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Rated 5 out of 5 by 34 reviewers.


MESSY,CLINGS TO HAIR,....DIFFICULT TO GET IT TO SKIN WHERE I BELIEVE YOU SAY it must be to be effective..?----------------------------------------------------------50 characters? by on 07/23/2015
Good product for additional flea control

I have been using the spray in addition to Frontline Spot treatment on my dog and it seems to work. Only needed to use it once, I hope it will last to keep my dog flea free for a while. It is easy to use and evaporates quickly, without the "smell". I recommend the product. by on 03/02/2014
Did not work!!!!

I applied this to my cats and dogs... Using almost the entire bottle and following the instructions as indicated. Unfortunately- 2 days later I was still finding fleas on all of my pets. After spending $50+ And waiting a week hoping for results- I had to go out to walmart and purchase drops... Which finally took care of the problem. by on 10/11/2013
This product doesn't work!

I think that I wasted my money on this product! My dogs still have fleas, so I will be going to a store to buy another product! by on 09/13/2013
Awesome Stuff! Couldn't believe how effective

I've used the Frontline and Frontline Plus spot ons for years on both cats and dogs. Used to be very very effective, but for some reason doesn't work as well anymore. I read the reviews about the Frontline spray - had to try it. Used it on the dog today - this stuff is AMAZING!!! Most of the reviews say it takes at least a few hours to 24 hours - well, the fleas on our dog started going crazy and dropping off AS I WAS APPLYING THE PRODUCT!!! Also, some reviews say their animal scratched more at first while the fleas were more active - Chelsea scratched here and there (a change from the miserable constant she had been doing), and within a couple of hours was more relaxed than she has been in weeks! Cats get thier turn tomorrow! So happy to finally find a solution to our horrible flea problem - has never been this bad before. Frontline Spray is my new favorite! by on 08/23/2012
best stuff there is for too!

nothing works better than frontline spray and the safety cannot be beat! my vet turned me on to it years ago and it is the only thing i use. i have 9 dogs, 8 cats and a constantly rotating foster door. I take in some of the most pitiful animals, young and old. on direction of my vet we have used this on 2 week old kittens all the way to immune supressed senior dogs. i have never had a reaction or issue with using it, only had excellent results. it is now labled for sarcoptic mange and lice. i have even had some success with demodectic mange as well. frontline spray is simply the best working, longest lasting and safest product on the market for fleas and ticks. it is so much more economical too! in rescue we are always tapped for funds so this is our prefered treatment. by on 08/24/2010
the best and cheapest option

The price of one bottle of frontline spray is equivalent to the price of one 6 month treatment but last as long as a year for my 2 small dogs. Not to mention this stuff works great and my babies couldnt be happier when they are treated. by on 08/23/2010
Frontline works on Texas fleas!

We live in the Piney woods of East Texas, and have flea and ticks most of the year due to the weather in our area. Frontline is great for dogs and cats, but I have found it needs to be reapplied every 3 weeks. The price can't be beat, and the product is great for multipet households. by on 05/23/2010
great stuff

I have 2 dogs, (1 very large and 1 small) and 4 cats. This stuff is all I need to buy for all of them. It has saved me oodles of money and it really works.I recommended it to my friends and they all love it. by on 04/20/2010
Frontline Spray ROCKS!

We are a multi-Pet househould, cats, inside & outside dogs. We live in Texas and at times fleas are here the whole year. There is no other product that provides the results we get with frontline. The smell is different to say the least, but I am a very pleased Frontline Spray customer and so are my best friends! :-) by on 03/22/2010
Best on the Market

This was the only flea control in my area last year that worked. Everyone else had issues with fleas! My two dogs play outside in a wooded back yard and I have never had an issue. I do have to stay on top of the monthly application b/c If you let it go too long you could get ticks etc.... by on 03/19/2010
Great Product

works great on fleas/ ticks not so well. Will keep on using this inexpensive product. by on 03/18/2010
Relief at last!

There isn't enough room here to list all of the flea products that did NOT work for my cats fleas. Even the Frontline spot-on did nothing to control the population explosion that occurred over a period of 4 months. My life was a nightmare and my cat was miserable. I did spray the carpets and furniture with the upholstery spray and that helped prevent me from being bitten but the poor cat was still a bleeding mess of infestation no matter what I put on her. As a last ditch effort I ordered the Frontline spray and as soon as I used it once the fleas were completely gone. That was 6 months ago now and I have not seen a single flea since. It does smell terrible, like pure rubbing alcohol, and it's a tough job to breathe that in for more than a minute or so but the result is truly worth a few moments of discomfort. Try using it in a well-ventilated space if you can. by on 06/23/2009
The only one we use.

