a $35 order plus you provided free shipping - excellent!! by on 04/26/2008
  • no hassle refills
    I have used Heartguard Plus for many years and know that Merial makes a great product. I enjoy ordering from PetCareRx as they remind me of refills and there is no hassle even if the prescription expires--they contact my vet for updated prescription. by on 04/23/2008
  • PetCareRx does all the work!
    It's great that PetCareRx calls your vet for the proper prescription. Also, I asked our vet if he could match the price with PetCareRx...and he said the unfortunately, he could not, or there would be no point in him selling the product. by on 04/21/2008
  • Precious Pup is Picky
    My dachshund is a very picky eater, but she loves the taste of her Heartgard. And I know she's getting the protection she needs. I can't put a price on her good health, but with puchasing Heartgard through this site, it's very economical. I know this product gives her the chance to live a long and healthy life. by on 04/19/2008
  • Shih Tzu's Owner
    We have five Shih Tzu's and they all love heartguard. We don't have any problems getting them to take the medicine. It is very easy to give and comes with reminders for your calendar. by on 04/19/2008
  • yorkie
    i have a yorkie and i have to fight him to eat it. i usually hide it in some hot dog meat. the product is great, and the price is even better. by on 04/19/2008
  • Smart Move
    We found that the Pet Care Rx supplies are great products. We tried othersand did not care for them. With Heart gaurd Plus we have not had any problems. Our Chihuahua's are very health and with products from Pet Care Rx they'll stay that way. We love our Chi's and they get the best.The prices are less exspensive, who can't use that?Thanks PetCare Rx. by on 04/19/2008
  • Service in a flash
    I highly recommend Pet Care RX. I experienced fast friendly helpful service. I love the discounted prices also, with 2 dogs it makes a difference. by on 04/19/2008
  • Greatly pleased
    I have utmost confidence in the Heartguard. My dog has been on it for 9 years and has always had a favorable checkup. by on 04/16/2008
  • Heartgard
    Easy to use and my dog loves it. He thinks he is getting a treat. by on 04/16/2008
  • Fianally sucess
    After a phone Call and a changing of a few misunderstandings we did get our order for HeartGuard We are well pleased as it cost us less than at veternairan Supplies About Half Price Our thanks Louis & June I wish that you had daily dog vitiamins and Bone strenght at a good price. We use VitaChews for dogs Daily multi-Vitamin with minerals by on 04/15/2008
  • Great product, great price, fast service
    We always use Hartgard Plus for our pooch and haven't had a problem. The chewables seem to be the easiest way to go and our dog seems to like the taste. The expiration date was far enough away that I don't have to worry about odering 6 months supply in advance and having them expire before dispensed. Ordering from PetCare Rx is easy and comprable in price if not better. I will use them again in the future for sure. by on 04/12/2008
  • great service
    I am very pleased with the service and the product. Fast shipping as well. I will definitely comeback for my dogs needs. Thanks by on 04/12/2008
  • Convenient
    Very convenient and cheaper than the Vet or Petsmart. Love the fact that there is no delievry charge. by on 04/12/2008
  • Price and Service can't be beat!
    Was very happy with the savings, as compared to buying at the animal hospital and, the free shipping plus receiving our order within 2 days, without any expediting charge, was great! Thanks for your great prices and service. by on 04/12/2008
  • Great customer service!
    I highly recommed using PetCareRx. I was having trouble with my vet because they wanted me to buy Heartguard from them at a 60% markup. They did not want to match the Petcare price. Then she went on to say that Petcare products are possibly purchased overseas or on the black market. I explained that they OK'd the sript for my other 3 dogs. What was the difference now? She told me that PetCareRx wouldn't stand behind their products if, the dogs were to contract heartworm. So I called the customer service line and had gotten a 100% guarantee that, if any of my dogs came down with a positive heartworm test, they would reimburse me the medical costs for the treatment of the heartworm. I have 8 animals in all. And I'm very pleased with not only their products, but how they will stand behind them, The customer service lady was very nice and knowledgeable. Thanks Petcare!!Sadie-MI. by on 04/12/2008
  • Great Stuff
    My husky just gobbles the tablet up like a treat. I am so glad. I was afraid it wouldn't go down quite so easy. by on 04/12/2008
  • Saving Money
    Saved $15.00 from the vet price in town. Fast shipping. by on 04/12/2008
  • Service
    This is the most efficient mail order service I have ever seen. I truly appreciate your service. Will definitely do more ordering. by on 04/12/2008
  • Great savings with a great product
    I already agree that Heartgard is a terrific product for my dogs health. Using PetCareRx made it simple and more affordable. I plan to continue using this on-line service. I also appreciate the discount coupons to use for other products. by on 04/12/2008
  • This is a great product.
