Good Cuz and Bad Cuz
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At a Glance
Durable, colorful construction
Each comes with its own unique pitch - low for Good Cuz and high for Bad Cuz
Available in small, medium and large sizes

Good Cuz and Bad Cuz

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At a Glance
Durable, colorful construction
Each comes with its own unique pitch - low for Good Cuz and high for Bad Cuz
Available in small, medium and large sizes

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Cuz toys are simplistically designed pet supplies that come in two cute varietiesthe Good Cuz for the angelic pooch, and Bad Cuz for the naughty as hell canine. The latter comes with adorable devil-like horns. We know you'll love how each Cuz has it's own exclusive squeak sound. These cute little walkers will definitely keep your dog on it's toes.
  • JW Pet Brand
  • Balls & Fetching Toys Toys
  • Love Wellness Philosophy
  • Squeaking Toys & Media Type
  • Petmate Manufacturer
  • Rubber Material
  • Dog Pet Type

What Does It Mean When a Dog Howls at a Squeaky Toy?

If your dog howls at a squeaky toy, it could indicate various things. To begin with, it might be a sign that your dogโ€™s natural prey and kill instinct is kicking in. Or your pooch could be inviting you to play with them. It could also be a sign of your dogโ€™s possessive response to ownership. Alternatively, it could also indicate that your dog isnโ€™t comfortable with the sound of the toy, and is getting scared of it. If your dog exhibits signs of fear or anxiety while howling at a squeaky toy, chances are they donโ€™t enjoy playing with it.

What Is Inside a Squeaky Dog Toy?

A squeaky toy for dogs is made of a flexible and non-toxic material, such as natural rubber or vinyl. While the toy is hollow from the inside, it encloses a small device called the squeaker. Itโ€™s the squeaker that emits a low or high-pitched sound when your dog bites into the toy. The size and shape of the squeaker determine the pitch and tone of the sound produced by a squeaky toy.

Why Does My Dog Carry His Toy Everywhere?

If your dog tends to carry a particular toy everywhere, chances are he has formed a deep attachment to the toy. It could be your dogโ€™s way of coping with anxiety, fear, and stress. Itโ€™s the same reason children have a tendency to carry their favorite toy wherever they go. Also, itโ€™s likely that the toy simulates prey and lets your dog channel his natural instincts to catch or hunt.

Why Do Dogs Squeak Toys?

Dogs enjoy squeaking their toys because of their inherent instinct to hunt and prey. The high-pitched sound of squeaky toys simulates prey and helps them channel their natural tendencies. Also, biting into the toy can be immensely satisfying for your dog. Nevertheless, itโ€™s worth remembering that not all dogs enjoy playing with squeaky toys. Understand your dogโ€™s specific needs and preferences before buying toys for them. Also, make sure you introduce your pet to toys at a young age.

How Do You Fix a Squeaky Dog Toy?

Repairing a squeaky dog toy by yourself can be tricky. You can cut open the toy and inspect the squeaker for damage. If the squeaker is torn, taping and inflating it will get it back in shape. You might also need to reposition the insert nozzle of the squeaker. If that seems like a lot, itโ€™s wiser to get replacement squeakers from a pet store. You just have to place it inside the toy and wrap the exterior of the toy with duct tape.

Are Squeaky Toys Dangerous?

A squeaky toy for dogs isnโ€™t dangerous per se. It can help your pooch channel its inherent tendencies to hunt and prey. Also, like most dog toys, it lets them release pent-up energy. But itโ€™s important to understand that not all dogs love squeaky toys equally. Dogs with a higher preying instinct can become aggressive and hyperactive while playing with a squeaky toy. Also, the high-pitched sound of squeaky toys can make some dogs feel anxious. If your dog shows any signs of aggression or stress in the presence of a squeaky toy, itโ€™s not the right toy for them.

How Do You Stop a Squeaky Dog Toy?

It depends on the type of squeaky toy your dog is playing with. Some squeaky toys come with a built-in on/off button that can be used to turn off the high-pitched whining of the toy. If that isnโ€™t the case, your best bet is to limit squeaky toy time to a few specific hours during the day.

What Toys Should You Not Give a Puppy?

Puppies love playing with a diverse range of chew toys and squeaky toys. But itโ€™s necessary to choose the right type of toy for your puppy. As a ground-rule, avoid toys with sharp edges or sharp parts. Also, avoid getting toys with parts that can be easily ripped apart and/or swallowed. Similarly, avoid toys containing beads, beans, batteries, and other materials that could create a potential choking hazard.

What Size Are Dog Squeaker Toys?

Squeaky dog toys are available in various sizes, such as small, medium, and large. Make sure you choose a size that canโ€™t be easily swallowed by your dog.

100% natural rubber

Supervised play recommended.


Good Cuz and Bad Cuz is manufactured by Petmate
Option UPC/SKU
Bad Cuz - Small 618940431664
Bad Cuz - Medium 618940431688
Bad Cuz - Large 618940431701
Good Cuz - Small 618940431657
Good Cuz - Medium 618940431671
Good Cuz - Large 618940431695

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