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Options Available: 100+lbs - Jumbo - 4 Treats, 12oz. 50 to 100 lbs - Large - 8 Treats, 12oz. 50 to 100 lbs - Large - 12 Treats, 18oz. 50 to 100 lbs - Large - 17 Treats, 27oz. 25 to 50 lbs - Regular - 6 Treats, 6oz. 25 to 50 lbs - Regular - 12 Treats, 12oz. 25 to 50 lbs - Regular - 18 Treats, 18oz. 25 to 50 lbs - Regular - 27 Treats, 27oz. 15 to 25 lbs - Petite - 10 Treats, 6oz. 15 to 25 lbs - Petite - 20 Treats, 12oz. 15 to 25 lbs - Petite - 30 Treats, 18oz. 15 to 25 lbs - Petite - 45 Treats, 27oz. 5 to 15 lbs - Teenie - 22 Treats, 6oz. 5 to 15 lbs - Teenie - 43 Treats, 12oz. 5 to 15 lbs - Teenie - 65 Treats, 18oz. 5 to 15 lbs - Teenie - 96 Treats, 27oz.

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 112 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5by my shepherds LOVE the Greeniesmainly, they're not full of junk that can kill your pet. mine just love them and it keeps them busy also if they're bored. 03/27/2007
Rated 5 out of 5by Wild for Greeniesmy dogs go nuts for Greenies. i wish they came in a larger size because the cost really adds up; i can't afford to give them daily. Best treat yet! 03/02/2007
Rated 5 out of 5by great tasting and healthymy dogs go crazy when they see the bag. they are full of pep and energy. Thry dont rest heavy on their stomach like some treats 02/21/2007
Rated 5 out of 5by Gone Wild for GreeniesMy Labrador Diva loves Greenies, which has recently been a new treat for her. Since Diva does not like to sit still long, it was tough taking care of her teeth and gums without spending a lot of money at the vet’s office. After I started giving Diva her Greenies, I noticed a change in her teeth (whiter and cleaner). She also loves the taste of them, and does not hesitate to chew them up. I was pleased that my last order was a “bonus pack” and included extra Greenies, as the cost of giving them to her daily adds up. I would like to see a larger quantity offered as larger quantities generally offer a better discount. 12/29/2005
Rated 5 out of 5by Expensive, though saves money in long run, I'm sureWonderful product. My 3 dogs and 3 cats go nuts for their greenies and they are great for their health. You can see the difference in their teeth immediately. I have to watch the animals not to fight over them. They don't like to share! 12/04/2005
Rated 5 out of 5by GreeniesGreenies are the best thing that has happened to our dogs. They love them, however, they are expensive and you can't be too generous with them. It is difficult for low income people to buy them. They clean the teeth and freshen the breath........................................My next comment is that I cannot find different sizes and prices on your site. I only get one price and one size. When I buy, I like to buy in a larger quantity as I have three little dogs and buying by individual packages is out of the question. 03/14/2005
Rated 5 out of 5by Do your dog a favor!My miniSchnauzer won't let me go to bed without reminding me it's time for her Greenie. She loves them so much, she has ME trained! They are her favorite treat, and they are a lot healthier for her than any other treat on the market that I know of. They clean her teeth, freshen her breath and according to my vet, they aid digestion. If I even say the word "Greenie", she dances and prances! And my cat loves the Greenie Bits so much, she knocked an unguarded bag off the table too let the dog rip it open so they could both have a feast! However, my mom's cats can't figure out what to do with the Greenie Bits. I can't say enough good things about Greenies. All I ask is that you leave some in stock for us ;) 02/10/2005
Rated 5 out of 5by Greenies the best tasting toothbrush for animalsWe give our fox terrier greenies to control tartar on his teeth. He will do just about anything for one. The vet cannot believe how clean his teeth are. If we would have his teeth cleaned, he would have to be sedated, so this is by far a better alternative. We buy greenie chips for our cat, which equally loves them. 01/13/2005
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