Heartgard for Cats
Heartgard for Cats
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At a Glance
Beef-flavored chewable to be given monthly
Prevents heartworm from developing inside cats
Safeguards against further heartworm infection
Treats and controls hookworms

Heartgard for Cats

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At a Glance
Beef-flavored chewable to be given monthly
Prevents heartworm from developing inside cats
Safeguards against further heartworm infection
Treats and controls hookworms

HEARTGARD (ivermectin) is a monthly heartworm chewable given to your cat that prevents heartworm infection and helps treat and control hookworms. An infected mosquito that bites your cat can lead to potentially deadly heartworm disease in less than three months. That's why it's important to keep your cat on a monthly heartworm preventive year-round.

Check with your veterinarian to make sure your cat has a current heartworm test result on file. Given monthly, HEARTGARD prevents heartworms from developing inside your cat and keeps them safe from future infections. Plus, it comes in a tasty, beef-flavored chewable tablet that makes it convenient to treat even the most finicky felines.

All cats are at risk for heartworm disease, no matter where they live. Talk to your veterinarian about preventing heartworms in your cat with HEARTGARD.

  • Merial Brand
  • Heartworm & Deworming Pharmacy
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim Manufacturer
  • Oral Application
  • Cat Pet Type

Do You Need a Prescription for Heartgard for Cats?

Heartgard for cats is a chewable veterinarian medication for cats to prevent heartworm infection in our feline friends. This medication not only prevents feline heartworm disease but is also effective in removing and controlling adult and immature hookworms. The medication comes in a delicious beef-flavored chewable formulation, which is gobbled up by most cats immediately. The active ingredient in Heartgard is Ivermectin, and it requires a veterinarian prescription in most shops. The heartworm medication comes in two formulations identified by colors - Heartgard Red and Heartgard Purple. Here the red one is for cats under 5lbs, and the purple one is for cats between 5 to 15 lbs. The medication should be administered once a month and should always be given on the same date. The medication is recommended by the American Heartworm Society and should be administered all year round. Moreover, the drug must be chewed by the cat and not swallowed whole. For this purpose, the chew can be administered orally or crumbled on the food. It's advised not to double dose the medication and not remove the chew from the wrapper until you are ready to give the medicine.

Can I Give My Cat Heartworm Medicine Without Testing?

Heartworm disease is one of the most severe and progressive diseases in cats, and the sooner it's detected, the better will be the chances of your cat's recovery. However, the disease is not easily detected since there are very few, if any at all, early signs of the disease in cats or dogs. Therefore, it's a must to get a heartworm test administered by a veterinarian. The test only requires a small blood sample from your cat and detects the heartworm protein in the same. If your pet tastes positive, a treatment plan is then suggested. The heartworm infection in cats is more complicated to detect than in dogs because cats usually don't have adult heartworms. Typically, vets recommend using an antigen and antibody test for cats. In some rare cases, x-rays or ultrasound is used to detect heartworm infection. It's a must to get your cat tested before starting a prevention treatment. The cat should then be retested as your veterinarian suggests monitoring continued exposure and risk of heartworm disease.

What Does Heartgard Prevent in Cats?

Heartgard chewables for cats are restricted by US federal laws to be administered only with a veterinarian's prescription. The medication is used to prevent feline heartworm disease in cats, which is harder to detect in cats than dogs. What the drug does is that it eliminates the tissue stage of the larvae for a month after infection. The Heartgard chewable is also effective in the removal and control of immature and adult hookworms in cats. It's recommended for the cats to be tested for an existing infection before starting the treatment with Heartgard for cats. Felines that are already infected require monthly doses of the medication to prevent any further infections. This monthly treatment also provides effective protection against hookworms, adult and immature.

What Is the Active Ingredient in Heartgard for Cats?

The active ingredient in Heartgard for cats happens to be Ivermectin. The medication comes in Heartgard Red and Heartgard Purple, with Ivermectin content of 55mcg and 165mcg, respectively. Quite obviously, the two formulations are meant for different purposes; in this case, they are classified to be administered based on your cat's body weight. Typically, Heartgard for cats is advised to be administered orally every month with a minimum dosage of 24mcg per kg or 10.9mcg per lb of the bodyweight of your cat. For cats up to 5lbs, the ivermectin content should not exceed 55mcg, and for cats between 5-15lb, it should not be more than 165mcg. As for cats above 15lb, pet parents must use an appropriate combination of chewables to get the correct dosage.

What Are the Side Effects of Heartgard?

