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GlycoFlex is a three-stage program that increases your dog's quality of life by reinforcing and supporting their joints. With ingredients including Dimethylglycine and Glucosamine, GlycoFlex has been proven to ease bone and tendon pain and improve flexibility.


Rated 5 out of 5 by 12 reviewers.

  • Love my Dobies
    This is a great product for active, aging dogs to help keep their joints healthy. Single ingredient and really easy to give to the dogs. Just pop it into their mouth! (At least with these 2!) by on 04/28/2020
  • It works!
    I love this supplement. It has helped my dog heal from straining her leg. by on 01/15/2020
  • We swear by this!
    We started giving our pup glycoflex at 1 years old when I noticed he was sore after a day of roughhousing. Ever since we have fed him these, he has not had that issue again! He also loves the taste. by on 01/01/2020
  • Patience got more active after taking this
    My vet suggested Glycoflex after he discovered arthritis in Patience and her activity level picked up. by on 09/14/2019
  • Arthritic dog
    This has helped my dog greatly with her arthritus. by on 02/27/2019
  • This product is great
    We use this product on my husbands boxer cross. She is 11 years old and tore her ACL in her back leg. This product has helped her be more comfortable and active. We also use this for my Mastiff cross. She is 5 years old and acts like a puppy. It is very good. by on 07/10/2016
  • Glyco Flex Classic
    This glucosamine works, as directed. My dog had some hip issues prior to taking one tablet daily. She has no problem with her hips now. by on 01/21/2015
  • Dog's do not like the taste
    I am only doing this review regarding the taste of this caplet. My dogs- two labs who will eat anything- do not like this caplet. They begrudgingly take it, because, well they eat just about anything....but they like the Cosequin much better. I give this to them instead of treats (weight management trick). I am switching back. I still rated the effectiveness, etc. as excellent because I am assuming it still works, and it is much less expensive than Cosequin. Just want those who are familiar with Cosequin to consider this factor before they switch for price (like I did). by on 08/22/2014
  • New life for a seasoned pet
    My vet recommended this product for our "seasoned" dog, now 11 years old, when he was starting to experience difficulty in getting up. Mainly his hips were a bit stiff. After starting him on this product, he is like a young adult dog again! When we ask him if he wants to go out, he no longer lays on the floor looking at us like he can't, but gets up and bounds to the door. by on 02/13/2014
  • Pleased
    These are easy for my dogs to take, with no side affects. by on 06/14/2008
  • Spyder-man
    Spyder is a 15 year old sheperd mix and walks much better since he started taking Gllyco-flex. He even climbs a few stairs up to our patio! by on 04/12/2008
  • Cinderella and the Ball
    I have tried this product from a friend of mine that gave me a bottle of GlycoFlex to try on my dog. Cinderella is a female dachshund and will be 8 years old in September 2005 and she seem to be much more active and goes up and down stairs easier than she did at one time before I started giving her GlycoFlex. by on 07/17/2005
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