    I would give this product a 5 paws my yellow Lab is always into everything. Living in a large rual area with swamp, trees and farm fields and around other animals this product has done the job. Always a good clean check-up. She loves the chewable tablet, never a problem with her taking the medication. by on 04/08/2008
  • Effortless
    We give to our dogs the first of every month. They love the taste. Know it's coming by the sound. They enjoy it and all we have to do is give it to them! We have been using Heartgard for years and never once had an issue or concern. by on 04/03/2008
  • tasty treat
    we have been using Heartgard for 3 years and our dogs tests come back great each year and she thinks it is a great treat to take. she'll do all kinds of tricks just for her Heartgard by on 04/02/2008
  • Two Dogs that love their Heartgard treats
    I have two miniature daschunds and they both don't like taking pills, but they love Heartgard. They look forward to getting their medicine treat every month and in two years, I have never had any health issues with either one of them. I highly recommend this product. It works well and the dogs love the taste. by on 04/02/2008
  • Very satisfied customer
    I think that PetCare Rx is very convenient, they have good prices, and the best of all is their customer service always there to help you in a courteous way. by on 03/30/2008
  • So easy to have my dog take it
    It so great you even get stickers to put on your calender to remind you when to give it to your dog each month. My dog thinks its a treat. He comes back looking for more!!! by on 03/25/2008
  • It's a real treat
    We give Heartguard to our small terrier AFTER he gets his flea treatment, so it's like a reward! He behaves so much better for the flea treatment now that he knows he'll be getting his heartguard right away! by on 01/31/2008
  • Picky dog
    My dog is very picky about what she eats, but not when it comes to this! She gets her Frontline and her Heartguard on the same day and she gos crazy for them. She thinks it is the best treat ever. by on 12/10/2007
  • My dog loves it so it's easy to give with no worries
    I have had a dog with heart worms and the treatment at the vet nearly killed my poor dog(1970). He took a long time to recover. Now, I don't have to wait until my pet gets heart worms to treat him. It's easy and he loves the taste. by on 12/01/2007
  • My dogs love this.
    I like that this med is not a pill that I have too try to put in peanutbutter or cheese for my dogs to eat they think this a special treat. by on 11/26/2007
  • Love It!
    This is one of the easiest ways to make sure your pe is protected from heartworms! Dogs love the meaty chunks and I like the convienience. by on 11/10/2007
  • Great product
    Great product for dogs. Very effective for prevention of heartworm. by on 11/05/2007
  • easy too use
    My dog is fussy about taking pills and tablets. With this product she chews it up right away. by on 10/27/2007
  • Great Product
    Totally trust this great product. Easy to administer. My dogs love it. by on 10/19/2007
  • Excellent product
    My dogs have been on this product since the Vet put them on it and my dogs love the taste and it works great. by on 10/10/2007
  • Healthy Dogs
    It's so easy to give our Daisy and Sam Heartgard and it does control the various worms. We're outdoors a lot during the height of mosquito season and they've maintained good health. Expensive, but worth it. by on 09/25/2007
  • My dogs love them
    My dogs think they are treats and just love the product every month. by on 09/14/2007
  • Easy to chew and has a good smell.
    Our pets are somewhat finicky and will not eat just anything. But, they feel that the Heartgard chunks are a special treat. This is why I am highly recommending this product. by on 09/07/2007
  • Healthy heart = happy dog! PROTECT YOUR BELOVED PET!
    Once-a-month & easy to use. No fuss or muss and my 7+ year old dog is still going strong! by on 09/05/2007
  • We call this a "Treat" and he comes running!
    He loves this "treat" over and above any other treat we could give him. It's nice to know that we don't have to shove it down his throat, we just give and can walk away. by on 09/02/2007
  • We call this a "Treat" and he comes running!
    He loves this "treat" over and above any other treat we could give him. It's nice to know that we don't have to shove it down his throat, we just give and can walk away. by on 09/02/2007
  • good product
    my 2 dachshunds take this product well no problems they eat it just like they eat their treats by on 08/27/2007
  • Tasty for dogs!
