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Frontline Plus is a fast-acting and effective flea and tick medication, killing all existing fleas on your dog in 12 hours and lasting as long as one month.

Options Available: Orange - 5-22 lbs., 3 Month Supply Blue - 23-44 lbs., 3 Month Supply Purple - 45-88 lbs., 3 Month Supply Red - 89-132 lbs., 3 Month Supply Orange - 5-22 lbs., 6 Month Supply Blue - 23-44 lbs., 6 Month Supply Purple - 45-88 lbs., 6 Month Supply Red - 89-132 lbs., 6 Month Supply

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 932 reviewers.

  • Good stuf
    Put it on the same day each month and neve have a problem. by on 03/09/2007
  • Wonderful product
    Have had great success with this product. I only wish this had been available years ago when my cocker spaniel was alive. by on 03/08/2007
    I have a 9 month old Shit-zu. With the long hair and constant grooming, I was shocked when he went to be professionally groomed, they told me he had fleas. I immediately called our vet, he gave us frontline...Within 24 hours, the fleas were gone! Awesome product! Expecially with a dog with long hair, this product does the trick! by on 03/08/2007
  • Ticks be gone
    I live in a state that has alot of ticks & this product kills them dead. Thanks Frontline by on 02/24/2007
  • Very good product
    We have an abundance of squirrels in our yard, so I am sure you know we have flea problems. Frontline Plus keeps our little girl flea and tick free. by on 02/13/2007
  • No Fleas/Ticks, Ever
    I have had three schnauzers in my lifetime: previously, a male-female pair, who are now in doggie heaven (or, The Rainbow Bridge, if you prefer); and currently, a two-year-old extremely rambunctious fellow named Pharaoh. I used to put Advantage on the male/female couple, and near the end of the month, I often saw fleas on them, even though they were mainly indoor dogs (but I walked them outside three or more times a day, and they tromped through lawns, ivy, etc.) This problem was especially bad during the summer months. My mother had always used Frontline Plus on her poodles, and *never* saw a flea, so when I got my new baby, I decided to try it out.I have now used Frontline Plus on Pharaoh for just under two years, and I have *never* seen a flea, tick, or any other kind of vermin on him (and I brush him and/or check his fur/skin every other day, because otherwise schnauzers get matted hair). Sometimes when I forget to put the Frontline on him when I am supposed to, and it drags out to five weeks or so, I still have *never* seen anything on him.Based on my years of experience with both Frontline Plus and Advantage on the same breed of dog, living in the same city, in the same neighborhood, and with dogs who are exposed to similar amounts of outdoors time and environments, in my opinion, FRONTLINE PLUS IS CLEARLY SUPERIOR TO ADVANTAGE, HANDS DOWN. by on 02/06/2007
  • frontline is great
    I have tried the "other" brands before and I came back to frontline. It has worked miracles for my Doberman, Isabella. She likes to take trips into the woods and this is great for ticks. I love it. Thank you. by on 01/22/2007
  • Flea Killer
    Not to bad of a product,it is working great. fleas that he had did not come back,just new ones and will have to have yard done. and thanks again for your kind product,you made my dog happier. by on 09/26/2006
  • Error on my part
    I live in the mountains where there are a lot of deer that carry ticks. I have used Frontline plus on my cat for 5 years. Two months ago,to my surprise, my cat had a large tick. This was a shock because it had worked perfectly until then. In looking at my records I discovered that I had missed a month or more of application. I am still a big fan of Frontline and also use it on our 3 pound Maltese with no flea ot tick problem for over 5 years. by on 01/09/2006
  • Frontline Plus for My Dogs- 4 legged girls!
    I can sum this review up in a few words, it works!Thank you Frontline Plus!Sam R. by on 11/15/2005
  • frontline the best
    we have 4 dogs an d frontline workes great, im a believer for we have used others and frontlines the best by on 09/11/2005
  • My comments of Frontline Plus
    My pet, Pooh, has allergies. The Frontline Plus works just right, with no negative reaction. Here in Florida, we have quite a bit of rain and there are always little critters ready to bite my small dog. With Frontline I can feel safe knowing that it will repell insects that could harm him. by on 09/04/2005
  • frontline plus
    Frontline plus is really good for your pets Ilove frontline plus by on 07/20/2005
  • Frontlineplus is the best
    Frontline plus is good for all dogs and cats. It prevent them form being unconferalble and makes my life much better. by on 07/04/2005
  • Fleas, ticks... GONE
    My cocker spaniel is only a baby and she was getting fleas! So I got a free month sample of Frontline from my vet and it did wonders! The fleas and ticks were literally gone since I put Frontline on it's been over a month and no sign of them. I just purchased some more Frontline and with this website you get AWESOME deals!!! At the vet Frontline for under 22lbs is $50!! I got it on here for $35 + s&h that's GREAT. I'm really happy with Frontline. by on 06/15/2005
