Grannicks Bitter Apple Liquid
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At a Glance
Safe for use on plastics, metals, and finished woods
Taste deterrent for dogs
Discourages pet from chewing, biting and licking
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Rated 2.5 out of 5 by 6 reviewers.

  • Didn't work for my dog
    My puppy started chewing up all of this beds so a friend of mine told me that she uses bitter sprays to deter her puppy from chewing things. I tried this brand as well as other brands and none of them worked for my puppy. Even after soaking the beds through, multiple times, he went straight to work on the beds and destroyed brand new beds in sometimes less than an hour. Lots of money wasted. I'm sure this would work for some dogs but my dog does not care about the taste at all, apparently. by on 02/13/2020
  • Does not work
    My dog pays no attention to this. He actually acts like he likes it and the smell. Don't waste your money. by on 09/06/2016
  • Waste of $$$
    Do NOT waste your $$$ on this product. There is definitely more than just 20% alcohol in this. My dog runs from me then when I finally get able to spray this on her, she cries from the pain. The alcohol smell is very strong and product is no different than pouring straight alcohol on her. by on 06/06/2012
  • saved my couch
    My couch was getting ruined from my dog biting it. I tried the liquid and it worked. :) by on 01/04/2012
  • dog ate anything I put this on
    My dog ate any flowers I put this on, didn't bother him one tiny bit. by on 06/06/2011
  • works great!
    He hates the smell/taste of this so it does it's job by on 01/28/2008
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