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Cuz toys are simplistically designed pet supplies that come in two cute varietiesthe Good Cuz for the angelic pooch, and Bad Cuz for the naughty as hell canine. The latter comes with adorable devil-like horns. We know you'll love how each Cuz has it's own exclusive squeak sound. These cute little walkers will definitely keep your dog on it's toes.... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 22 reviewers.

Great toy for big dog!

Awesome toy for brother's big dog! by on 05/02/2019
Not as good as original

Purchased one over ten years ago and it was much softer and still works. New one harder and squeaker doesn't even work all the time. Not what they used to be! by on 11/09/2014
Tough toy

The one toy that our dogs have a more difficult time destroying! by on 07/28/2014
outlasts most tough toys

My bull terrier hasn't destroyed this one, yet. It has outlasted the giggler which I thought was much tougher. by on 02/13/2014
LOVE this toy!!!

Our mini long haired daschund is very picky about EVERYTHING & he LOVES this toy!! Misplaced his first one & he was depressed for days. He'll sit at top of stairs for us to toss it up to him & he'll drop again, can do for hours. Also hides under his blankie & tries to find it, won't to anywhere without it even brings outside to do his "business". Always have a spare on hand. He's 11 & still loves to chew but hasn't chewed through it yet & he's torn through numerous toys in past. by on 01/03/2012
LOVE this toy!!

We've gone through many toys for our mini daschund & he chews through everything but this one. He'll drop it down our stairs & wait for us to throw it back up to him, he'll hide it in his blankie & try to find it, he even goes outside with it when he has to do his "business". We always have one spare on hand, he lost his first one & was depressed for days!!! by on 01/03/2012
Fido's favorite toy - but

It is one of his favorite toys. He absolutely loves it, he loves the sqeeker , only the small ones, he does not like the medium or big ones , but the squeeker is done in less than an hour - than he is disappointed.This toy is not for a big chewer. It works maybe for a weiner dog, but not for a Lab-Mix. He still will chew on it, until his dog friend comes over and chew the feet off the cuz. by on 09/09/2010
Great for heavy chewers

I got the bad cuz for my dad's pit bull because I heard it was good for heavy chewers. Her toys normally last for seconds to minutes, but the Cuz lasted a month. I will say that the ears and feet didn't last nearly that long, but the ball part lasted for a month. Plus, she absolutely loves them. Actually, it would probably be better if it was easier to tear up, because she squeaks that toy constantly. by on 05/27/2010
Great fun for our dachies!

These are good for inside and outside play, gentle tossing or hard, long distance throwing. .Our dachsies ages (21/2-10) go crazy over the loud squeak the Cuz makes, and they will squeak them until their jows get too tired :) .. Eventhough they are small guys (10-13 lbs). I usually give them the medium size Cuz because they break the sqeakers and tear up the small ones quickly.. As heavy duty chewers my dogs will destroy just about anything within minutes , but these last months. The youngest and most active of the boys eventually chews off the feet, and cracks the sqeeaker, but still plays with the ball. He will fetch these until we wear out! He even tries to get us to go outside and throw it in the dark! This is the one thing that will even get him to go out in the rain! by on 03/16/2010
Great for fetch and play

but not so great if your pup is a chewer. The legs were off within 2 hours. But our lab mix pup does love the squeeky sqeek and will walk around "talk squeeking" for a long time. by on 01/28/2010
NOT for chewers

The feet were chewed off within 2 hours. Our lab mix pup loves to squeek the ball in her mouth though...I'd recommend this only if your pup is NOT a chewer. by on 01/28/2010
Good ball for the right dog....