  • Best flea killer on the market
    I have tried lots of products for fleas, borax, DE, sprays, shampoos, etc., only got minimal results. Then, I finally bought Frontline Plus for cats. Within two days, no fleas. No ankle bites, no kitties scratching or biting themselves, no fleas on furniture, GONE. The cats were actually happier! They are indoor only, but they were exposed when I moved. Frontline is well worth the money. by on 06/15/2005
  • Use Frontline PLUS on your pets EVERY month of the year.
    Forget the other products. They don't work! My poor St Bernard suffered for a long time with a very bad, itchy rash until the Vet told me that I needed to put Frontline PLUS on her every month to keep that allergic rash away. It's caused by flea saliva. Regular Frontline doesn't work, and other products sure don't. I didn't know to do the monthly thing on my cats either. I was waiting for "tick season". Well, one day it warmed up enough that one of my cats got a tick. He died a miserable, slow death. I didn't even know he was sick. It was a parasite that caused a blood disease. I still mourn my beautiful Squeakers. He'd still be alive if I had only known to keep Frontline PLUS on him every month. by on 06/14/2005
  • No more itch & scratch for my babies!
    We have 7 dogs. Three of them go and come in and out of the house. Living out in the country, ticks & fleas can be a bad problem. This is a very good product. It has really helped with the problem our dogs had with ticks. Also we have not seen any fleas in the house nor on the dogs. Take my advice, if you have dogs, get this product. Thanks Frontline Plus for making our loving pets feel more comfortable. by on 06/01/2005
  • No more itch & scratch for my babies!
    We have 7 dogs. Three of them go and come in and out of the house. Living out in the country, ticks & fleas can be a bad problem. This is a very good product. It has really helped with the problem our dogs had with ticks. Also we have not seen any fleas in the house nor on the dogs. Take my advice, if you have dogs, get this product. Thanks Frontline Plus for making our loving pets feel more comfortable. by on 06/01/2005
  • Tick Season
    I have a 4 1/2 year old Lab that is in the woods all the time. In the past I had never used anything for Ticks etc...but now I am a firm believer of it as my Lab was infected with Lyme Disease a couple years ago.Forunately she made out ok and got it out of her system but we do not go without Frontline Plus or Heartgard all year round.We had never had the worries of it in Maine til the past 2-3 years.I will do whatever it takes now to keep her protected as she is just like one of my children.... by on 05/21/2005
  • Ticks Be Gone
    I just wanted to say that we live in a region that is infested with Ticks and Lyme disease is like the common cold. Since using Frontline Plus on my Labrador Retriever, who is literally covered with ticks after a walk is now tick free. The ticks are easily removed and the one's missed are found dead on the floor. This is the first tick medication that has EVER been this successful for us... by on 05/14/2005
  • frontline far superior to advantage
    ive used frontline for years and i accidently ordered advantage and that stuff is garbage . no comparison to frontline by on 04/25/2005
  • Pet Care Rx
    I have used Front line for nine years and it works great! by on 04/19/2005
  • bugs away
    I have used frontline plus for several years and have been very pleased with the results. My cats and dog have no flea or ticks on them and that makes them and me very happy. I highly recommend frontline plus. by on 04/12/2005
  • best on the market
    I have 2 dogs last year we inherited one she was infested with fleas I put her on the Frontline Plus as soon as possible and they were gone she was relieved from the itching now she is a very happy dog.I use it year round. by on 02/27/2005
  • Been using Frontline products for over 7 years!
    I am on my 3rd Saint Bernard and have used Frontline since my first one with EXCELLENT results! I would highly recommend this to any pet owner! by on 02/14/2005
  • Frontline Plus for dogs
    This product not only works but is fast acting. Thanks for a safe and great product for my four legged family members. by on 01/30/2005
  • Flea Free
    This was my first order of Frontline Plus. I was having a problem with fleas. Since we have started using Frontline Plus, fleas are no longer a problem. Thanks a million! by on 01/09/2005
  • Great!
    Ever since I started using Frontline Plus I have not had a single problem with ticks or fleas on any of my dogs. It is so easy to use. I would definately reccommend this product to my friend's with pets. by on 12/30/2004
  • Most effective flea killer.
    I switched from Advantage to Frontline Plus, and have had no problems with Fleas. by on 12/30/2004
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