    #NAME? by on 08/09/2007
  • Heartgard is number one!
    I have been using Hartgard for over 10 years now and I am very happy with the Product. by on 08/07/2007
  • Good Product
    Like it. Good product. But, not worth getting it from online. You save less than $2.00. by on 07/18/2007
  • Have been using the product for more than 10 years
    I have been using Heartguard for more than 10 years with 3 different Dachshunds and not one ever had heartworms or problems with internal parasites. Plus, it is the easiest medicine to administer; it is a once a month "treat" that my dogs look forward to. by on 07/17/2007
  • My vet recommends this for my min pin.
    My min pin weighs 9 lbs., in excellent health and he likes the flavor so I have no problems getting him to take it. by on 07/14/2007
  • Dog Loves It
    He takes it just like a treat and it makes giving it to him so easy. by on 07/13/2007
  • Strongly recommended
    It works very well. It is easy to give and my dog thinks it's a treat rather than medicine. My dog has never had heartworms or any worms of any kind for that matter. by on 07/12/2007
  • BAD TASTE OR NO TASTE!!!!!!!!!!
  • My dog loves the taste.
    If all dogs are like mine then this product will be welcomed as a treat. by on 07/07/2007
  • Great product
    My dogs love these so I don't have to worry about having to force it on them. by on 07/05/2007
  • Something that works!
    My cocker spaniel thinks that the Heartguard treatment is a treat. He comes for it and takes it to his special treat eating spot (under the table) and does not leave a crumb. Having been plagued with fleas I am going to switch to the Heartguard Plus and hope it does as well and that he tolerates it as well too, but the fleas don't. by on 07/05/2007
  • Great Product
    My pomeranians love the taste although I do have to cut them into smaller pieces to make it easier for them to chew. They think it's a treat! by on 07/03/2007
  • Great Product
    I think that this product is great because, the dogs love the taste and look forward to getting it once a month. by on 06/29/2007
  • Purdy looks forward to her Heartgard
    It's easy to order, very reasonable price and Purdy seems to know when it is the first of month. When she sees the little green box, she gets excited and two bits later she is medicated for the month. We love it. by on 06/22/2007
  • Works well
    Our Yorkie is seven years old and for the last two years has lived near a marshy area with a lot of mosquitoes. He is heartworm free! by on 06/17/2007
  • Happy : )
    This was the same product I get from my Vet's but cheaper. I received excellent service. by on 06/16/2007
  • Great product! My dog loves them!
    My Jack Russell loves these. He will do any trick you ask him to for one. It seems like he knows when it's that time of the month to get his Heartgard, he will start going to the cabinet where I keep them, about the same time every month when it's time for his. by on 06/12/2007
  • this product works very well with my 3 other dogs
    you do not need to fight with the dog for the pill to be taken. by on 06/11/2007
  • use reguarly
    I have used this product for the last 7 years on my schnazers and they have had no issues by on 06/03/2007
  • Works pretty good
    I did get a years supply once because my dog got heart worms while taking Heart Gard but has had no problem again, by on 05/28/2007
  • Great Product A+++
    My vet recommended it. And my pup takes it with ease. And if it is recommended by the vet it must be a good product. Plus, they get it once a month. Great Product.A+++. by on 05/21/2007
  • Excellent
    My dogs enjoy the taste of this treat-like medication. It makes it easy to provide monthy prevention. by on 05/17/2007
    My dog loves the taste as if this was a treat and I know he is well protected. Wonderful product by on 05/12/2007
  • Heartgard keeps my chi's safe each month
    I really recommend this product....i have 4 tiny chihuahua's, they are closer to the ground than alot of dogs, i trust Heartgard,my chi's have never been sick....all of them love this product, & have no problem eating them...they get very excited to get it each month...We used to have a rott/pit mix...he got sick with heart worms....by the time we found out he had this, it was too late, we didn't know about Heartgard at that time,after he had to be put to sleep,we learned about heartgard & it's benefits, we use it every month with our chi's. They have never been sick,To me, Heartgard is a life saver...and my chi's love it, so we're all Happy....Diane by on 05/10/2007
  • Excellent product
    Heartgard is not only effective but very practical in that my dog loves the flavor and readily gobbles up the "treat". It's not necessary to try to fool him by weapping his medicine in a piece of meat or cheese. He loves it and so do I! by on 05/03/2007
  • great product
    this medicine works great with all 3 of my boxers,i recommend it to anyone who loves their dogs. by on 04/25/2007
  • easy fix
    My puppy thinks she's getting a treat and it prevents worms. It's a no-brainer. by on 04/25/2007
  • dependable medicine
    My 7 year old likes this flavor, tried other brands but did not like the taste. Works well in my case by on 04/11/2007
  • So easy to use...
