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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 46 reviewers.

  • Best Shedding comb ever!
    I bought this comb 4 days ago after reading about it on a vet website when trying to find a solution to our hair ball problem. We have a male Russian Blue with a sensitive stomach that is having a terrible time this summer with hair balls. After being checked by the vet to make sure there was no medical problem, we changed from dry food to wet food, but our female Bombay prefers dry so now we have grain free for her because he likes to steal her food. Now neither one brings up food with their hair balls which is an improvement in itself. However hair balls remained a problem with our Blue throwing up multiple times a day. We use to sit and watch him rip his hair out. As a former grooming tech, I have several combs and brushes. We tried each one brushing several times daily and his hair was all over the house. Then 5 days ago I read about the FURminator. The next day hubby went to a local pet store and they had it! He brought it home and we were leary after reading some of the reviews here so we started out slow with both cats. They loved it! In 4 days we have enough hair for 3 cats from our Blue and maybe 1 1/2 cats worth from our Bombay. How is this possible when they were brushed daily? Their coats are beautiful and shiny. Knock on wood no hair balls in two days. Thank you soooo much! We are believers and will recommend this comb to every pet owner we know! by on 07/06/2016
  • Great!
    Works great on my cat and he loves it but it is very pricy by on 06/29/2016
  • perfect
    This is the perfect tool for getting rid of shedding hair. Our kitty loves it and so do we. by on 06/26/2016
  • Great product.
    I bought this on the recommendation of a friend. The first time I used it, I needed to take my cats outside for the brushing - the fur was flying! Now I use it once a week, and the amount of hair on my furniture has diminished significantly. by on 05/14/2016
  • one use damaged cat's coat
    I purchased this product after reading the great reviews. I bought one for my long haired cat and one for my short haired cat. I used it on my long haired cat first and brushed him for about 10 minutes all over his body. He really enjoyed the brushing and purred as I was doing it. A LOT of fur came out. I discontinued the brushing after I noticed I had given him a bald spot on his back! I thought that this brush only removed loose hairs like the other brush I had always used on him. This can't possibly be so if brushing gives the cat bald spots. It must rip the hair at the root, but leaving the root in. After looking online, I found many more reviews of these brushes making cats bald. My cat has not been shedding very much since he was brushed, but I will not be using it again for fear of damaging my cats' coats. by on 04/11/2016
  • The best brush ever!
    Compared with normal brushes, the furminator does such a better job with cat fur, and is easier to clean. by on 04/05/2016
  • EXCEPTIONALLY great product!!!
    This is THE BEST cat grooming product I have EVER purchased in my entire life! My female Maine Coon cat is absolutely gorgeous due to the FURminator! I am completely amazed at how truly sleek and shiny her coat is after using the FURminator on her. It has drastically reduced the floating fur-balls in my home. She has always hated being brushed before but she now loves it, which makes my life so much easier! My only regret is that I wasn't aware of the FURminator until 3 weeks ago. THANK YOU for such a remarkable product! KUDOS for a job WELL DONE!!! by on 03/30/2016
  • Absolutely love it!
    The furminator works so well on my cats. I'm always amazed at how much fur it gets. It doesn't hurt them at all. by on 03/25/2016
  • So Much Better
    We have a 3 y/o maine coon. He takes great care of his coat and we do our part to help him out. He has never liked the wire brush (would bite and run) and it has become less effective over the last year. When he started having hairballs last month we bought a FURminator. He LOVES this brush! When I pick it up, he comes right over and lays down. He'll even roll over so I can do his tummy. We haven't had another hairball. Plus, vacuuming picked up 1/4 the fur I usually do. Cat and human approved. Thank you! by on 02/22/2016
  • The Metal Comb and Wire Brush Were Much Better!