I got this ball for my mini weiner dog. I had read another reviews that said they were a pretty tough toy so I bought it. I got it in the mail and within a hour or 2 my dog had ripped the feet, legs and ears off of it. But the ball part was still in good shape and the only thing he has been able to do with that is knock the sqeecker out it which can but popped back in place. It does bounce REALLY well and make a nice sqeeck that my dog LOVES. I would buy it again if they had one that was just a ball shape and no parts to rip off :) by on 03/30/2009
Bella's favorite toy

These are the best dog toys ever! Bella loves to shred anything she can get her teeth on. I will say the feet don't last too long on the Cuz once she's gotten to them, but they are virtually indestructable. She loves the squeak and they bounce wonderfully. We've bought at least four of these for her and she's getting another for Christmas. The reason we have to keep buying them isn't because she can destroy them, its because she burys them in our yard and we don't find them for several months. by on 10/30/2008
Bad Cuz not so bad!

I adopted my dog from a shelter and of course had to spoil her with a variety of toys. The Bad Cuz is one of her favorites. On top of squeaking, fetching, and teething - it is DURABLE! She has destroyed MANY tennis balls but Bad Cuz is still with us. The squeak is great for getting her attention for her little training lessons. Laila will play with herself with her Cuz or with us. I DEFINITELY would recommend this - I even bought some for the shelter. by on 09/21/2008
fav toy

my dachsie loves this toy..he chewed the devil horns and feet off..but it's his best buddy...his "mini ball" by on 05/26/2007
The alien

My dog, a daschound, can pretty much destroy any rubber toy you give him, but when he got a hold of this one, he fell in love. Not only is it indestructible (though he did manage to chew off one of the legs) but it is the first toy he will play fetch with. We call it the alien (he's got the bad cuz, the one with the horns), and it's Rusty's absolute favorite. by on 12/25/2005
My Boston Bull Lives for his BAD CUZ

We call it the "demon" Frehley (my boston) loves to fetch, he used to be addicted to the small tennis balls.... Now he will only play with the demon. He will not go anywhere without it, he even sleeps with it in his mouth (adorable). It is very loud but he has learned to not squeek it when we are in bed because we used to take it away at bedtime, so now once we are in bed the squeeking stops becuase he cannot bear to be without his demon. by on 11/16/2005
Where is squeaky man?

We have a Jack Russell named Puddles. She is crazy for a ball or anything that squeaks but she can tear the squeaker out of the best toys in an hour flat. We bought a Bad Cuz and named it squeaky man. She LOVES him. She will take him everywhere and we have had him for about 4 months now and he is hanging tough. He is the first toy to last more than a week. We are getting a good cuz for our birthday, so squeaky man can have a friend. by on 11/16/2005
It's for Cats, too!

My cats are in love with some wonderful rubber mice I purchased that are no longer available--and are getting quite chewed up. When I saw these I thought, maybe this will work, too. While it is primarily a dog toy, the kitties run around after it and I hope they'll pick it up by a foot and drag it around (into bed or into a food bowl, of course, the highest accolades)! I'm a designer and it's great to see something beautifully and cleverly designed for pets. by on 09/10/2005
Loudest Squeaky I've ever heard

This is the loudest squeaky toy I've ever heard. The only thing that I suggest to anyone considering buying one, is if their dog loves squeaky toys, buy the size cuz that would actually fit the width of their mouth because if you buy it too big, because it is so durable, they may have trouble actually being able to squeak it. It is also very strong for dogs that like to chew up their toys. My dog usually can bite through a jolly ball within a few days, but with this he has only been able to bite the tips of the little horns off of it. It has feet that are set close together so that it is hard for him to get a good grip on them to chew them off (this is a good thing). If you need a strong and loud squeaky toy for your dog, this is the one that I recommend. by on 08/10/2005
Purple People Eater

There's just no telling sometimes what dogs will go for! We have one of the medium Bad Cuz toys in purple. We call it the Purple People Eater. I bought it because I thought it was cute. My dogs are crazy about it! They'll tear all around the house looking for it. Great chew and fetch toy. by on 07/28/2005

I bought one of each, and my dog tries to play with both at the same time. One of the few toys I don't mind seeing lying around the house. They're funny. by on 03/01/2005