This was recommended by our vet and since the very first use, we will use nothing else. For us here on the ranch, one spray per season. The labs are bathed regularily at the pet resort and we have only had to respray one time in many, many years; and that was a really bad year for ticks. We have never seen a single flea since the first spraying. by on 02/14/2009
nothing better or easer

i give it a 5 spray it on and rub it in and forget seeing fleas by on 09/21/2008
Excellent Product

I have 8 dogs and 5 cats i have tried everything and fleas kept coming back..... for the past two years when fleas seem to come back thru the yard being treated and animals taking monthly drops the only thing that has taken the flea infestation away has been the frontline spray!!!!! by on 08/04/2008
Why Bother with Other Products when THIS ONE WORKS!

We tried several other brands because they were cheaper, at our fingertips in the grocery store etc, but the Frontline REALLY came through for us! We have 2 dogs, 4 and 44lbs, and three cats... It was really a great value being able to use one fantastic product on all of our pets! Do Yourself a Favor!!!!!BUY FRONTLINE FIRST and don't bother with the other, less effective products! by on 06/24/2008
Works Well

The spot treatments work on my Mastiffs but not on my Yorkie but the spray works great. One thing about it is that it claims the dog can be bathed and still have protection but I did not find this to be the case. by on 06/12/2008
Great Flea Eliminator

I have tried several different types of flea medication and this frontline spray by far beats all the other competition. Fleas die instantly on my cats and dogs and they dont seem to mind the spray. Excellent product, I keep coming back! by on 05/13/2008
Safety and reliability

I depend upon safety and reliability. That is why this is the only tick and flea preventive product we use here on the ranch. Plus we saved almost $20.00 per unit over cost at the vet's. by on 05/03/2008
This product is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

This is the best thing I ever bought for my pooch Noodles. I was always buying the box and spending a small fortune every 3 months, until my Vet told me about this spray. You get the same results (in my opinion better results) So much more for your money, and just as easy to use. Don't waste your money anymore "BUY THE SPRAY" by on 04/07/2008
Cat was a flea bag

I tried everything for my poor indoor cat( besides bombing my house for fleas and bathing her 3 times a week--flea collar--other topical products), but she was a mass of flea beds. I finally got the Frontline spray and with in 6 weeks of weekly one squirt on the front shoulders and one at tbase of tail and my cat was all healed and flea free. I just give her one squirt on her shoulder blades once a month and she has been flea free ever since. This stuff is great and economical. by on 03/06/2008

I ruffled my horses coat and sprayed this stuff on the 5 hours they were COMPLETELY DEAD and the just fell off when I touched them!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!
by on 11/10/2007
Prices are high!

This is not a sale or even a good buy! I purchased it 1terday from my Vet. for $28.00! by on 09/11/2007

Much cheaper than drops, works on dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and rabbits! by on 07/18/2007
Works Great

My neighborhood has a lot of stray cats that spread fleas all over. This is the only flea medication that keeps my dogs and cats flea free all month by on 07/12/2007
Frontline Spray -Don't Stay Home without IT

It's very effective. Quick and easy to use. Eliminates having one flea spray for cats and another for dogs. One bottle handles both. Its safe and effective on both puppies and kittens. by on 06/27/2007
Great for puppies

Easy to use. Safer for puppies. Works great; dries quickly. by on 06/07/2007
To buy anything else is wasting money!!!!!!

I bought Frontline for the first time from a vet and followed his instructions. Spray the back of the dog and sides only! It worked!!!! And it worked so well that I only have to spray the animals (3 cats and 2 dogs) every 3, that's right folks, once every 3 months!!!!! Talk about a product that works and works well. This is the product that works!!! I will never buy anything else but Frontline. And dog's vet recommended it! Imagine that. Thanks Doctor, and gypsy thanks you too! by on 05/02/2007
frontline is the best

last year i had a huge flea problem. the vet told me i can use the frontline spray on all of my animals, even my ferrets!!! that is now what i use on all of my animals!! by on 09/01/2005
I was surprised!

I chose Frontline spray one day at the Veternarians office because I have three Rottweillers, and the price of the spot on's was way out of my reach financially. I had used the spot on before and liked it and I had my doubts about a spray. The spray worked just a good, I didn't have to cover the dog like the directions say, and one bottle did all three dogs. I have one dog who gets flea ecxema. She cleared right up. by on 07/19/2005
The best Bargain

I don't understand why they sell frontline in the spot packs. The spray bottle is so much more economical. That is all I have ever used on my dog, and it works just as well as them all. The only difference I can see is the price. oops, don't say that too loud, the price of the spray will go flying up. Smile. by on 05/07/2005

This is the best product ever invented. I use this on all my dogs and cats. I live in a heavily wooded area and do not like to use chemicals outside because they damage the natural environment. I never have a problem with fleas or ticks, in the humid south that is an accomplishment. by on 02/09/2005

This is the best product ever invented. I use this on all my dogs and cats. I live in a heavily wooded area and do not like to use chemicals outside because they damage the natural environment. I never have a problem with fleas or ticks, in the humid south that is an accomplishment. by on 02/09/2005