    I guess there's a special way to use this thing, because there's now fluffy, fly-away hair from my cats! Before, the hair would stay in the brush or comb and I'd just put it into the garbage. With the FURminator, the hair doesn't stay in the comb, but produces fluffy, fly-away type hair that stays on the surface of the cats, eventually flying all over the place and getting into everything (bed, clothing, etc.). Until someone shows me how to use it correctly, I sadly have to say that it's causing a huge mess that the regular comb and brush were not causing before! VERY disappointed! by on 01/15/2016
  • Best... Brush... Ever!!
    It took me a while to break down to purchase this because of the price. Originally I thought that a brush this expensive would work just as well as the store bought "generic" ones. boy was I wrong. I'm very glad I finally broke down and purchased this!!! by on 10/26/2015
  • It's a miracle
    I bought one of these years ago for my cat and we love it so when my grand daughter was having problems with her new cat and shedding we got one for her too. I get extra xoxo's from her now! by on 09/28/2015
  • If you have a cat(s) you NEED this!!
    My mom got me this and I (reluctantly) tried it on Tiger and was amazed. I was using a normal brush for years and this got so much hair in just a few strokes. She doesn't like it, but we just do a little at a time and she tolerates it. It is a bit expensive but it is worth every cent!! by on 09/19/2015
  • Great item
    I have used this twice now and it brings Ali's fur up lovely. The fur shines once I have all the rubbish taken out of her. I am very impressed with this new grooming technique. by on 09/18/2015
  • Absolutely amazing
    I had just purchased a furminator at the local pet store. As soon as I got home I tried it on my long haired calico and the results were incredible. I have never seen so much hair come off my little love bug. I highly recommend this to anyone by on 08/22/2015
  • Worth it!
    I found this product from people recommending it in many blogs about how to control and deal with cat hair. I had been using a normal cat brush to get the hair, but I bought this FURminator and used this on both of my cats and they love it! It has removed all that shedding hair under their coat that never seems to end. I took them on the porch and lightly brushed them with it while petting them right after each stroke and they were purring! I'm going to use this twice a week just to stay on top of any excess hair. I highly recommend this product. by on 08/20/2015
  • The only thing that worked
    I spent months of trying many, many different brushes / combs etc, even trying olive oil - the internet assured me it would make the mats drop off, all it did was leave the cat looking oily and oil smears all over the house. Then I bought the furminator. The first attempt got rid of 6 mats without the cat seeming to even notice anything was happening. Now a month later he is completely mat-free and his coat is sleek and shiny. He probably had over 30 mats when I first bought the furminator (he's a very difficult cat to handle), and now has none. Worth every cent. Wish I'd bought it earlier. by on 08/07/2015
  • Worth Every Penny
    Wonderful ! Does a great job and cat doesn't seem to mind it much. by on 07/26/2015
  • Great!
    I have a short hair cat, and this works amazing. Doesn't cut him or harm him. Works fantastic, worth the money. by on 07/21/2015
  • Awesome!
    I bought this a few weeks ago and I'm very happy! Never have I been able to brush sooo much extra fur off my cat! She is a lot better off, healthier and almost fur ball free! by on 06/28/2015
  • Great hair removal
    I have been using this about a week now. Definitely removes a lot of loose hair. I use it on my cat. There is still shedding but probably cuts down on 80% of the shedding. My car enjoys being brushed with the product. by on 06/23/2015
  • Really effective
    This is good... i get a large amount of hair off my cat and he tolerates it quite well... he doesn't really enjoy being brushed or even petted for long periods but he'll happily manage a few minutes of this and a few minutes is all I need. I've already noticed less hair lying around. by on 06/06/2015
  • Absolutely AMAZING tool!
    So in love with this product, I can't believe it took me so long to find out about it! I was so astonished brushing my cat with this for the first time and couldn't believe how much more hair came off with the Furminator than with a standard brush. I am addicted to brush in her now and would recommend this to anyone! Goodbye hairballs :) by on 06/05/2015
  • Instant results.