Heartgard is quite potent and effective against heartworms and hookworms in cats. However, it must be administered according to the recommendation by a licensed veterinarian after a heartworm test as prescribed by the vet. There's a reason why the federal law of the US required a prescription for the medication before administering it to cats. Several reports have revealed some severe adverse reactions of Heartgard in cats if administered wrongly. These side effects include depression, lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, mydriasis, anorexia, convulsions, ataxia, hypersalivation, and staggering.

How Do I Know if My Cat Has Heartworms?

It's complicated to detect heartworms in cats because not all cats show symptoms of heartworm disease. Most cats can get rid of heartworm spontaneously without showing any signs. On the adverse side, some cats die suddenly from the disease without ever showing the slightest hint of being sick. Usually, cats with heartworm disease might show common symptoms like loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, and weight loss. If your cat is showing these symptoms after coming into contact with mosquitoes, it's imperative to get a heartworm detection test through a registered vet as soon as possible.


Ivermectin is an anthelminthic or dewormer used for preventing heartworms, hookworms and roundworms in cats. It is available as unflavored tablets and flavored chewable, and as a heartgard plus variety. Besides this, it is also used for treating skin parasites, gastrointestinal parasites and parasites present in the bloodstream. Ivermectin for cats acts against parasites like heartworms, hookworms and roundworms, killing them by causing them neurological damages. It eliminates the tissue stage of heartworm larvae (Dirofilaria immitis). Ivermectin for cats also effectively controls and removes Ancylostoma tubaeforme and A. braziliense, two kinds of hookworms.

In the clinical studies involving more than 3000 doses of HEARTGARD for Cats, observations reported within 24 hours of treatment included vomition in โ‰ค 0.3% and diarrhea in โ‰ค 0.2% of the doses administered. There were no statistical differences between HEARTGARD for Cats and the product vehicle (control) for these observations.

Heartgard Chewable Tablet for Cats is recommended for use in cats 6 weeks of age or older.

HEARTGARDยฎ (ivermectin) Chewables for Cats should be administered orally at monthly intervals at the recommended minimum dose level of 24 mcg of ivermectin per kg (10.9 mcg/lb.) of body weight. The recommended dosage schedule for prevention of feline heartworm disease and control of hookworm is as follows: up to 5 lbs, 55 mcg ivermectin chewable and 5 to 15 lb 165 mcg ivermectin chewable. For cats over 15 lb., use the appropriate combination of chewables. HEARTGARD Chewables for Cats is recommended for use in cats 6 weeks of age and older.

Remove only one chewable at a time from the foil backed blister card. Return the card with the remaining chewables to its box to protect the product from light. HEARTGARD Chewables for Cats can be offered to the cat by hand or may be added to a small amount of cat food. If manual dosing is required, the chewable should be broken into pieces for administration. Food should be routinely available during the day of treatment administration. If cats are fasted, or if the chewable is not broken into pieces for manual dosing, then reduced absorption may result. A relationship between reduced absorption and reduced efficacy has not been established.

Care should be taken to see that the cat consumes the complete dose. Treated animals should be observed for a few minutes after administration to ensure that part of the dose is not lost or rejected. If it is suspected that any of the dose has been lost, redosing with a new chewable is recommended. Fragments of chewables have occasionally been observed in the feces of some cats; efficacy of the product was not adversely affected.

HEARTGARD Chewables for Cats should be given at monthly intervals when mosquitoes potentially carrying infective heartworm larvae are active. The initial dose must be given within a month (30 days) after the catโ€™s first exposure to mosquitoes. The final dose must be given within a month (30 days) after the catโ€™s last exposure to mosquitoes. For optimal performance, HEARTGARD for Cats must be given once a month on or about the same date. If treatment is delayed, whether by a few days or many, immediate treatment with HEARTGARD Chewables for Cats and resumption of the recommended dosing regimen will minimize the opportunity for development of adult heartworm.

It is recommended that cats should be tested for existing heartworm infection prior to starting treatment with HEARTGARD Chewables for Cats. Cats already infected with adult heartworms can be given HEARTGARD for Cats monthly to prevent further infections.

Monthly treatment with HEARTGARD Chewables for Cats also provides effective removal and control of adult and immature hookworms (A. tubaeforme and A. braziliense).

Store at controlled room temperature of 68ยฐF - 77ยฐF (20ยฐC - 25ยฐC). Excursions between 59ยฐF - 86ยฐF (15ยฐC - 30ยฐC) are permitted.

Heartgard is manufactured by Boehringer-Ingelheim
Option UPC/SKU
5-15 lbs., 6 Chewable Tabs 350604404101

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