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Comprehensive Guide to Glipizide 5 mg Meet the Type II Diabetic Cat Normalizer: Glipizide 5 mg! Glipizide 5 mg is a prescription-only cat medication that normalizes blood sugar levels in cats with Type II diabetes. Taken with food, Glipizide 5 mg is a twice-daily oral tablet with an immediate-release quality. Glipizide is used to treat Type II diabetic cats along with a healthy dose of a low-carbohydrate diet, exercise, and veterinary insulin therapy. How does Glipizide 5 mg work? The activ... Read More



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Life saver

My cat was crashing. I took him to the vet who determined the he was diabetic. The vet gave him glipizide and he's been been on it ever since, 5 years now. He takes other meds, including homeopathic remedies, but the glipizide really made the difference.*This is a prescription item by on 05/15/2005

We have a newly diagnosed diabetic seal point siamese. Pye is a neutered male about 12 years old. He has been on the Glipizide for about 2 months. What alerted us to the problem was severe weight loss, increased water intake and urination. We would feed him canned food 2-3 times a day and still he lost weight. On a whim, I suggested to our vet that we do a blood glucose level. It was 581! (Normals should be between 90-120.) It took less than a month for us to see a drastic improvement in his weight, activity level and overall obnoxious siamese behavior! In other words, we had our boy back. We give the pill twice a day and highly suggest the use of a "pill gun". I hold Pye and my husband does the dirty deed. We use lots of praise and petting, which he loves. The pill is small enough to get down that small throat, but big enough for an adult to handle easily. Overall, I would give this one 5 stars! by on 03/28/2005
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