    We have a mix breed cat with a THICK fluffy undercoat. A simple stroke of her back would release hair everywhere. After a few passes with the tool she is sleeker and shedding much less... She has started to enjoy it and I continue to use it to help her and us. by on 06/03/2015
  • Good for keeping cats hair free of mats
    They tool did not help get mats out of my cats fur. She would not let me come near her with it. She hissed and slapped it out of my hand. I guess I will need to take her to a groomer and have her shaved by on 05/07/2015
  • Excellent
    I have three cats and the FURminator is a life saver. One cat that hates to be brushed, I can still get a few swipes in on her and remove a handful of fur before she gets too uncomfortable, another cat has fine feather-like hair and no other brush or grooming tool I have bought removes the loose fur like this one. by on 04/28/2015
  • He loves it!
    This device removes more loose hair in one pass than a brush does after about 20 strokes! He loves the feel of it, and will sit all day if you keep using it. Had no idea this short hair boy had that much excess fur underneath . Great tool! by on 02/12/2015
  • Good but Kitty doesn't like it
    The Furminator is a great tool, and it does the trick when it comes to removing the extra fur. However, I'm only allowed to use it for 3-4 "swoops" at a time. Otherwise she tries to bite it by on 12/26/2014
  • Reducing Shedding Incredibly!
    I have two indoor cats and both have medium/long hair. My first cat, Heyzeus, I have never had to brush. He maintains his long coat beautifully on his own and his shedding is quite minimal. A twice a month bath usually kept shedding to almost nonexistant. Then came Little Fella... he is adorable but sheds like mad. I am HIGHLY allergic to cats so he was becoming quite the problem child. No matter what new and fancy brushes I bought nothing was working. There were fur balls everywhere, fur all over my clothing, my bedding, and in the air - despite vacuuming. Every time I would brush him I would only get a wee bit of fur out. It was disheartening and I was not sure what to do. I had seen a few friends who had Furminators and they RAVED about them. I finally decided to buy one and it is one of the bets cat related decisions I have ever made! Upon the first grooming I was able to get a full plastic grocery bag of hair off of Little Fella and I could tell he immediately felt better. I groomed him every day for a week straight, and now only groom him once to twice a week. The difference is massive. No more cat hair all over the place! No more cat hair on my clothes and furniture! No more fur balls! No more cat hair in the air and in my lungs! I have been able to go down to vacuuming once a week. It is wonderful! Little Fella definitely feels better and he no longer gets any matts. The Furminator was able to successfully remove his old undercoat and it has made all of the difference. One thing I think I should mention - Little Fella used to love being groomed by those brushes that only groomed the top coat. He thought those were swell. When I first started grooming him with the Furminator he HATED it. It pulled at his undercoat and he didn't like that, despite it being necessary. I took my time and was courteous of the fact that it was uncomfortable and I went slowly. Now that most of that thick, dead undercoat is gone he LOVES the Furminator and will roll over to let me groom his tummy as well. So, if at first your kitty doesn't like it, don't give up! Make it as good of an experience as possible for your cat and keep at it. It is so worth it in the end. Thank you Furminator! Me, Heyzeus, and Little Fella thank you! by on 11/13/2014
  • The removed fur was almost the size of a cat
    I just bought this for my Norwegian forest cat, who has a dense woolly undercoat. The amount of fur removed was incredible - I couldn't stop staring at the size of the fur pile!! She'll be much happier in summer now, and hopefully this conquers the constant tumbleweeds in my house. I put off buying one for ages because of the cost, but I've just ordered a dog version now because I'm so impressed. by on 10/23/2014
  • Removed Mats and Cats Love It!