    My dog loves the treat-like pills and is quick to do tricks when it is time for her monthly treatment. So easy and hastle free it makes preventing Heartworms and intestinal worms a no hastle at all! by on 04/10/2007
  • Heartworm free!
    We have a large mosquito population here, and keep healthy by using this product by on 04/09/2007
  • I want the best for my canine companion.
    I have no dislikes about this product other than it is a bit on the expensive side. This product is the best. by on 03/24/2007
  • Great Stuff!!
    This really helped my dog. After just her 2nd treatment she perked up so much, it was amazing. She's gained weight and looks great. She has that sparkle back in her e1. by on 03/21/2007
  • Great Product
    Really like the fact the dogs take it without a fight. They think it is a treat. by on 03/19/2007
  • wonderful product
    It's reasuring to know your pet is safe from these terrible diseases by on 03/17/2007
  • This product is GREAT!
    This product is in-expensive and one of the best...I highly recommend this product to someone else... by on 03/15/2007
  • satisfied
    we've used this for years and have always been satisfied! by on 03/10/2007
  • Definitely recommend this product.
    We've used this product for many, many years & are totally satisfied with it. by on 02/26/2007
  • heart
    My pet Munch has been on this since I have had her and it's a wonderful product by on 02/26/2007
  • Great Product
    I highly recommend Heartgard. I have been using it for 10 years or more and I have had great success with it.I have not had a dog diagnosised with heart worms since I started using Heartgard. If you love your dog you will him Heartgard before he has a chance to get heart worms. I have 4 dogs, 3 that take Heartgard up to 100 lbs, and 1 up to 25 lbs.Thanks for such a great product. Linda by on 02/19/2007
  • Excellent Product
    Purchased a Golden Retriever pup from a breeder who came home with some parasites. After some meds from the vet and heartguard my pup was back to full health. Have used this for over a year and my pup has never been healthier. by on 02/14/2007
  • Simple
    It's a simple (dog treat) that my dog loves to eat. It works great. He hasn't had any problems with worms! by on 12/08/2006
  • fantastic
    my dog love taking her heartguard, you would think that she is getting a treat for doing something good.*This is a prescription item by on 02/26/2006
  • My Dog Loves it!
    When I moved, my new Vet said they do not carry Heartgard. They just only sold heartworm preventative pills you have to put down the animal's throat (or try to break up and hide in their food!). I'm glad I found Pet Care Rx because my dog sits and begs for her Heartgard Plus! She recognizes the box when I take it out each month, and a chore has been changed to a delight! My dog is six years old now and very healthy!*This is a prescription item by on 02/16/2006
  • extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with
    I just ordered heartguard for my dog from this company because my vets prices were literally double of what i paid for from petcare. I called to speak with someone because i heard from my vet it wasnt a good thing to use internet companies such as this, but after doing a little research i found out i could save almost double of what ive been paying. The medicine was shipped out 1terday tuesday sept 27th and this afternoon i recieved it. I am so impressed with petcare im going to use them whenever i can.*This is a prescription item by on 09/28/2005
  • Dogs love them!
    Our two dogs get so excited when they see me take out their Heartgard. They think they are the best treat in the world and don't even realize that it is medicine!*This is a prescription item by on 08/12/2005
  • Great Product
    We love Heartgard Plus and so does our damlatian, Jake.*This is a prescription item by on 08/02/2005
  • Dolly's best treat
    We have a 9 year old mini black & tan dachshaund. Dolly is her name, when we get the box to give her the Heartgard, she sits up and whines, and then starts nipping at our fingertips until we give her the Heartgard. She continues sitting until we tell her that is all she gets for now. She is so silly, Dolly loves Heartgard and we've given it to her ever since our vet Dr Ferguson recommended it. Great stuff and dogs love the taste of Heartgard.*This is a prescription item by on 07/22/2005
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