    I went to my local pet store and asked what I could do for my tabby who had terrible mats. My rubber comb didn't do a thing and she ran any time she saw me with scissors. They recommended the Furminator. Swore it would work or my money back. It took a few times to gently work out the mats, but it did the trick! Now my cats are not only Matt-free, they have the softest coats and love when they see me about to Furminate them! It's ingenious! by on 09/24/2014
  • OMG What an amazing product
    Just as the title states, what an amazing product. I finally broke down and bought one due to the amount of hair my two cats shed even with combing. I used it today for the first time on both my cats and I couldn't believe how much hair it removed and how much they liked it. I thought that I was getting hair out with my other combs until I used this. If you have a chance to get one it's worth the money. by on 08/24/2014
  • Awesome!!! I love it
    I had tried everything to control my cat's hair, but nothing appeared to function. Im really glad with this product. It is amazong!! by on 08/08/2014
  • Easy to use.
    Glad we bought one. Fewer fireballs on the floor and the cat actually likes it. by on 07/22/2014
  • More gentle than his other brushes
    My cat was more comfortable with me using the furminator that he is with other combs and brushes. I was able to get more of his fur cleaned and to get more of the mats brushed out because he was willing to tolerate this comb. by on 07/19/2014
  • Easy to use
    For a home with mutli-cats this works great and I also purchase one for the longhaired cats by on 07/07/2014
  • Can't believe how much hair it picks up, awesome!
    I bought this a few weeks ago and am loving it. The first time i used it, it was immediatley following use of another store-bought long hair brush. No comparison - Furminator is the best! It really gets to the undercoat and removes so much more than any other product. Much better for cat, less hairballs :) by on 06/28/2014
  • Small long hair cat
    I have never written a review before for anything. This small long hair cat device is the best I've ever bought. I am very leery about buying products from TV ads. I've always had long hair Persian cats and always struggled with their long fur, terrible matting and spending tons of money taking my cats to the groomers until this device! It's the best money I've ever spent on my cats! by on 06/25/2014
  • Worked well at first BUT.....
    The Furminator is a great product, however, after two years it has become quite dull to the point I am going to have to replace it. This is an expensive product to start with and I would hope that I wouldn't have to replace it every couple of years. Is there any way to replace the blade or sharpen? by on 06/08/2014
  • Furminator for large long hair cats.
    It is really great. I am amazed that each time there is more hair collected. All I have to do is wave it and say "brush" and she comes onto my lap. She loves it. Wonderful product. by on 06/07/2014
  • The Best!
    My house is on longer full of cat hair! This product was such a wonderful discovery. I love my cat, but the one peeve I had was the loose hair all over my house. I spend about 20 minutes using the comb perhaps once a month to remove handfuls of hair. In between those sessions, hardly any shedding. My cat seems to enjoy the combing. Love it! by on 05/23/2014
  • My Cats Love It!
    My cats actually come running when they see me sit down with this in my hand. I was originally hesitant to buy this because I thought it was a gimmick, but the staff at my vet's recommended it to me. by on 05/23/2014
  • You won't believe the fur it will take off.
    I swore I would never have a long haired cat, but fate said otherwise. As such, I have a petite ginger girl with incredibly long, woolly fur. "Furminating" her is the only way to keep tumbleweeds from appearing in the house. It is especially good at getting the undercoat under control. Her hairballs have stopped, and she can actually sit on laps without leaving a mess. There's no better tool for long haired animals. by on 05/23/2014
  • This cat brush really works
    I have a white long haired cat that is consonantly shedding. In the past I've found brushes to be pointless. I saw the Furminator in a print add and figured for the price it has got to work. The Furminator is amazing. It performs exactly as advertised. Gets at the undergrowth hair/fur. My cat loves being brushed with it and it really helps him to maintain his coat of hair/fur. I've been telling all my friends about the Furminator. It is worth the cost. by on 05/23/2014
  • Love the Furminator
    I bought the Furminator for my youngest cat that sheds a lot! I spent only 5 minutes brushing him and I got so much fur off. I will continue to use this and have already passed this on to my friends on Facebook! by on 05/23/2014
  • Great Tool!
    We have three cats and I can't live without the FURminator. The get brushed daily with a pin brush and once a week I go over their fur with the FURminator. It's amazing how much hair is removed. Every time I see the hair removed I always think that could have been on my furniture. Would highly recommend. by on 05/23/2014
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